Scholarship Summary for 2012

If my math is correct, 11 OL, 8 RB, 3 QB, 15 WR/TE=37 offense with 6 seniors departing: Huyge, Koger, Molk, Odoms, Stonum and Watson; 13 DL, 11 LB and 13 DB=37 Defense with 4 seniors departing: Fitzgerald, Herron, Martin, VanBergen and Woolfolk. 37+37=74+3 specialists (placekicker/punter: Gibbons and Hagerup plus Wile)=77. 77 minus the departing 10 seniors, 4 players to medical (Teric Jones, Christian Pace, Terry Talbott and Michael Williams)=63 with 85 scholarships allowed. This would give us 22 depending on players who may or may not be renewed for a 5th year like Terrence Robinson, Elliott Mealer, etc. We already have 24 commitments so this leaves us 4 or so to go, but Hoke said we plan to sign a "full compliment." We may "bank" one of these for next year. We may oversign by 3, and we may get an extra scholarship due to the medical issues. Chris Barnett, Gregg Brown (Findlay), Cullen Christian (Pittsburgh), Carvin Johnson (Hampton), Kellen Jones (Oklahoma/Clemson), Tony Posada (Quit Football), JeRon Stokes (Bowling Green), Ray Vinopal (Pittsburgh) and D.J. Williamson (Akron) have transferred.

I'm not positive and just speculating, but it looks like Hoke & Staff would like to carry the following scenario for scholarships in the 2012 season: Offense: 15 OL, 7-8 RB, 3 QB and 13-14 WR/TE=39; Defense: 17 DL, 13 LB and 16 DB=46 for 85 total with all placekickers, punters and long snappers on non-grant in aid scholarships funded by donors.

Scholarship Seniors and players leaving after 2011 season and replacements:

Jersey Numbers Available for 2012 Season (19): 9, 29, 31, 39, 42, 49, 50, 51, 53, 62, 64, 71, 72, 74, 79, 84, 86, 91, 99 (Retired Jerseys)

#1 Martavious Odoms (Matt Godin)

#2 Darryl Stonum (Amara Darboh)

#3 David Molk

#4 Mark Huyge (Ben Braden)

#5 Michael Shaw (Sione Houma)

#6 D.J. Williamson (Chris Wormley)

#7 Steve Watson (A.J. Williams)

#8 Ryan VanBergen (Willie Henry)

#9 J.B. Fitzgerald (Kaleb Ringer)-January, 2012 enrollee

#10 Troy Woolfolk (James "Big" Ross)

#11 Brandon Herron (Royce Jenkins-Stone)

#12 Ray Vinopal (Joe Bolden)-January, 2012 enrollee

#13 Kevin Koger (Devin Funchess)

#14 Teric Jones (Jehu Chesson)

#15 Michael Williams (Terry Richardson)

#16 Mike Martin (Mario Ojemudia)

#17 Cullen Christian (Allen Gant)

#18 Terrence Robinson (Blake Bars)

#19 Je'Ron Stokes (Jarrod Wilson)-January, 2012 enrollee

#20 Elliott Mealer (Tom Strobel)

#21 Chris Barnett (Erik Magnuson)

#22 Tony Posada (Kyle Kalis)

#23 Carvin Johnson (Drake Johnson)

#24 OL Christian Pace (Dan Gibbs)

#25 DL Terry Talbott (Ondre Pipkins)

#26 DB Gregg Brown (Jeremy Clark)

#27 RB/WR/KR Dennis Norfleet

Preferred Walk-Ons: Kenny Allen, Bo Dever, Graham Glasgow, Joey Kerridge, etc. (possible walk-ons: Dan Gibbs, Nathan Ricketts, Sterling Johnson, Mark Lawson, Taybor Pepper, Scott Sypniewski, etc.)

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