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Michigan Football Recruits for 2012

Jared Afalava-LB (Nebraska commitment)

Nelson Agholor-DB (USC commitment)

Marty Aiken-DL (Clemson commitment)

Pierre Aka-DL (Iowa State commitment)

Anthony Alford-QB (Southern Mississippi commitment)

Kwon Alexander-LB (LSU commitment)

Andre Allen-RB (Troy State commitment)

Kenny Allen-PK (Michigan Preferred Walk-On Commitment)

Okezie Alozie-DB (Buffalo commitment)

Tyler Alt-OL (Elon commitment)

Ryan Anderson-OL

Austin Appleby-QB (Purdue commitment)

Arik Armstead-OL (USC decommitment, Oregon commitment)

Vin Ascolese-LB (Arkansas commitment)

Sid Avoots-OL (Louisville commitment)

Mike Baker-QB

Alex Balducci-OL (Oregon commitment)

Kedric Banks-WR (Tulane commitment)

Zach Banner-OL (USC commitment)

Shane Barron-WR

Blake Bars-OL (Michigan commitment #18)

Evan Baylis-TE (Oregon commitment)

Vince Biegel-LB (Wisconsin commitment)

Adam Bisnowaty-OL (Pittsburgh commitment)

Brian Blackburn-QB/Athlete (Toledo commitment)

Colin Blake-DB (Texas A&M commitment)

Evan Boehm-OL (Missouri recommitment)

Devan Bogard-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Joe Bolden-LB (Michigan commitment #7)-January, 2012 enrollee

Houston Boone-WR

Drae Bowles-WR (Tennessee commitment)

Beau Boyster-OL (Arizona commitment)

Ben Braden-OL (Michigan Commitment #1)

Connor Brewer-QB (Texas commitment)

Chauncey Briggs-OL (Southern Methodist commitment)

Chris Brown-WR (Notre Dame commitment)

Coy Brown-RB (Bowling Green commitment)

Daron Brown-OL (Northern Illinois commitment)

Keith Brown-LB (Miami-FL decommitment, Illinois decommitment, Louisville commitment)

Malcolm Brown-DL (Texas commitment)

Pharaoh Brown-TE/DL (Michigan decommitment, Oregon commitment)

Wes Brown-RB (Maryland commitment)

Aaron Burbridge-WR (Michigan State commitment)

Deon Bush-DB (Miami-FL commitment)

Shane Callahan-OL (Auburn commitment)

Mark Cargle-RB

Leonte Caroo-WR (Rutgers commitment)

Jehu Chesson-WR (Michigan commitment #24)

Jeremy Clark-DB (Michigan commitment #17)

Trae Clark-DL (Ohio University)

Brian Cleary-QB

Bennie Coney-QB (Cincinnati commitment)

Dakota Conwell-LB (Pittsburgh decommitment, Arizona commitment)

Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick-TE (USC commitment)

Bryan Cox-LB (Florida commitment)

Kenny Crawley-DB (Tennessee decommitment, Colorado commitment)

Jason Croom-WR/TE (Tennessee commitment)

Amara Darboh-WR (Michigan commitment #24)

Ronald Darby-DB (Notre Dame decommitment, Florida State commitment)

Ty Darlington-OL (Oklahoma commitment)

Derek David-LB

Nick Davidson-OL (Stanford commitment)

Terry Davis-OL/DL (North Carolina State decommitment, Miami, Ohio commitment)

Sheldon Day-DL (Notre Dame commitment)

Taylor Decker-OL (Notre Dame decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Chase Deback-OL

James Deloach-DL (Georgia commitment)

J.J. Denman-OL (Penn State decommitment, Wisconsin decommitment, Rutgers commitment)

Patrick DeStafano-OL (Clemson commitment)

Jordan Diamond-OL (Auburn commitment)

Gehrig Dieter-LB/DB (SMU commitment)

Stefon Diggs-WR (Maryland commitment)

Kyle Dodson-OL (Wisconsin decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Matt Doneth-TE (Cornell commitment)

C.J. Dozier-LB (Arizona commitment)

Brionte Dunn-RB (Ohio State commitment)

