Offensive Linemen

Barnum, Ricky (Redshirt-Guard)
Dorrenstein, Perry (Backup-Right/Left Tackle)

Ferrara, John (Starter-Left Guard)

Huyge, Mark (Backup-Center/Guard/Tackle)

Khoury, Rocko (Redshirt-Center)

McAvoy, Tim (Backup-Left Guard)

Mealer, Elliott (Redshirt-Guard/Tackle)

Molk, Dave (Starter-Center)

Moosman, David (Starter-Right Guard)

Morales, George (Redshirt-Snapper)

Omameh, Patrick (Redshirt-Left Tackle)

O'Neill, Dann (Redshirt-Right Tackle)

Ortmann, Mark (Starter-Left Tackle)
Schilling, Steve (Starter-Right Tackle)

Wermers, Kurt (Redshirt-Right Guard)
Walk-ons: Sean Griffin, Brent Nowicki, Zac Ciullo and Tom Pomarico

Top Offensive Line Pledges for February 1, 2009
Mike Schofield/Taylor Lewan/Quinton Washington
Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
Ortmann, Mark Schilling, Steve Molk, David Moosman, Dave Dorenstein, Perry
O'Neill, Dan Barnum, Ricky Khoury, Rocko Ferrara, John Omameh, Patrick
Nowicki, Bryant Washington, Quinton McAvoy, Tim Wermers, Kurt Mealer, Elliott
Schofield, Mike Snapper Huyge, Mark Taylor Lewan

Pomarico, Tom

Morales, George

Barker, Adam

Running Backs (6)

Brown, Carlos (Backup-Running Back)

Cox, Mike (Redshirt-Running Back)

Grady, Kevin (#2-Power Back)

Minor, Brandon (Starter-Running Back)

Mark Moundros (#1-Power Back)

Shaw, Michael (Backup-Running Back)

Walk-ons: Jim Potemba and John McColgan

Top Running Back Pledges for February 1, 2009
Teric Jones/Fitzgerald Touissant/Vincent Smith
Power Back Running Back
Moundros, Mark Minor, Brandon
Grady, Kevin Brown, Carlos
All-Purpose Back Cox, Mike
Shaw, Michael
Jones, Teric
Touissant, Fitzgerald
Smith, Vincent

Quarterbacks (3)
Cone, David (Backup)

Nick Sheridan (Starter)

Threet, Steven (Backup)

Walk-ons: None

Top Quarterback Pledges for February 1, 2009
Tate Forcier/Denard Robinson/Nader Furrha/Casey Blackport
Threet, Steven
Forcier, Tate
Robinson, Denard
Sheridan, Nick
Furrha, Nader

Cone, David

Blackport, Casey

Wide Receivers (13):

Clemons, Toney (Backup-Large Wide Receiver)

Feagin, Justin (Redshirt-Slot Wide Receiver-Y)

Hemmingway, Kenneth (Junior) (Backup-Wide Receiver-Right-X)

Koger, Kevin (Starter-Large Wide Receiver)

Moore, Brandon (Redshirt-Large Wide Receiver)
Odoms, Martavious (Starter-Slot Wide Receiver-Y)

Robinson, Terrence (Redshirt-Slot Wide Receiver-Y)

Rogers, James (Backup-Wide Receiver-Left-Z)

Roundtree, Roy (Redshirt-Wide Receiver-Left-Z)

Savoy, LaTerryal (Backup-Wide Receiver-Left-Z)

Stonum, Daryl (Starter-Wide Receiver-Left-Z)

Watson, Steve (Backup-Large Wide Receiver)

Webb, Martell (Backup-Large Wide Receiver)

Walk-ons: Jon Bills, Jon Conover, Ryan Meyers, Ricky Reyes, Mike Therman and Jared Van Slyke

Top Wide Receiver Pledges for February 1, 2009
Jeremy Gallon/Cameron Gordon/Je'Ron Stokes

Wide Receiver-Left-Z Slot Wide Receiver/Flanker-Y
Stonum, Darryl Odoms, Martavious
Savoy, LaTerryal Robinson, Terrence
Wide Receiver-Right-X Gallon, Jeremy
Hemingway, J.R. Feagin, Justin

Mathews, Gary

Rogers, James

Roundtree, Roy

Stokes, Je'Ron

Large Wide Receiver

Koger, Kevin

Clemons, Toney

Moore, Brandon

Webb, Martell

Watson, Steve

Therman, Mike

Defensive Linemen (8)
Banks, Greg
(Backup-Defensive End)

