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Nick Acree-DL (Virginia Tech commitment)

Josh Alaeze-LB (Delaware State commitment)

Beau Allen-DL (Wisconsin commitment)
Jordan Allen-DL (LSU commitment)
Jimmy Allen-PK
Keenan Allen-DB (Alabama decommitment, California commitment)
Ricardo Allen-DB (Purdue commitment)
Zachery Allen-LB (Wake Forest commitment)
Deshawn Alston-DB
Markeith Ambles-WR/DB (Tennessee commitment)
Dakota Anderson-OL (Ball State commitment)
Henry Anderson-DL (Stanford commitment)
Kevin Anderson-WR

LaTwan Anderson-DB (West Virginia decommitment, Miami-FL commitment)

Richard Ash-DL (West Virginia decommitment, Michigan commitment #24)

Walker Ashburn-DL (Nebraska commitment)
Courtney Avery-DB (Stanford decommitment, Michigan Commitment #15)
Tarean Austin-QB/DB
Darryl Baldwin-DL (Ohio State commitment)
Jon Ballard-QB
Willie Ballard-QB
Brandon Banks-WR
Anthony Barr-RB/LB (UCLA commitment)
David Barry-QB
Jermaine Barton-OL (Miami-FL commitment)
Kyle Baublitz-DL (Penn State commitment)

Mickey Baucus-OL (Arizona commitment)

Dillon Baxter-WR (Southern California commitment)

Jatashun "Big Tex" Beachum (Arkansas commitment)
Marcus Beaurem-WR/Slot (Central Michigan decommitment, Bowling Green commitment)
Leveon Bell-RB (Michigan State commitment)
Brent Benedict-OL (Georgia commitment)
Sam Bergen-LB (Rutgers commitment)
Dorian Berry-DB
Ken Berry-LB
Seth Betancourt-OL (Boston College commitment)
Jibreel Black-DL (Indiana decommitment, Cincinnati decommitment, Michigan commitment #27)
Tyler Blandin-DB
Frank Boenzi-DL (Northern Illinois commitment)
Fernando Bohanna-RB/LB (Mississippi State commitment)
Robert Bolden-QB (Penn State commitment)
Detrick Bonner-DB (Virginia Tech commitment)
Jayestin Boston-DB (Cincinnati decommitment, North Carolina commitment)
Spencer Boyd-RB/DB (Notre Dame commitment)
Tremondae Branch-DL (Norfolk State commitment)
Bashaud Breeland-DB (Clemson commitment)
Jonathan Brooks-DB
Tyler Brosius-QB (North Carolina State decommitment, Virginia commitment)
Brandon Brown-LB

Corey Brown-RB (Ohio State commitment)

Jeffrey Brown-DL (Miami-FL commitment)

Isaiah Brown-LB
Mack Brown-RB (Florida commitment)
ONeal Brown-DL
Preston Brown-LB (Cincinnati decommitment, Louisville commitment)
Barry Brunetti-QB (West Virginia commitment)
Derrick Bryant-DL (UCLA commitment)
Max Bullough-LB (Michigan State commitment)

Bryant (B.J.) Butler-LB (Georgia commitment)

Raheem Buxton-DB (Miami-FL decommitment, Western Michigan commitment)

Ben Buzzelli-OL
Taylor Calero-DL (Michigan State commitment)
Alan Campbell-LB (Camper)
A.J. Cann-DL (South Carolina commitment)
Brion Carnes-QB/DB (South Florida decommitment, Western Kentucky decommitment, Nebraska commitment)
Luke Carpenter-OL
Duante Carr-DB (Stanford decommitment, Arkansas commitment)
Andrew Carswell-WR (Pittsburgh commitment)
Mekale Carter-OL

Ravonne Carter-DB (New Mexico commitment)

Todd Chandler-DL (Miami-FL decommitment, South Florida commitment)

Jawan Chisolm-RB
B.J. Chitty-WR (Auburn decommitment, Troy State commitment)
Cullen Christian-DB (Michigan commitment #22)
Brennan Clay-RB (Oklahoma commitment)
T.J. Clemmings-DL (Pittsburgh commitment)
Eduardo Clements-RB (Miami-FL commitment)
DeMarco Cobbs-QB/WR (Tennessee decommitment, Texas commitment)
Thomas Cobbs-LB
Marcus Coker-FB/LB (Iowa commitment)
Michael Coley-DB/WR (California commitment)
Corey Cooper-DB (Illinois commitment)
Lavacheya Cooper-Athlete
Perry Cooper-LB
Tyrone Cornileus-LB (Miami-FL commitment)
DeAires Cotton-DL (Texas commitment)
Jeamiah Crawford-WR

