Michigan 2005-2006 Season Review
Fall Sport Big Ten NCAA Cup Winter Sport Big Ten NCAA Cup Spring Sport Big Ten NCAA Cup
Football 3rd 28th 0 Basketball-Men 6th n/a 0 Baseball 1st 33rd 25
Field Hockey 1st 5th 30 Basketball-Women 11th n/a 0 Softball 1st 9th 64
Cross Country-Men 5th n/a 0 Wrestling 3rd 7th 72 Outdoor Track-Men 5th 30th 41.5
Cross Country-Women 1st 6th 72 Ice Hockey n/a 9th 12.5 Outdoor Track-Women 2nd 13th 63
Volleyball 7th n/a 0 Swimming-Men 3rd 8th 70.5 Rowing 4th n/a 0
Soccer-Men 5th n/a 0 Swimming-Women 3rd 17th 57 Golf-Men 10th n/a 0
Soccer-Women 6th n/a 0 Gymnastics-Men 4th 7th 25.25 Golf-Women 4th n/a 0
Fall Total n/a n/a 102 Gymnastics-Women 4th 7th 35.63 Water Polo n/a n/a 0
Indoor Track-Men 4th 37th 35.5 Lacrosse-Men Club Club 0
Indoor Track-Women 1st 13th 62.25 Lacrosse-Women Club Club 0
Bowling None None 0 Tennis-Men's n/a 33rd 25
Fencing None None 0 Tennis-Women's n/a 17th 50
Rifle None None 0 Spring Total n/a n/a 268.50
Winter Total n/a n/a 370.63 Women's Total n/a n/a 433.88
Men's Total n/a n/a 307.25
Total Director's Cup 5th 24th 643.375 (741.13?)
For the second year in a row, the women's sports have outpaced the men's sports in the Director's Cup scoring. In the 2004-2005 season, Michigan women's sports led the athletic program contributing 589 points towards the Director's Cup while the Michigan men's sports contributed 475.5 points. For the 2006-2007 season, we host the Big Ten Field Hockey and Women's Swimming Championships. We also host the NCAA Wrestling Championships at the Palace of Auburn Hills in March, 2007. Athletes of the Year