2009-2010 Season Review: July 1, 2010 Update

Fall Sport Big Ten NCAA Cup Winter Sport Big Ten NCAA Cup Spring Sport Big Ten NCAA Cup
Football 11th n/a 0 Basketball-Men 8th n/a 0 Baseball 2nd n/a n/a
Field Hockey 5th n/a 0 Basketball-Women 7th n/a 0 Softball 1st 9th 64
Cross Country-Men 5th 24th 0 Wrestling 11th 43rd 30 Outdoor Track-Men 10th n/a n/a
Cross Country-Women 4th 27th 20 Ice Hockey n/a 5th 60 Outdoor Track-Women 8th n/a n/a
Volleyball 4th 5th 73 Swimming-Men 2nd 7th 72 Rowing 3rd 10th 32
Soccer-Men 7th n/a 0 Swimming-Women 3rd 15th 60 Golf-Men 4th 31st 39
Soccer-Women 8th n/a 0 Gymnastics-Men 2nd 1st 100 Golf-Women 8th n/a n/a
Fall Total 8th 54th 93 Gymnastics-Women 1st 10th 67.50 Water Polo n/a 6th 37
Women's Total n/a n/a 93 Indoor Track-Men 8th n/a 0 Lacrosse-Men n/a n/a n/a
Men's Total n/a n/a 0 Indoor Track-Women 8th n/a 0 Lacrosse-Women n/a n/a n/a
Bowling n/a n/a n/a Tennis-Men's 3rd 17th 50
Fencing n/a n/a n/a Tennis-Women's 1st 9th 64
Rifle n/a n/a n/a Spring Total n/a n/a 286
Winter Total n/a n/a 389.50 Men'sTotal n/a n/a 351
Fall Total 8th 54th 93 Women's Total n/a n/a 417.5
Team Finishes 2009-2010   Total Director's Cup 5th 25th 768.50

Tyler Clary won his 2nd NCAA Individual Championship in the 400 Year Individual Medley. Chris Cameron (Men's Gymnastics) and Lexi Zimmerman (Volleyball) were Athletes of the Year. Men's Gymnastics won a NCAA Team Championship, and the Women's Volleyball Team finished 5th in the NCAA, their highest achievement. Women's Softball and Gymnastics were Big Ten Champions, and Women's Water Polo finished 6th in the NCAA Championship.