Robert Crisp-OL (North Carolina State commitment)

Carl Davis-DL (Iowa commitment)

Jeremy Davis-DB (Miami-FL commitment)
Josh Davis-OL/DL (Purdue commitment)
Mike Davis-WR (LSU commitment)
Andre Dawson-RB
Mark Deas-DB (Georgia commitment)
A.J. Derby-QB (Iowa commitment)
Kenneth Dickie-LB
Drew Dileo-WR/DB (Michigan Commitment #10)
Andrew Donnal-OL (Iowa commitment)

Demar Dorsey-DB (Florida decommitment, Michigan Commitment #28)

Mike Dorsey-LB (West Virginia commitment)

Wayne Dorsey-DL (Mississippi commitment)
Bryan Douglas-DB (Boise State commitment)
Tony Drake-Slot (Michigan De-Commitment, Colorado State commitment)
Kurtis Drummond-WR/DB (Michigan State commitment)
Quinton Dunbar-WR (Miami-FL decommitment, Florida commitment)

Chris Dunckley-WR (Florida commitment)

Kony Ealy-DL (Missouri commitment)

Dominique Easley-DL (Penn State decommitment, Florida commitment)
Daniel Easterly-DB/LB/ (Illinois decommitment, Missouri commitment)
Teven Eatmon-OL (Kentucky commitment)
Chris Eddins-DL (Michigan commitment)
Cody Ellenwood-RB
Santez Emory-QB
Kaleb Eulls-DL (Mississippi State commitment)
Darius Evans-RB
Tyler Feeley-PK (Columbia commitment)
Brad Ferguson-OL/DL
C.J. Fiedorowicz-TE (Illinois decommitment, Iowa commitment)
Roy Finch-RB (Oklahoma commitment)
Marquis Flowers-DB (Arizona commitment)
Sharrif Floyd-DL (Ohio State commitment)
Zach Fogerson-RB (Washington commitment)
Justin Ford-DB (Bowling Green commitment)
Khari Fortt-LB (Penn State commitment)
Alan Freeman-DB (Camper)
John Fulton-DB (Alabama commitment)
Zach Fulton-OL
Josh Furman-DB/LB/RB/WR (Michigan Commitment #25)
Brandon Gainer-RB (Kentucky commitment)
Greg Gainey-TE
Andy Gallik-OL (Illinois decommitment, Boston College commitment)

Devin Gardner-QB (Michigan Commitment #4)-January, 2010 enrollee

Bruce Gaston-DL (Purdue commitment)

Danny Gear-OL (Wayne State commitment)
Jeremiah George-LB (Iowa State commitment)
William Gholston-DL (Michigan State commitment)
Anthony Gibson-LB/DL
Andre Givens-RB (Pittsburgh commitment)
Troy Gloster-LB (West Virginia commitment)
Darian Godfrey-QB
Jeffrey Godfrey-QB (South Florida decommitment, Central Florida commitment)
Anthony Gonzalez-QB (Pittsburgh commitment)
Maurice Goodman-OL
Antonio Goodwin-WR
Austin Gray-LB (Iowa commitment)
Chaz Green-DL (Florida commitment)
Christian Green-QB (Florida State commitment)
Steven Green-WR
Marcus Griffin-LB
Tony Grimes-DB (Mississippi commitment)
Geneo Grissom-DL/LB (Kansas decommitment, Oklahoma commitment)
Jay Guy-DL (California decommitment, Nebraska commitment)
Chad Hagan-RB (Ohio State commitment)
Will Hagerup-P (Michigan Commitment #19)
Jared Haggins-QB
Evan Hailes-DL (Penn State commitment)
Alvin Hall-WR
Darion Hall-RB (Miami-FL commitment)
Jonathan Hankins-DL (Ohio State commitment)
Brad Harrah-TE/DL (Cincinnati commitment)
Mike Harris-DB (Florida State commitment)
Michael Lee Harris-WR (Louisville commitment)
Greg Hayes-WR
Rob Havenstein-OL (Wisconsin commitment)
Devin Hedgepeth-DB (Oklahoma State commitment)
Ricky Heimuli-DT (Oregon commitment)
Seantrel Henderson-OL (Southern California commitment)
Jake Henrikson-OL
Alec Henry-DL

Kevin Henry-DL

Greg Hickman-LB/DL (Florida International commitment)

