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Jamal Abrams-RB

Jerrell Adams-Athlete (South Carolina commitment)

Jason Adeyanju-DL (Wisconsin commitment)

Jonathan Aiken-DB (Rutgers commitment)

Kourtlandt Akins-OL (Houston commitment)

Brandon Alexander-DL (Texas A&M commitment)

David Andrews-OL (Georgia commitment)

Marcus Aprahamian-OL (Duke commitment)

DeAnthony Arnett-WR (Tennessee commitment)

Jaquial Ashley-DB

Jonah Austin-OL (Houston decommitment, LSU commitment)

Ronald Baines-DB

Bryan Baird-DL/LB (Miami-OH decommitment, Bowling Green commitment)

Ray Ball-OL (Wisconsin commitment)

Deion Barnes-DL (Penn State commitment)

Chris Barnett-TE (Arkansas decommitment, Michigan commitment #25)

Emmanuel Bawa-DL (Illinois commitment)

Willie Beavers-DL/OL (Illinois commitment)

Bryan Bell-OL (Saginaw Valley State commitment)

Da'Shawn Bell-RB

Mike Bellamy-RB (Clemson commitment)

Russell Bellomy-QB (Purdue decommitment, Michigan commitment #21)

Bill Belton-WR (Pittsburgh decommitment, Penn State commitment)

Kelvin Benjamin-TE (Florida State commitment)

Michael Bennett-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Brennan Beyer-LB (Michigan Commitment #4)

Mike Blakely-RB (Florida commitment)

Brian Bobek-OL (Ohio State commitment)

Chris Boles-DL (Illinois commitment)

Quan Bray-RB (Auburn commitment)

Mark Bridges-CB

Teddy Bridgewater-QB (Miami-FL decommitment, Louisville commitment)

Kyle Brindza-PK (Notre Dame commitment)

Keon Brooks-DB

Chris Brown-QB

Dorian Brown-RB (Colorado State commitment)

Greg Brown-DB (Michigan commitment #1)-Enrolled January, 2011

Tommy Brown-OL (Ohio State commitment)

Benson Browne-TE (North Carolina State commitment)

Ashton Broyld-QB (Syracuse commitment)

Chris Bryant-OL (Michigan commitment #23)

Darien Bryant-TE (Nebraska decommitment, Vanderbilt commitment)

Andrew Buie-RB (West Virginia commitment)

Chevelle Buie-RB (Rutgers decommitment, East Carolina commitment)

Charles Burks-DL (Southern California commitment)

Clay Burton-DL (Florida commitment)

Rico Butler-WR/DB

Calvin Caldwell-DB

Torrey Campbell-RB (Iowa commitment)

Mike Caputo-DB/LB (Wisconsin commitment)

Brad Carrico-OL (Notre Dame commitment)

Immoni Carswell-QB (Tennessee State commitment)

Desman Carter-DB (Nevada commitment)

Tamani Carter-DB (Michigan commitment #17)

Jeremy Cash-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Terrell Chestnut-DB (Pittsburgh decommitment, West Virginia commitment)

Anthony Chickillo-DL (Miami-FL commitment)

Frank Clark-TE (Michigan commitment #24)

Jadeveon Clowney-DL

Rodney Coe-RB (Iowa commitment)

Shaquan Coles-RB

Shawn Conway-WR (Michigan Commitment #3, Grand Rapids Community College)

Darian Cooper-DL (Iowa commitment)

Sean Cotton-DB (Eastern Michigan commitment)

Blake Countess-DB (Michigan Commitment #15)

Dallas Crawford-DB (Michigan decommitment, Miami-FL commitment)

Vincent Croce-DL (Virginia commitment)

Malcolm Crockett-RB (Cincinnati decommitment, Pittsburgh commitment)

Eric Crume-DL (Syracuse commitment)

Vincent Dallas-WR (Tennessee commitment)

Armonze Daniel-LB (Marshall commitment)

DaVaris Daniels-WR (Notre Dame commitment)

Steven Daniels-LB (Boston College commitment)

Ed Davis-LB (Michigan State commitment)

Lamont Davis-RB

Lamar Dawson-LB (Southern California commitment)

Zach DeBell-OL (Georgia commitment)

Alexander Dembinski-OL

Trey DePriest-LB (Alabama commitment)

Quadre Diggs-DB (Texas commitment)

Alex Dixon-DB (North Carolina commitment)

Gerald Dixon-DL (South Carolina commitment)

Ray Drew-DL (Georgia commitment)

B.J. Dubose-DL (Miami-FL commitment)

Ben Duffie-DL

Sean Duggan-LB (Boston College commitment)

Chris Dukes-DB (Louisville decommitment, Toledo commitment)

Phil Dukes-DL (South Carolina commitment)

