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Michigan Football Recruits for 2013

Chase Abbington-RB (Missouri commitment)

Montravius Adams-DL (Auburn commitment)

Antonio Allen-DB (Mississippi decommitment, Indiana commitment)

Devon Allen-WR (Oregon commitment)

Jonathan Allen-DL (Alabama commitment)

Alex Anzelone-LB (Ohio State decommitment, Notre Dame decommitment, Florida commitment)

Marcell Ateman-WR (Oklahoma State commitment)

Josh Augusta-TE/DE/DT (Missouri commitment)

Alvin Bailey-WR (Florida commitment)

Marquedius Bain-DL (Florida State decommitment, LSU commitment)

Marcus Ball-LB (Wisconsin decommitment, Arizona State commitment)

Nadir Barnwell-DB (Rutgers commitment)

Brandon Bean-WR (Grand Valley commitment)

Elijah Bell-WR

Tre Bell-DB (Florida decommitment, Vanderbilt commitment)

Caleb Benenoch-OL (UCLA commitment)

Richard Benjamin-WR (Central Florida decommitment, Louisville commitment)

Hunter Bivin-OL (Notre Dame commitment)

Joey Bosa-DE (Ohio State commitment)

Kyle Bosch-OL (Michigan Commitment #4)-January, 2013 enrollee

Jaynard Bostwick-DL (Florida commitment)

Tashawn Bower-DE (Auburn decommitment, LSU commitment)

Austin Bown-DL

Zach Bradshaw-WR/LB (Penn State decommitment, Virginia commitment)

Adam Breneman-TE (Penn State commitment)

Max Browne-QB (Southern California commitment)

Larenz Bryant-LB (South Carolina commitment)

Derrick Burgess-WR

Cameron Burrows-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Devin Butler-DB (Notre Dame commitment)

Jake Butt-TE (Michigan commitment #10)-January, 2013 enrollee

Darren Carrington-WR (Oregon commitment)

Reginald Carter-LB (Georgia commitment)

TraVon Chapman-QB (Pittsburgh commitment)

Nick Chappell-OL

Taco Charlton-DL (Michigan commitment #9)-January, 2013 enrollee

Shelby Christie-WR (Mississippi State commitment)

Shane Cockerille-QB (Maryland commitment)

Darius Commissiong-DL (Georgia Tech commitment)

Gareon Conley-DB (Michigan decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Malcolm Cook-DB (Virginia decommitment, )

Su'a Cravens-DB/LB (Southern California commitment)

James Crawford-DB (Illinois commitment)

Rod Crayton-DL (Southern Mississippi commitment)

Joshua Crim-OL

Jordan Cunningham-WR (Vanderbilt commitment)

Elijah Daniel-DE (Clemson decommitment)

Darrell Daniels-WR (Washington commitment)

Anwuan Davis-DB (Texas commitment)

Chris Davis-RB

Justin Davis-RB (Southern California commitment)

David Dawson-OL (Michigan recommitment)

Reon Dawson-DB (Illinois decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Caleb Day-DB (Illinois commitment)

Cameron Dillard-OL (Florida commitment)

Trevell Dixson-DB/QB (Nebraska commitment)

Standish Dobard-TE (Miami-FL commitment)

Ross Douglas-DB (Penn State decommitment, Michigan commitment #24)-January, 2013 enrollee

Dajuan Drennan-DL (North Carolina commitment)

Jaron Dukes-WR (Michigan commitment #12)

Berkley Edwards-RB (Minnesota commitment)

Jay Ellison-DL

Steve Elmer-OL (Notre Dame commitment)

Riley Ferguson-QB (Tennessee commitment)

Dennis Finley-OL (Michigan State commitment)

Kylie Fitts-DE (USC commitment)

Keith Ford-RB (Oklahoma commitment)

Robert Foster-WR (Auburn decommitment, Alabama commitment)

Chris Fox-OL (Michigan commitment #8)-torn ACL

Danny Friend-TE (Indiana commitment)

Kendall Fuller-DB (Virginia Tech commitment)

Alex Gall-OL (Miami-FL commitment)

Tim Gardner-OL (Ohio State commitment)

Kirk Garner-DB (Virginia commitment)