Jordan Hicks-LB (Texas commitment)
Mylan Hicks-DB (Michigan State commitment)
Alfie Hill-DL (Alabama commitment)
Nick Hill-RB/Slot (Michigan State commitment)
Andrew Holland-QB/Athlete
Stephen Hopkins-RB (Michigan Commitment #8)-January, 2010 enrollee
Eric Howard-RB (Akron commitment)
Kofi Hughes-QB (Indiana commitment)
Mike Hull-RB/LB (Penn State commitment)
Fre'Shad Hunter-DL (North Carolina State commitment)
James Hurst-OL (North Carolina commitment)
Brandon Ifill-WR/DB (Pittsburgh commitment)
Bill Ivan-OL (Indiana commitment)
Jamaal Jackson-RB
Jarhaur Jackson-OL
Jeremy Jackson-WR (Michigan Commitment #2)
Taurean Jackson-QB (New Mexico commitment)
Tim Jackson-DL (North Carolina commitment)
Travis Jackson-OL (Michigan State commitment)
Blake James-LB/RB
Matt James-OL (Notre Dame commitment)
Jackson Jeffcoat-DL (Texas commitment)
Tony Jefferson-LB (Stanford decommitment, UCLA decommitment, Oklahoma commitment)
Aaron Johnson-QB
Blake Johnson-DB
Carvin Johnson-DB (Michigan Commitment #20)
Claude Johnson-QB
De'Joshua Johnson-WR (Florida State commitment)
Dontae Johnson-WR (Oregon commitment)
E.J. Johnson-DB (Purdue commitment)
Javarie Johnson-LB (Miami-FL decommitment, Maryland commitment)
Jeremy Johnson-QB (West Virginia commitment)
Christian Jones-LB (Florida State commitment)
Conelius Jones-QB/Athlete (Michigan Commitment #14)
Nick Jones-WR (South Carolina commitment)
Delvin Jones-DL (Tennessee commitment)
Paul Jones-QB (Penn State commitment)
Tai-ler Jones-WR (Stanford decommitment, Notre Dame commitment)
Tony Jones-WR (Northwestern commitment)
Paul Jorgenson-OL (Northwestern commitment)
Jose Jose-OL (Tennessee decommitment, South Florida decommitment, Central Florida commitment)
Lamarcus Joyner-DB (Florida State commitment)
Sean Kamm-OL
Ryan Kasdorf-QB
Jake Kaufman-OL (South Florida commitment)
Alex Kenney-WR/DB (Penn State commitment)
Antonio Kinard-LB/DE (Michigan Commitment #6)

Gabe King-DL (California commitment)

Michael Kinville-LB (Central Michigan commitment)

Darren Kitchens-LB (Florida commitment)

Rashad Knight-DB (Rutgers commitment)
Jeff Knox-DB (Pittsburgh commitment)
Ari Kouandjio-OL (Alabama commitment)

Conner Kruse-OL

Mason Krysinski-PK (Miami-OH commitment)

Corvin Lamb-RB/DB/WR (Louisville commitment)
Jeremy Langford-RB (Michigan State commitment)
Marcus Lattimore-RB (South Carolina commitment)
Caleb Lavey-LB (Oklahoma State commitment)
Munchie Legaux-QB (Colorado decommitment, Cincinnati commitment)
Harold Legania-DL (Minnesota commitment)
Corey Lemonier-DL (Auburn commitment)
Shaun Lewis-LB (Oklahoma State commitment)
Dan and Nathan Lindsey-DB (Grand Valley commitments)
John Lloyd-PK (Cincinnati commitment)
Chris Lombard-OL (Notre Dame commitment)
Justin Lord-WR
Jeff Luc-LB (Florida State commitment)
Brian Lucas-LB/RB
Blake Lueders-DL (Notre Dame decommitment, Stanford commitment)
D.J. Lynch-LB (Bowling Green commitment)

Eric Mack-OL (South Carolina decommitment, Auburn commitment)

David Mackall-DL (Maryland commitment)

Justin Maclin-LB (LSU commitment)
Dwight Macon-QB/Athlete
Kendrun Malcome-RB (Georgia commitment)
Kevonte Martin-Manley-WR (Bowling Green decommitment, Iowa commitment)
Dior Mathis-DB (Oregon commitment)
Austin Matos-OL
Christian McCain-LB/RB (Oregon commitment)
Ivan McCartney-WR (West Virginia commitment)

Cassius McDowell-RB (Toledo commitment)

Jonathan McKnight-WR (Arizona commitment)

