Scholarship Summary as of July 12, 2010
If my math is correct, 13-3+1=11 OL, 6 RB, 3+2=5 QB, 15-1+1=15 WR=37 offense; 12-4+1=9 DL, 15-2+2=15 LB and 13-1+2=14 DB=38 Defense. 38+37=75+2 specialists (placekicker/punter)=77. Apparently, Jordan Kovacs has earned a scholarship. We already have 8 verbal commitments for 2011 so this leaves us with only 8 more scholarships with seniors departing unless others leave or won't return for a 5th year.
Scholarship Seniors and players leaving after 2009 season and replacements (27):

Greg Banks (Courtney Avery)

Carlos Brown (D.J. Williamson)

Stevie Brown (Marvin Robinson)
Boubacar Cissoko (Carvin Johnson)

Toney Clemons (Drew Dileo)

David Cone (Conelius Jones)-ineligible

Andre Criswell (Davion Rogers)

Marell Evans (Josh Furman)

Justin Feagin (Austin White)-January, 2010 enrollee
Dann O'Neill (Jake Ryan)
Kevin Grady (Jerald Robinson)-January, 2010 enrollee
Brandon Graham (Ken Wilkins)
Vince Helmuth (Terry Talbott)
Greg Mathews (Ricardo Miller)-January, 2010 enrollee
Tim McAvoy (Demar Dorsey)-ineligible
Zolton Mesko (Will Hagerup)
Brandon Minor (Stephen Hopkins)-January, 2010 enrollee
David Moosman (Jibreel Black)
George Morales (Ray Vinopal)
Mark Ortmann (Richard Ash)
Adam Patterson (Jordan Paskorz)

LaTerryal Savoy (Jeremy Jackson)-January, 2010 enrollee

Brandon Smith (Terrence Talbott)

Steven Threet (Devin Gardner)-January, 2010 enrollee
Donovan Warren (Cullen Christian)

Kurt Wermers (Christian Pace)-January, 2010 enrollee

Walk-on One Year Scholarships: Jon Conover, Kelvin Grady, Kevin Leach, Mark Moundros, Bryant Nowicki and Nick Sheridan

Preferred Walk-ons: Tiaan DeNysschen, Dylan Esterline, Chris Eddins, John Haarer, Jeremy Ross, Christian Mateus, Banquer Sayed, Quinton Tucker

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