Criswell, Andre (Backup-Defensive Tackle)

Graham, Brandon (Starter-Defensive End)

Helmuth, Vince (Backup-Defensive Tackle)

Martin, Mike (Starter-Defensive Tackle)
Patterson, Adam (Backup-Defensive End)

Sagesse, Renaldo (Backup-Defensive Tackle)

Van Bergen, Ryan (Starter-Defensive End)

Walk-ons: Will Heinager, Tim North and Dominique Ware

Top Defensive Line Pledges for February 1, 2009
Anthony LoLata/Craig Roh/William Campbell
DE-Strong Side DT-Strong Side (Nose Tackle) DT-Weak (Wide) Side DE-Weak (Wide) Side
VanBergen, Ryan Martin, Mike Campbell, Will Graham, Brandon
Lolata, Anthony Helmuth, Vince Sagesse, Renaldo Banks, Greg
Patterson, Adam Criswell, Andre Roh, Craig

Linebackers (6)

Demens, Kenny (Backup-ILB-WILL)

Evans, Marell (Possible Starter-OLB-SAM)

Ezeh, Obi (Starter-ILB-MIKE)

Fitzgerald, J.B. (Possible Starter-OLB-SAM)

Herron, Brandon (Backup-ILB-WILL)

Mouton, Jonas (Starter-ILB-WILL)

Walk-ons: Mike Fish, Rushdi Furrha, Paul Gyarmati, Kevin Leach and Ohene Opong-Owusu

Top Linebacker Pledges for February 1, 2009
Isaiah Bell/Brandin Hawthorne
Mouton, Jonas Ezeh, Obi Evans, Marell
Leach, Kevin Fitzgerald, J.B.
Demens, Kenny Bell, Isaiah
Herron, Brandon
Hawthorne, Brandin

Defensive Backs (6)

Brown, Steve (Starter-Free Safety)
Cissoko, Boubacar (Starter-Left Cornerback)

Floyd, J.T. (Redshirt-Cornerback/Safety)

Smith, Brandon (Starter-Strong Safety)

Williams, Michael (Backup-Nickel/Free Safety)

Wolfolk, Troy (Starter-Nickel)

Walk-ons: Tony Anderson, Matt Cavanaugh, Bobby Centrelivre, Shakir Edwards, Zach Johnson, Jordan Reilly, Nick Koenighsknecht, Floyd Simmons, Doug Rogan

Top Defensive Back/Safety Recruit Pledges for February 1, 2009
J.T. Turner/Mike Jones/Thomas Gordon/Vladimir Emilien/Adrian Witty
Warren, Donovan Smith, Brandon Brown, Steve Cissoko, Boubacar Woolfolk, Troy
Woolfolk, Troy Jones, Mike Williams, Michael Wolfolk, Troy Williams, Michael
Simmons, Floyd Floyd, J.T. Gordon, Thomas Turner, J.T. Floyd, J.T.
Johnson, Zach Emilien, Vladimir Witty, Adrian

Kickers/Punters (2)-1 offense (PK)/1 defense (P)
Mesko, Zolton (Starting Punter)
Wright, Brian (Starter-Kickoffs/Place Kicker)

Walk-ons: Jason Gingell, K.C. Lopata, Chris Berry, Scott Schrimscher and Jason Olesnavage

Top Placekicker/Punter Recruit Pledges for February 1, 2009
Brendon Gibbons/Jacob Dombrowski/Skyler Roberts

List of Transfers/Decommitments/Resignations
Decommits/Transfers/Resignations School/Status

Babb, Zion

Barnes, Jordan

Beaver, Shavodrick

Boren, Justin

Butler, Carson

Transfer to ???

Oklahoma State


Ohio State


Campbell, Will

Chambers, Artis

Ciulla, Jeremy


Transfer to ???

Wasn't asked back for 5th year

Fera, Anthony

Graves, Pearlie

Hill, Taylor

Penn State

Texas Tech

Kent State

Horn, Avery

Jones, DeQuinta

Kates, Jason

Transfer to ???


Transfer to ???

Mallett, Ryan

McGuffie, Sam

McNeal, Bryce




Mitchell, Alex Wasn't asked back for 5th year
Newsome, Kevin Penn State

Patilla, Quinton

Peace, DeWayne

Grand Valley


Shafer, Scott

Slocum, Marques

Resigned, DC at Syracuse

Grades/Conflict with Coach Rod

Wienke, John Iowa

Wilson, Christian

Witherspoon, Marcus

North Carolina


2009 Decommitments

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