Rob Dvoracek-FB/LB (Temple commitment)

Derek Edinburgh-OL (LSU commitment)

Mario Edwards-DL (Florida State commitment)

Faith Ekakitie-DL (Iowa commitment)

Ken Ekanem-DL (Virginia Tech commitment)

Prince Eshan-DL

E.J. Fatu-RB

Devonte Fields-DL (TCU commitment)

Maurice Fleming-WR (Iowa commitment)

Raymond Ford-DB (UCLA decommitment, California commitment)

D.J. Foster-RB (Arizona State commitment)

Devin Fuller-QB (UCLA commitment)

Jody Fuller-WR (South Carolina commitment)

Devin Funchess-TE (Michigan Commitment #6)

Allen Gant-DB (Michigan Commitment #13)

Abraham Garcia-OL (Louisville commitment)

Greg Garman-RB (Iowa commitment)

Josh Garnett-OL (Stanford commitment)

Cole Gautsche-QB (New Mexico State commitment)

Dan Gibbs-OL (Michigan commitment Preferred Walk-On)

Malik Gilmore-WR (Oregon State commitment)

Matt Godin-DL (Michigan commitment #11)

Detrick Goff-RB/LB

Eddie Goldman-DL (Florida State commitment)

Daryl Goldsmith-DL (Kent State commitment)

Evan Goodman-OL (Arizona State commitment)

Sam Grant-TE (Boston College decommitment, Oklahoma commitment)

Jeremy Graves-WR (Cincinnati commitment)

Aloyis Gray-WR (Purdue commitment)

Robert Gregory-QB (Arkansas decommitment, Purdue commitment)

Darius Hamilton-DL (Rutgers commitment)

Eli Harold-DL (Virginia commitment)

Mark Harrell-TE/OL (Notre Dame commitment)

Drew Harris-RB (Virginia Tech commitment)

Willie Henry-DL (Michigan commitment #24)

Deondre Herron-OL (Louisville commitment)

Alden Hill-RB (Tennessee commitment)

Troy Hinds-DL (BYU commitment)

Will Hines-DB (Missouri commitment)

Nate Hoff-DL (Navy commitment)

J.P. Holtz-TE/LB (Pittsburgh re-commitment)

Win Homer-DL (Boston College commitment)

Sione Houma-RB (Michigan commitment #21)

Bart Houston-QB (Wisconsin commitment)

D.J. Humphries-OL (Florida commitment)

Matt Hunter-LB (Eastern Michigan commitment)

Daniel Isadora-OL (Miami-FL commitment)

Vonte Jackson-RB (Wisconsin commitment)

Seth Jacobs-DB/LB (Oklahoma State commitment)

Jordan Jenkins-DL (Georgia commitment)

Royce Jenkins-Stone-LB (Michigan commitment #4)

Peter Jinkens-LB (Texas commitment)

Avery Johnson-WR (LSU commitment)

Drake Johnson-RB (Michigan commitment #23)

Jaleel Johnson-DL (Iowa commitment)

Will Johnson-TE (West Virginia commitment)

Cyrus Jones-RB (Alabama commitment)

Damian Jones-Moore-RB (Toledo commitment)

Jarontay Jones-DL (Virginia Tech commitment)

Jarron Jones-DL (Penn State decommitment, Notre Dame commitment)

Kyle Kalis-OL (Ohio State decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Trey Keenan-OL (Texas Tech commitment)

Gunner Kiel-QB (Indiana decommitment, LSU commitment)

Kody Kieler-DL (Michigan State commitment)

Raphael Kirby-LB (Miami-FL commitment)

Zach Kline-QB (California commitment)

Kyle Knapp-OL (Syracuse commitment)

Alex Kozan-OL (Iowa decommitment, Auburn commitment)

Greg Kuhar-DL (Northwestern commitment)

Kelby Latta-OL (Grand Valley decommitment, Central Michigan commitment)

Kenny Lawler-WR (California commitment)

Sam Lebbie-LB (West Virginia commitment)

Dillon Lee-LB (Alabama commitment)

Juwan Lewis-RB (Eastern Michigan commitment)

Kaiwan Lewis-LB (South Carolina commitment)