Trayion Durham-RB (Wisconsin decommitment, Kent State commitment)

Jake Duzey-WR (Iowa commitment)

Parker Ehinger-OL (Cincinnati commitment)

James Elliott-OL (Kentucky commitment)

Michael Eubank-QB (Arizona State commitment)

Curt Evans-WR (Wake Forest decommitment, Boston College commitment)

Howie Evans-DB

Sheroid Evans-DB (Texas commitment)

George Farmer-WR (Southern California commitment)

Cole Farrand-LB (Maryland commitment)

Chase Farris-DL (Ohio State commitment)

James Farrow-DB (Minnesota decommitment, Virginia Tech commitment)

Alex Fine-DB

Jaylon Finner-DB (Rice commitment)

Jake Fisher-OL (Michigan decommitment, Oregon commitment)

Patrick Flavin-OL (Illinois commitment)

Hakeem Flowers-Athlete-WR/DB (North Carolina State commitment)

Taques Franklin-DL

Kiehl Frazer-QB (Auburn commitment)

Matt Frazier-OL (Northwestern commitment)

Kris Frost-WR/DB (Michigan decommitment, Auburn commitment)

Mason Fuller-DL (Northern Illinois commitment)

Brandon Fulse-TE/DL (Auburn commitment)

Quinta Funderburke-WR (Arkansas commitment)

Ashton Gaines-WR

Chris Gallon-WR (Bowling Green commitment)

Paul Gaughan-OL (Boston College commitment)

Quentin Gause-Athlete (Rutgers commitment)

Everett Golson-QB (North Carolina decommitment, Notre Dame commitment)

Melvin Gordon-RB (Iowa decommitment, Wisconsin commitment)

Jabari Gorman-DB (Florida commitment)

Matt Goudis-PK (Boise State decommitment, Michigan decommitment, Miami-FL commitment)

Jarrett Grace-LB (Notre Dame commitment)

Josh Grady-QB (Vanderbilt commitment)

Marcus Graham-QB

Curtis Grant-LB (Ohio State commitment)

Doran Grant-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Aaron Green-RB (Nebraska commitment)

Desimon Green-DL (Pittsburgh decommitment, Texas Tech commitment)

Garrett Greenlea-OL (Texas commitment)

Woodson Greer-LB (Colorado commitment)

Ryan Griffin-DB

Jalen Grimble-DL (Southern California decommitment, Miami-FL commitment)

Ray Hamilton-TE (Iowa commitment)

Brandon Hannah-WR (Missouri commitment)

Joel Hale-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Eilar Hardy-DB (Notre Dame commitment)

Chris Harley-DL (Virginia Tech commitment)

Bobby Hart-OL (Florida State commitment)

Demetrius Hart-RB (Michigan decommitment, Alabama commitment)

Kenny Hayes-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Justice Hayes-RB (Notre Dame decommitment, Michigan commitment #13)

Matt Hegerty-OL (Notre Dame commitment)

Keith Heitzman-DE (Vanderbilt decommitment, Michigan commitment #18)

Jeff Heuerman-TE (Ohio State commitment)

Cyrus Hobbi-OL (Southern California commitment)

Prince Holloway-WR (Hutchison, Kansas JC)

Delonte Hollowell-DB (Michigan Commitment #2)

Kairo Holts-OL (North Carolina commitment)

Jermal Hosley-DB (Bowling Green commitment)

Chase Hounshell-DL (Florida decommitment, Notre Dame commitment)

Savon Huggins-RB (Rutgers commitment)

Nathan Hughes-DL (Oklahoma commitment)

Travis Hughes-LB (North Carolina commitment)

Brett Hundley-QB (UCLA commitment)

Max Issaka-DL (Pittsburgh decommitment, Rutgers commitment)

Branden Jackson-LB (Texas Tech commitment)

Brandon Jackson-OL (West Virginia commitment)

Charles Jackson-DB (Nebraska commitment)

Kyshoen Jarrett-DB (Pittsburgh decommitment, Virginia Tech commitment)

Arrington Jenkins-LB (Florida State commitment)

Darius Jennings-WR (Virginia commitment)

Tim Jernigan-DL (Florida State commitment)

Errin Joe-DL/OL (Georgia Tech commitment)

A.J. Johnson-LB (Tennessee commitment)

C.J. Johnson-LB (Mississippi State commitment)

Justin Johnson-OL (West Virginia commitment)

Mickey Johnson-DL (LSU commitment)

Percy Johnson-LB (Cincinnati commitment)

Cardale Jones-QB (Ohio State commitment)

Kellen Jones-LB (Michigan commitment #9)

P.J. Jones-DL (Mississippi State commitment)

Taiwan Jones-LB (Michigan State commitment)