Ben Gedeon-LB (Michigan commitment #17)

Kenton Gibbs-DL (Illinois decommitment, North Carolina State commitment)

Shelton Gibson-WR (West Virginia commitment)

Kevin Gladney-WR (Nebraska commitment)

Colin Goebel-OL (Iowa commitment)

Isaiah Gourdine-DB (Cincinnati decommitment, Bowling Green commitment)

Derrick Green-RB (Michigan commitment #27)

J.J. Gustafson-OL (Texas A&M commitment)

Vernon Hargreaves-DB (Florida commitment)

Jeff Harper-OL

Paul Harris-WR (Tennessee commitment)

Tim Harris-DB (Virginia decommitment)

Jason Hatcher-DL (USC decommitment, Kentucky commitment)

Chris Hawkins-DB (Southern California commitment)

Darian Hicks-DB (Michigan State commitment)

Kyle Hicks-RB (Texas decommitment, TCU commitment)

Delano Hill-DB (Iowa decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Khalid Hill-TE (Michigan commitment #3)

Michael Hill-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Chris Holmes-DB (North Carolina State decommitment, Duke commitment)

Gerald Holmes-RB (Michigan State commitment)

Darrien Howard-LB (West Virginia commitment)

Cameron Hunt-OL (California decommitment, Oregon commitment)

Maurice Hurst-DL (Michigan commitment #19)

Michael Hutchings-LB (Southern California commitment)

Jaleel Hytchye-DB (Kentucky commitment)

Godwin Igwebuike-RB (Northwestern commitment)

Jahmere Irvin-Sills-DB (Mississippi State commitment)

Ty Isaac-RB (Southern California commitment)

Jamel James-RB (Notre Dame commitment)

Nate Jeppeson-OL (Toledo commitment)

Dorian Johnson-OL (Pittsburgh commitment)

Da'Mario Jones-WR (Central Michigan de-commitment, Michigan commitment #24)

Jaryd Jones-Smith-OL (Pittsburgh commitment)

Shane Jones-LB (Michigan State commitment)

Peter Kalambayi-LB (Stanford commitment)

Jack Keeler-OL (Wisconsin commitment)

Desmond King-DB (Central Michigan decommitment, Ball State commitment)

David Knevel-OL (Nebraska commitment)

Patrick Kugler-OL (Michigan commitment #13)

Christian Lacouture-DE (Texas A&M decommitment, Nebraska decommitment, LSU commitment)

Kenny Lacy-OL (UCLA commitment)

Kyle Laporte-WR/DB

Sebastian LaRue-WR (USC decommitment, Texas A&M commitment)

Darius Latham-DL (Wisconsin decommitment, Indiana commitment)

Marcell Lazard-OL (West Virginia commitment)

Uriah LeMay-WR (Georgia commitment)

E.J. Levenberry-LB (Florida State commitment)

Jourdan Lewis-DB (Michigan commitment #5)

Evan Lisle-OL (Ohio State commitment)

Marquis Little-DB/QB/LB (Boston College commitment)

Courtney Love-LB (Nebraska commitment)

Cole Luke-DB (Notre Dame commitment)

Luke Maclean-LB/DE (Pittsburgh commitment)

Brendon Mahon-OL (Penn State commitment)

Justin Manning-DL (Texas A&M commitment)

Jalin Marshall-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Eldridge Massington-WR (Southern California decommitment, UCLA commitment)

Tray Mathews-DB (Georgia commitment)

Steve Mathie-OL

Joe Mathis-DE (Washington commitment)

Jacob Matuska-TE (Notre Dame commitment)

Xzavier McAllister-OL (Eastern Illinois commitment)

Michael McCray-LB (Michigan Commitment #14)-Torn Labrum

Marquis McCullum-DB/WR (Louisiana-Monroe commitment)

Isaac McDonald-LB (West Virginia commitment)

Mike McGlinchey-OL (Notre Dame commitment)

Colin McGovern-OL (Notre Dame commitment)

J.J. McGrath-PK/P (Michigan Preferred Walk-On commitment)

Leon McQuay-DB (USC commitment)

Marcus McWilson-DB (Nebraska commitment)

Matt Miller-DL (Wisconsin commitment)