LaTroy Lewis-DL (Tennessee commitment)

Ruben Lile-DB (Iowa commitment)

Jeff Lindquist-QB (Washington commitment)

Lester Liston-LB (Cincinnati commitment)

Hiva Lutui-OL (UCLA commitment)

Jamal Lyles-LB (Michigan State commitment)

Mike Madaris-OL (Maryland commitment)

Monty Madaris-WR (Michigan State commitment)

Javonte Magee-DL (Baylor commitment)

Erik Magnuson-OL (Michigan commitment #16)

William Mahone-RB (Notre Dame commitment)

Tanner Mangrum-QB (BYU commitment)

Jafar Mann-DL (Florida commitment)

Keith Marshall-RB (Georgia commitment)

Kyle Marrs-OL (Oklahoma commitment)

Ross Martin-PK (Duke commitment)

I'tavius Mathers-RB (Mississippi commitment)

Maty Mauk-QB (Missouri commitment)

Marcus Maye-DB (Florida commitment)

Jarvis McCall-DB (South Florida commitment)

Ellis McCarthy-DL (California decommitment, UCLA commitment)

Tyriq McCord-DL (Miami-FL commitment)

John Michael McGee-OL (Oklahoma commitment)

Deontay McManus-WR (West Virginia commitment)

Taylor McNamara-TE (Arizona decommitment, Oklahoma commitment)

LaDarrell McNeil-DB (Tennessee commitment)

Jake Meador-OL (Mississippi decommitment)

Justen Meaders-DL/LB

Cyler Miles-QB (Washington commitment)

Alvin Mingo-TE/LB

Michael Moore-DL (Virginia commitment)

Kye Morgan-RB (Virginia commitment)

Wayne Morgan-DB (Syracuse commitment)

Antonio Morrison-LB (Florida commitment)

Chris Muller-OL (Rutgers commitment)

Kyle Murphy-OL (Stanford commitment)

Seaver Myers-OL (Southern Methodist commitment)

Brandon Napoleon-QB (West Virginia commitment)

Davonte Neal-WR (Notre Dame commitment)

Durron Neal-WR (Oklahoma commitment)

Dennis Norfleet-RB (Cincinnati decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Jake Notario-OL

Dan O'Brien-DL (Tennessee commitment)

Joey O'Connor (Penn State decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Tyler O'Conner-QB (Michigan State commitment)

Ifeadi Odenigbo-LB (Northwestern commitment)

Moana Ofahengaue-DL/LB (Utah commitment)

Mario Ojemudia-DL (Michigan commitment #10)

Romeo Okwara-DL (Notre Dame commitment)

Eric Olsen-OL (Northwestern commitment)

Tyler Orlosky-OL (West Virginia commitment)

Jalen Overstreet-WR (Texas commitment)

Alex Pace-DL (Cincinnati commitment)

Nick Patti-QB (Boise State commitment)

Leviticus Payne-DB (Cincinnati commitment)

Jordan Payton-WR (USC decommitment, California commitment)

Andrus Peat-OL (Stanford commitment)

Taybor Pepper-LS (Michigan commitment Preferred Walk-On)

David Perkins-WR/RB/LB (Notre Dame decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Dakota Perry-DL (Northern Michigan commitment)

Zeke Pike-QB (Auburn commitment)

Ondre Pipkins-DL (Michigan Commitment #23)

Jonah Pirsig-OL (Minnesota commitment)

Se'Von Pittman-DL (Michigan State decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Kenton Playko-OL (Northwestern commitment)

Brian Poole-DB (Florida commitment)

Jeremiah Poutasi-OL (Utah commitment)

Darius Powe-WR (California commitment)

Sean Price-TE (South Florida commitment)

Brandon Radcliff-RB (Louisville commitment)

Dominic Ramacher-TE/RB/LB (Oklahoma State commitment)

Jonathan Reed-DB (Kentucky commitment)

Armani Reeves-DB (Penn State decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Terry Richardson-DB (Michigan commitment #12)

Robert Riche-OL (Buffalo commitment)

Nathan Ricketts-LB (Central Michigan commitment)