A.J. Jordan-WR (Wisconsin commitment)

Ryan Kelly-OL (Alabama commitment)

Joey Kerridge-FB/LB (Michigan commitment--Preferred Walk-on)

Rafe Kiely-OL (Wyoming commitment)

Dondi Kirby-WR/DB (Illinois commitment)

Daren Kitchen-DB (Southern Methodist commitment)

Nicholas Klass-LB/FB

Ben Kline-LB (Pittsburgh decommitment, Penn State commitment)

Kenny Knight-WR (Illinois commitment)

Damon Knox-DL (Michigan State commitment)

Cyrus Kouandjio-OL (Auburn commitment)

Jarvis Landry-WR (LSU commitment)

Marlin Lane-RB (Clemson decommitment, Tennessee commitment)

Max Lang-OL (South Florida commitment)

Nicholas Law-DB (Iowa commitment)

Deon Lee-DL/LB (Troy State commitment)

Marqise Lee-DB (Southern California commitment)

Christian LeMay-QB (Georgia commitment)

Dan Lembke-OL (Boston College commitment)

Jon Lewis-DL (Texas Tech decommitment, TCU commitment)

Keith Lewis-LB (Mississippi commitment)

Nick Lifka-LB (Boston College commitment)

Kyle Lints-OL (Ball State decommitment, Michigan State commitment)

Conner Loftus-PK (Pennsylvania commitment)

James Lucas-LB

Devin Lucien-WR/DB (UCLA commitment)

Keith Lumpkin-OL (Rutgers commitment)

Aaron Lynch-DL/TE (Notre Dame decommitment, Florida State decommitment, Notre Dame recommitment)

Wayne Lyons-DB (Stanford commitment)

Corey Marshall-DL (Virginia Tech commitment)

Dasean Martin-RB

Marcus Martin-OL (Southern California commitment)

Nick Martin-OL (Kentucky decommitment, Notre Dame commitment)

Pat Martin-DB (Tennessee commitment)

Tre Mason-RB (Auburn commitment)

Jose Matias-OL (Rutgers commitment)

Martay Mattox-QB (South Carolina commitment)

Jalen Massenburg-DB

Kyle McAvoy-OL (Minnesota commitment)

Luke McAvoy-OL (Minnesota commitment)

Mikail McCall-RB (Michigan State decommitment, Iowa commitment)

Stefan McClure-DB (California commitment)

Ben McCord-TE (Ball State commitment)

Tanner McEvoy-WR (South Carolina commitment)

Jermaine McKinney-LB/DB

Kevin McReynolds-DL (UCLA commitment)

Javares McRoy-RB (Texas Tech decommitment, Florida commitment)

Brian Mihalik-OL/DL (Boston College commitment)

Braxton Miller-DB/QB (Ohio State commitment)

Brian Miller-TE (Boston College commitment)

Jack Miller-OL (Michigan Commitment #7)

Onaje Miller-RB (Michigan State commitment)

Steve Miller-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Jamare Mills-TE

Robert Mincey-DL (Marshall commitment)

Derrick Mitchell-PK

David Moala-DL (Arizona State commitment)

Donte Moncrief-WR (Mississippi commitment)

Darryl Monroe-LB (Washington State commitment)

Steve Montgomery-DB (Minnesota commitment)

Byron Moore-DB (Miami-FL decommitment, Tennessee commitment)

Tre Moore-DB (Northern Illinois commitment)

Tyler Moore-OL (Nebraska commitment)

Devon Moreland-LB/DL (Southern Methodist commitment

Desmond Morgan-LB (Michigan commitment #14)

Kenny Mullen-DB (Indiana commitment)

Devondrick Nealy-RB (Iowa State commitment)

Georgio Newberry-OL (Florida State commitment)

Demetrious Nicholson-DB (Virginia commitment)

Jacob O'Neal-PK

Ryan Nowicki-OL (Penn State commitment)

Shawn Oakman-DL (Penn State commitment)

Jarrell Oliver-RB (Utah commitment)

Drew Owens-TE (South Carolina commitment)

Reggie Owens-DB (Duke decommitment, Old Dominion commitment)

Darius Patton-WR (Cincinnati decommitment, Pittsburgh commitment)

Gionni Paul-LB (Arizona State decommitment, Miami-FL commitment)

Charone Peake-WR (Clemson commitment)

Andrew Peterson-TE (Arkansas commitment)

Ryan Petro-LB (Central Michigan commitment)

Trey Pettis-OL (Florida State commitment)

Brandon Phelps-WR (Virginia commitment)

Donte Phillips-DL (Indiana decommitment, Texas Tech commitment)

Antonio Poole-LB (Michigan Commitment #22)

Terrell Porter-LB

Tony Posada-OL (Michigan Commitment #10)