Eric Moate-RB

John Montelus-OL (Notre Dame commitment)

Justin Moody-DL (Pittsburgh commitment)

Shane Morris-QB (Michigan Commitment #1)

Jameion Moss-LB (Virginia Tech commitment)

Alquadin Muhammed-DL (Miami-FL commitment)

Donovan Munger-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Vannick Ngakoue-LB (Maryland recommitment)

Tristan Nickelson-OL

Marquez North-WR (Tennessee commitment)

Chikwe Obasih-DE (Wisconsin commitment)

Dorian O'Daniel-LB (Clemson commitment)

Ebenezer Odungeko-DL (Connecticut de-commitment, Clemson commitment)

Jake Oliver-WR (Texas commitment)

Kevin Olsen-QB (Miami-FL commitment)

James Onwualu-WR (Notre Dame commitment)

Scott Orndoff-TE (Wisconsin decommitment, Pittsburgh commitment)

Elijah Qualls-DE/FB (Washington commitment)

Scott Pagano-DL (Clemson commitment)

Kent Perkins-OL (Texas commitment)

Lovell Peterson-OL

Ethan Pocic-OL (LSU commitment)

Henry Poggi-DL (Michigan commitment #20)

Jalyn Powell-DB (Michigan State commitment)

Billy Price-DL (Ohio State commitment)

James Quick-WR (Louisville commitment)

Jake Raulerson-DL (Texas commitment)

Jon Reschke-LB (Michigan State commitment)

DeAngelo Reynolds-DE

Isaac Rochell-DE (Notre Dame commitment)

Khaleil Rodgers-OL (Southern California commitment)

Na'Ty Rodgers-OL (South Carolina commitment)

Matt Rolin-LB (South Carolina commitment)

John Ross-DB/WR (Washington commitment)

Dan Samuelson-OL (Nebraska decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Wyatt Shallman-DL/RB/TE (Michigan commitment #7)

Dan Skipper-OL (Tennessee decommitment, Arkansas commitment)

Deveon Smith-RB (Michigan commitment #16)

Jaylon Smith-LB (Notre Dame commitment)

Maurice Smith-DB (Alabama commitment)

Durham Smythe-TE (Texas decommitment, Notre Dame commitment)

Channing Stribling-DB (Michigan commitment #22)

Demorea Stringfellow-WR (Washington commitment)

Scott Sypniewski-LS (Michigan commitment #21)

D.J. Taylor-WR (Illinois commitment)

Wyatt Teller-DL (Virginia Tech decommitment)

Trammel Terry-WR/DB (Georgia commitment)

Dymonte Thomas-DB (Michigan commitment #2)-January, 2013 enrollee

Kamani Thomas-RB (Middle Tennessee commitment)

Poet Thomas-OL (Texas Tech commitment)

Jayme Thompson-DB (West Virginia decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Cameron Toney-LB (Auburn commitment)

Keith Towbridge-TE (Louisville commitment)

LaQuan Treadwell-WR (Mississippi commitment)

Logan Tulley-Tillman-OL (Michigan commitment #11)-January, 2013 enrollee

Laremy Tunsil-OL/DL (Mississippi commitment)

Gaius Vaeneku-DL (Utah commitment)

Eddie Vanderdoes-DL (Southern California decommitment, Notre Dame commitment)

Evan Voeller-OL (Oregon commitment)

Cameron Walker-DB (California commitment)

Hardreck Walker-DL (Texas A&M commitment)

Jack Wangler-WR (Michigan Preferred Walk-On Commitment)

Solomon Warfield-DB (Iowa commitment)

Greg Webb-DL (Penn State decommitment, North Carolina commitment)

Rob Wheelright-WR (Wisconsin commitment)

Ryan White-DB (Louisville decommitment, Vanderbilt commitment)

Jake Widmer-OL

Shaq Wiggins-DB (Georgia commitment)

Jordan Wilkins-RB (Auburn decommitment, Mississippi commitment)

Jacquay Williams-WR

Priest Willis-DB (UCLA commitment)

Ishmael Wilson-OL (Texas A&M commitment)

Eli Woodard-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Csont'e York-WR (Michigan commitment #18)

Malik Zaire-QB (Notre Dame commitment)

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