Michigan 2008-2009 Season Review
Fall Sport Big Ten NCAA Cup Winter Sport Big Ten NCAA Cup Spring Sport Big Ten NCAA Cup
Football 10th n/a 0 Basketball-Men 7th 17th 50 Baseball 7th n/a 0
Field Hockey 4th n/a 0 Basketball-Women 11th n/a 0 Softball 1st 4th 78
Cross Country-Men 2nd 24th 26 Wrestling 3rd 11th 66 Outdoor Track-Men 3rd 62nd 0
Cross Country-Women 5th 16th 42 Ice Hockey n/a 9th 25 Outdoor Track-Women 2nd 7th 72
Volleyball 5th 9th 64 Swimming-Men 1st 7th 72 Rowing 2nd 9th 38
Soccer-Men 2nd 9th 64 Swimming-Women 4th 24th 49 Golf-Men 8th 3rd 82.5
Soccer-Women 11th n/a 0 Gymnastics-Men 1st 2nd 90 Golf-Women 7th 49th 0
Fall Total 3rd 12th 196 Gymnastics-Women 1st 13th 59.3 Water Polo n/a 5th 46
Women's Total n/a n/a 564.3 Indoor Track-Men 2nd 32nd 42 Lacrosse-Men n/a n/a 0
Men's Total n/a n/a 567.5 Indoor Track-Women 3rd 11th 66 Lacrosse-Women n/a n/a 0
Bowling n/a n/a 0 Tennis-Men's 4th 17th 50
Fencing n/a n/a 0 Tennis-Women's 2nd 17th 50
Rifle n/a n/a 0 Spring Total n/a n/a 416.5
Winter Total n/a 9th 519.3 Winter Total n/a n/a 519.3
Fall Total n/a 12th 196 Fall Total n/a n/a 196
519.30 Total Director's Cup 1st 5th 1131.80
Final Total June 29
We crowned one women's (gymnastics and softball) and two men's (gymnastics and swimming) Big Ten Champions; we had no team NCAA champions, but three individual NCAA Champions with Tyler Clary (400 IM and 200 Backstroke) for Men's swimming, Tiffany Ofili (110 meter hurdles) and Gena Gall (800) in Women's track. We had 32 All-Americans including Adam Harris, Amber Hay and Betty Wade in track; Men's Swimmers: Bobby Savulich, Chris Brady and Evan Ryser (400 Free), Matt Patton (1,650 Free); Women's Swimmers: Caroline Rodriquez, Margaret Kelly, Hannah Smith and Liz Koselka (400 Free); Wrestlers: Kellen Russell, Steve Luke and Tyrel Todd; Women Gymnast Kylee Botterman (Floor); Men Gymnasts: Chris Cameron (floor and horse), Phil Goldberg (rings), Joe Catrambone (high bar), Adam Hamers (horse) and Thomas Kelley (high and parallel bars); Leah Roberston, Julie Hyre and Alison Mantel in Water Polo; Volleyball's Lexi Zimmerman, Cross Country's Nicole Edwards; Ice Hockey's Louie Caporusso and Aaron Palushaj; Softballers: Nikki Nemitz and Amanda Chidester; Men's Soccer: Michael Holody and Peri Marosevic. Michigan Athletes of the Year
94 Wolverines earn Spring All-Big Ten Academic Honors
All 25 Teams Exceed NCAA Performance Requirements