Devon McKoy-DB (Bowling Green commitment)
Scott McVey-LB (Ohio State commitment)
Steve Mehrer-LB (Kent State commitment)
Ted Meline-DB (Tennessee commitment)
Corey Miller-DL (Florida State de-commitment, Tennessee commitment)
Ricardo Miller-WR (Michigan Commitment #1)-January, 2010 enrollee
ShelDon Miller-Athlete (Akron commitment)
Taylor Miller-OL
DeMarcus Milliner-DB (Alabama commitment)
Brian Mills-RB
Jonathan Mincy-DB (Auburn commitment)
Eric Mitchell-DB (Mississippi commitment)
J.T. Moore-DL (Ohio State commitment)
Terrence Moore-DB/QB
Stephen Morris-QB (Miami-FL commitment)
Matthew Mosley-DL (Ball State commitment)
Luke Muncie-LB/DB (LSU commitment)
Clarence Murphy-DL (Maryland commitment)
Denzel Myers-DB

Ruben Narcisse-LB

Quayshawn Nealy-LB (Georgia Tech commitment)

Corey Nelson-LB (Texas A&M decommitment, Oklahoma commitment)
Evan Neville-LB
Louis Nix-DL (Miami-FL decommitment, Notre Dame commitment)
Merrill Noel-DB (Florida State de-commitment, Wake Forest commitment)
Andrew Norwell-OL (Ohio State commitment)
Patrick O'Brien-TE
Owamagbe Odighizuwa-DL (UCLA commitment)
Jimmy Office-DL

Joseph Okafur-DL (Oklahoma State commitment)

Tobi Okuyemi-DL (Nebraska commitment)

Aramide Olaniyan-LB (Duke decommitment, UCLA commitment)
C.J. Olaniyan-DL (Penn State commitment)
Cameron Ontko-LB (Wisconsin commitment)
Holmes Onwukaife-DL/LB (Florida State commitment)

Christian Pace-OL (Michigan Commitment #12)-January, 2010 enrollee

Niko Palazetti-FB (Michigan State commitment)

Sean Parker-DB (Washington commitment)
Robert Partridge-QB (Miami-OH commitment)
Jordan Paskorz-LB/DL (Michigan Commitment #11)
Keion Payne-DB (Miami-FL commitment)
David Perry-DL (Miami-FL commitment)
Rodney Peters-WR/TE
Wayne Pettus-DB (Richmond commitment)
Andy Phillips-DL (Central Michigan commitment)
Drew Phillips-RB (BYU commitment)
Rodnell Pierce-DB
Colin Porter-OL (Washington commitment)
Ronald Powell-DL (Florida commitment)
Tiger Powell-RB (South Florida commitment)
Spencer Phillips-LB
Colin Porter-OL (Washington commitment)
Kyle Prater-WR (Southern California commitment)
Jabari Price-DB (Minnesota decommitment, North Carolina commitment)
J.D. Pride-QB (Minnesota commitment)
Jerrell Priester-WR (Vanderbilt commitment)

Hayes Pullard-LB (Southern California commitment)

Lucky Radley-RB/DB (Utah commitment)

Bobby Ratliff-WR (Washington State commitment)
Matt Rea-LB
Silas Redd-RB (Penn State commitment)
Josh Reese-WR (Central Florida commitment)
Travon Reed-WR (Auburn commitment)
Corey Reeder-WR
Anthony Render-DL
Jeremy Richardson-WR (Auburn commitment)
Peter Rigan-OL

Cody Riggs-WR (Florida commitment)

Dietrich Riley-DB (UCLA commitment)

Ben Riva-OL (Washington commitment)
Derek Roback-QB (Toledo commitment)
Dominique Roberts-QB/DB (Western Kentucky commitment)

Nickell Robey-DB (Georgia decommitment, Southern California commitment)

Chris Robinson-RB (Grand Valley commitment)

Damien Robinson-OL (Mississippi State commitment)
Darius Robinson-DB (Clemson commitment)
Jerald Robinson-WR (Michigan Commitment #3)-January, 2010 enrollee
Marvin Robinson-LB (Michigan Commitment #9)
T.C. Robinson-DB

DaRick Rogers-LB/WR (Georgia decommitment, Tennessee commitment)

Davion Rogers-DL (West Virginia decommitment, Michigan commitment #25)

Doug Rogers-DB
Quinton Roland-OL
Chase Rome-DL (Oklahoma State de-commitment, Nebraska commitment)
Zac Rosenbauer-LB (Toledo commitment)
O.J. Ross-Slot (Purdue commitment)
Matt Rotheram-OL (Pittsburgh commitment)
Dakota Royer-LB (Penn State commitment)