Willie Pounds-DL

Darius Rancifer-LB (Kentucky commitment)

Jerrard Randall-QB (Oregon commitment)

Jermauria Rasco-DL (LSU commitment)

Ben Rasmussen-DL (Harvard commitment)

Floyd Raven-DB (Mississippi decommitment, Texas A&M commitment)

Thomas Rawls-RB (Michigan commitment #23)

Cedric Reed-DL (Texas commitment)

Kevin Reihner-OL (Stanford commitment)

James Richardson-DB (SMU commitment)

Greg Robinson-OL (Auburn commitment)

Chris Rock-DL (Michigan commitment #5)

Richard Rogers-TE (California commitment)

Jay Rome-DL (Georgia commitment)

Mike Rose-LB (Wake Forest decommitment, North Carolina State commitment)

Sheldon Royster-DB (South Carolina commitment)

Roderick Ryles-DB (Arkansas decommitment, Pittsburgh commitment)

Anthony Sarao-LB (Stanford decommitment, Southern California commitment)

Craig Saschka-DL/LB

Michael Sam-DL (Rice commitment)

Travarris Saulsberry-DL (Tennessee commitment)

Jalen Schlachter-OL (Indiana decommitment, Ball State commitment)

Justin Scott-WR (Stanford decommitment, Georgia commitment)

Kris Selita-PK (Jackson State commitment)

Ryan Shazier-LB (Florida decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Valdez Showers-LB/DB (Florida commitment)

Miles Shuler-RB (Rutgers commitment)

Delvon Simmons-DL (North Carolina commitment)

Tim Simmons-TE

Matt Skura-OL (Duke commitment)

Brett Smith-QB (Wyoming commitment)

Devin Smith-WR (Ohio State commitment)

LaQuentin Smith-DB/LB (Pittsburgh commitment)

Willie Snead-WR/DB (Ball State commitment)

Devonte Snyder-LB

Kevin Sousa-QB (Michigan decommitment, Wake Forest commitment)

Tony Springman-OL (Notre Dame commitment)

Dexter Staley-LB

JaJuan Story-WR (Florida commitment)

Andre Sturdivant-DL (Toledo commitment)

Tacoi Sumler-WR (Oregon commitment)

Christian Suntrup-QB (Boston College commitment)

Jack Tabb-TE (North Carolina commitment)

Ron Tanner-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Bernard Taylor-OL (Indiana commitment)

Raymon Taylor-DB (Indiana decommitment, Michigan commitment #19)

Nick Temple-LB/DB (Cincinnati commitment)

Lawrence Thomas-LB (Michigan State commitment)

Renaldo Thomas-DB (Tulane commitment)

Jake Thompson-QB

Lafonte Thourogood-QB (Virginia Tech decommitment, Vanderbilt commitment)

Lateek Townsend-LB (Clemson commitment)

Dwight Trammer-LB

Austin Traylor-DL (Wisconsin commitment)

Josh Turner-DB (Texas commitment)

Trai Turner-OL (LSU commitment)

Kent Turrene-LB (Southern California decommitment, Georgia commitment)

Nick Vannett-TE (Ohio State commitment)

Nick Waisome-DB (Florida commitment)

Aundrey Walker-OL (Southern California commitment)

Anthony Wallace-LB (Oregon commitment)

Avery Walls-DB (California commitment)

Jordan Walsh-OL (Iowa commitment)

Jabriel Washington-Athlete (Alabama commitment)

Shaquille Washington-WR/Slot (Cincinnati commitment)

Allen Wasonga-RB

Sammy Watkins-WR (Clemson commitment)

Trae Waynes-DB (Michigan State commitment)

Stevie Weatherford-QB (South Florida decommitment, Cincinnati commitment)

Christian Westerman-OL (Texas decommitment, Auburn commitment)

Andrew Wickman-PK (Northwestern State commitment)

Kishon Wilcher-RB (Toledo commitment)

James Wilder-Dl/LB (Florida State commitment)

Matt Wile-PK (Michigan commitment #20)

Armstead Williams-LB (Purdue commitment)

Demetrius Williams-RB

Jerrell Williams-DB (Northwestern commitment)

Jordan Williams (Tennessee commitment)

Karlos Williams-Athlete (Florida State commitment)

Kevin Williams-DL (Nebraska commitment)

Marquise Williams-QB (North Carolina commitment)

Leilon Willingham-LB (Texas A&M decommitment, Central Florida commitment)

Jacob Wims-RB

Kody Woods-OL

Gabe Wright-DL (Auburn commitment)

Remound Wright-RB (Stanford commitment)

Shane Wynn-WR (Indiana commitment)

Andre Yruretagoyena-OL (Oregon commitment)

Anthony Zettel-OL/DL (Penn State commitment)
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