Kaleb Ringer-LB (Michigan commitment #3)-January, 2012 enrollee

Deaysean Rippy-LB (Pittsburgh commitment)

Donovan Roberts-RB (Oklahoma decommitment, Arkansas commitment)

Jake Rodriques-QB (Oregon commitment)

James "Big" Ross-LB (Michigan commitment #8)

Jabari Ruffin-LB (USC commitment)

Kendall Sanders-DB (Oklahoma State decommitment, Texas commitment)

Dalton Santos-LB (Oklahoma State decommitment, Tennessee decommitment, Texas commitment)

Michael Scherer-LB (Missouri commitment)

Tommy Schutt-DL (Penn State decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Isaac Seumalo-OL (Oregon State commitment)

Kevon Seymour-DB (Southern California commitment)

Russel Shell-RB (Pittsburgh commitment)

Tee Shepard-DB (Notre Dame commitment)

Aziz Shittu-DL (Stanford decommitment)

Mike Shoff-DL (Southwest Dakota State)

Elijah Shumate-DB (Notre Dame commitment)

Jordan Simmons-OL (USC commitment)

D.J. Singleton-DB (Wisconsin commitment)

Brandon Smith-PK (Toledo commitment)

Corey Smith-WR (Tennessee decommitment)

Dennis Smith-FB

Geno Smith-DB (Alabama commitment)

Josh Smith-OL (Ball State commitment)

Noah Spence-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Caleb Stacey-OL (Michigan decommitment, Cincinnati commitment)

Brock Stadnick-OL (South Carolina commitment)

Anthony Standifer-DB (Michigan decommitment, Mississippi commitment)

Dwayne Stanford-WR (Oregon commitment)

Anthony Stanko-OL (Penn State commitment)

Cam Stanley-OL

Hunter Stanley-OL

Scott Starr-LB (USC commitment)

Michael Starts-OL (Texas Tech commitment)

Tom Strobel-DL (Michigan commitment #15)

Johnny Stuart-LB (Colorado commitment)

Scott Sypniewski-LS

Ian Taubler-TE (UCLA commitment)

Jonathan Taylor-DT (Georgia commitment)

Kent Taylor-OL (Florida commitment)

Laron Taylor-LB (Iowa commitment)

Visa Thach-RB

John Theus-OL (Georgia commitment)

Ron Thompson-TE (Syracuse commitment)

Shaquille Thompson-DB (California commitment)

Paul Thurston-OL (Nebraska commitment)

Dalvin Tomlinson-DL (Alabama commitment)

Patrick Towles-QB (Kentucky commitment)

Bryce Treggs-WR (California commitment)

Jeremiah Tshimanga-LB (Oklahoma State commitment)

Max Tuerk-OL (USC commitment)

Vincent Valentine-DL (Nebraska commitment)

Dan Voltz-OL (Wisconsin commitment)

Cody Waldrop-OL (South Carolina commitment)

Marquise Wallace-OL

Adolphus Washington-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Jordan Watkins-DL (Stanford commitment)

Ryan Watson-DL (Purdue commitment)

Quan West-WR (Iowa State commitment)

Jordan Westerkamp-WR (Nebraska commitment)

Dominque Wheeler-WR (Texas Tech commitment)

Brent Wilkerson-DL (Penn State commitment)

A.J. Williams-TE (Michigan Commitment #5)

Camren Williams-LB (Penn State decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Demetrius Williams-RB/RB

Jacqay Williams-WR (Auburn commitment)

Jonathan Williams-RB (Missouri commitment)

Vontrell Williams-DL (Illinois commitment)

Cameron Wilson-WR (Iowa commitment)

Jarrod Wilson-DB (Michigan commitment #19)-January, 2012 enrollee

Evan Winston-DL (Missouri commitment)

Alex Winters-RB

Dion Witty-DB (Indiana decommitment, Purdue commitment)

Derrick Woods-WR (Oklahoma commitment)

Jordan Woods-WR (Purdue commitment)

Chris Wormley-DL (Michigan Commitment #22)

Yuri Wright-DB (Colorado commitment)

Avery Young-OL (Auburn commitment)

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