2011-2012 Season Review: June 26 Final Standing: Big 10 has 2 in Top 10, 6 in Top 26

Fall Sport(7) Big Ten NCAA Cup Winter Sport(10) Big Ten NCAA Cup Spring Sport(10) Big Ten NCAA Cup
Football 3rd 9th 69 Basketball-Men 1st #33 25 Baseball 12th n/a 0
Field Hockey 1st 5th 60 Basketball-Women 7th #33 25 Softball 1st 9th 64
Cross Country-Men 3rd 20th 34 Wrestling 7th 11th 65.25 Outdoor Track-Men 9th 33rd 39
Cross Country-Women 2nd 15th 45 Ice Hockey 2nd #9 25 Outdoor Track-Women 7th n/a 0
Volleyball 8th 9th 64 Swimming-Men 1st 5th 75 Rowing 1st 2nd 90
Soccer-Men 6th n/a 0 Swimming-Women 8th 31st 42.5 Golf-Men 10th n/a 0
Soccer-Women 8th n/a 0 Gymnastics-Men 2nd 6th 64 Golf-Women 4th 47th 26.50
Fall Total 1st 5th 272 Gymnastics-Women 4th #13 59.25


Water Polo







Women's Total n/a n/a 169 Indoor Track-Men 10th n/a 0 Tennis-Men's 2nd 17th 50
Men's Total n/a n/a 103 Indoor Track-Women 7th 61st (13) Tennis-Women's 2nd 9th 64
Winter Total 3rd 5th 381 Spring Total n/a n/a 333.50
Fall Total 1st 5th 272 Men's Total n/a n/a 446.25
Women's Total n/a n/a 540.00
Total Director's Cup 2nd 10th 986.25

Michigan wins the Sugar Bowl in football, and finishes the season with an 11-2 record and ranked 12th (Top 10%) of 120 Division I teams. Volleyball made the NCAA Sweet Sixteen before being eliminated and Field Hockey just fell short in the NCAA Quarter-Finals. Kellen Russell won his 4th Big Ten Championship, no other Wolverine has accomplished this in wrestling. The Men's Basketball team won its first Big Ten Championship since 1986, but didn't fare well in the Big Ten or NCAA Tournaments. Kellen Russell won his 2nd NCAA Championship in a row in wrestling, and became the 6th Michigan wrestler to win multiple NCAA Championships. The Hockey team finished 2nd in the CCHA, and were selected for their 23rd NCAA Sweet Sixteen in a row, but lost in the first round. The Men's Swimming Team finished 5th in the NCAA with 22 All-American citations, and Dan Madwed won Big Ten Swimmer of the Year. Men's Gymnastics were 2nd in the Conference and 4th in the NCAA behind Illinois. Women's Tennis finished 2nd in the conference tournament after tieing for first in Big Ten play, and Men's Tennis finished 2nd in the Big Ten. The Women's Tennis Team made the Sweet Sixteen. Women's Softball won its 5th Big Ten Championship in a row, and won their Regional; however, they lost in the Super Regional. The Rowing Team captured a Big Ten Championship, their first since 2004 and finished 2nd in the NCAA Championships. 18 Wolverine Athletes Heading to London Olympics

Coach Sport-9 Men Women Sport-11 Coach
Bottom Swimming 75 90 Rowing Rothstein
Hoke Football 69 64 Volleyball Rosen
McFarland Wrestling 65.25 64 Tennis Bernstein
Golder Gymnastics 64 64 Softball Hutchins
Berque Tennis 50 60 Field Hockey Pankratz
Laplante Track 39 59.25 Gymnastics Plocki
Gibby Cross Country 34 45 Cross Country McGuire
Berenson Hockey 25 42.5 Swimming Richardson
Beilein Basketball 25 26.5 Golf Stacy
Whitten Golf 0 25 Basketball Borseth
Burns Soccer 0 13 Indoor Track Henry
Mahoney Baseball 0 0 Soccer Ryan
Paul Lacrosse 0 0 Water Polo Anderson
Laplante Indoor Track 0 0 Track Henry
Totals Totals 446.25 553.25 986.5 Totals

NACDA scores the highest point totals in 10 men's and 10 women's sports.

NCAA Team and Individual Champion Leaders


Year Points Place







2009-2010 768.5 25th
2008-2009 1131.8 5th
2007-2008 1161.5 3rd
2006-2007 1135.25 4th
2005-2006 741.13 24th
2004-2005 1064.25 3rd

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