Marcus Rush-DL/LB (Michigan State commitment)

Jake Ryan-LB (Michigan Commitment #26)

Mike Sadler-P (Michigan State commitment)
Ace Sanders-WR (South Carolina commitment)
Bishop Sankey-RB/WR (Washington State commitment)
Dionte Savage-OL

Banquer Sayed-WR (Michigan commitment)

Kevin Schloemer-OL (Cincinnati commitment)

Dan Schneider-LB/DL/TE (Pittsburgh commitment)
David Schneider-TE (Ball State commitment)
Andrew Schofield-OL (South Dakota commitment)
Skyler Schofner-OL (Michigan State commitment)
Kona Schwenke-DL (BYU decommitment, Notre Dame commitment)
Lache Seastrunk-RB (Florida State decommitment, Oregon commitment)
Tank Sessions-TE (Florida State commitment)
Kenny Shaw-WR (Florida State commitment)
Khalek Shepherd-RB (Virgina commitment)
Rickey Simpson-LB
Miles Simpson-RB
Blake Sims-QB/DB (Alabama recommitment)
Alex Smith-TE (Cincinnati decommitment, North Carolina decommitment, Kentucky commitment)
Brandon Smith-LB (Southern Mississippi commitment)
Roderick Smith-RB (Ohio State commitment)
Duran Snoddy-DB
Jewone Snow-LB (West Virginia commitment)
Kenny Stills-WR (Oklahoma commitment)
Malik Stokes-QB/WR
James Stone-OL (Tennessee commitment)
T.J. Stripling-DL (Georgia commitment)
Bobby Swigert-WR/DB (Boston College commitment)
Terry Talbott-DL (Michigan Commitment #17)
Terrance Talbott-DB (Michigan Commitment #18)
Frank Tamakloe-DB (Wisconsin commitment)
Brandon Tarpley-PK

Kirifi Taula-DL (Arizona commitment)

Michael Taylor (Tennessee decommitment, Florida commitment)

Randall Telfer-TE/LB (Southern California commitment)
Earnest Thomas-DB (UCLA decommitment, Illinois commitment)
Ishmael Thomas-LB (Indiana commitment)
Jordan Thomas-DB (Rutgers commitment)
Leron "LJ" Thomas-QB
Dylan Thompson-QB (South Carolina commitment)
Eldon Thompson-LB (Tulsa commitment)
Mike Thornton-DL (Georgia commitment)
Laken Tomlinson-OL (Duke commitment)
Lyden Trail-DL (Florida commitment)
Louis Trinca-Pasat-LB/DL (Iowa commitment)

Jamel Turner-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Ray Vinopal-DB (Michigan Commitment #23)

Ronnie Vinson-DB/WR (LSU commitment)
Colin Voss-TE (Central Michigan commitment)
Arnold Walker-RB
Spencer Ware-QB/RB (LSU commitment)
Lorenzo Waters-DB/LB (Rutgers commitment)
Caleb Watkins-QB (Bowling Green commitment)
Jaylen Watkins-DB (Florida commitment)
Dante Weaver-OL/DL (Temple commitment)
Gavin Webster-QB

Alex Welch-TE (Notre Dame commitment)

Bjoern Werner-DL (Florida commitment)

Christian Wesley-WR
Austin White-RB (Michigan Commitment #16)-January, 2010 enrollee
Darius White-WR (Texas commitment)
Jeffrey Whitaker-DL (Auburn commitment)
Dave Wilkerson-LB (California commitment)
Ken Wilkins-LB (Michigan Commitment #13)
Ryan Williams-DB
Travis Williams-DB (Miami-OH commitment)
Tyrone Williams-WR (Ohio State commitment)
D.J. Williamson-DB/WR (Michigan Commitment #5)
Brandon Willis-DL (Tennessee commitment)
Kersean Wilson-QB
Julian Wilson-WR (Oklahoma commitment)
Justin Wilson-LB (Michigan State commitment)
Torrian Wilson-OL (Stanford decommitment, Louisville decommitment, Central Florida commitment)
Lo Wood-DB (Notre Dame commitment)
Detchauz Wray-QB (New Mexico commitment)

Demetrius Wright-DB (Southern California commitment)

Devon Wright-RB (Minnesota commitment)

Louis Young-DB (Stanford decommitment, Georgia Tech commitment)
Ricardo Young-QB (Virginia Tech commitment)
Matt Zakrzewski-LB (Indiana commitment)
Zach Zwinak-RB/LB (Penn State commitment)
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