Michigan Football Recruits 2018--250+ Offers (18+ Five Star, 153+ Four Star Rated Recruits)-19 commitments+1 Transfer

Observations on Michigan Football Recruiting for 2017

Offers by State (25 Total States): Florida=57+, Georgia=30+, Texas=29+, California=21+, Ohio=12+, New Jersey=11+, Michigan=10+ , Maryland=7+, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri and Pennsylvania=5+ each

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Michigan Football Recruits for 2017

Who are we Recruiting???

Bryan Addison-WR/DB (UCLA commitment)

Jayson Ademilola-DL (Notre Dame commitment)

Justin Ademilola-LB (Notre Dame commitment)

Derrik Allen-DB (Notre Dame commitment)

Eyabi Anoma-DL (Alabama commitment)

Brian Asamoah-LB (Oklahoma commitment)

Nana Asiedu-OL/DL (Penn State commitment)

Kevin Austin-WR (Notre Dame commitment)

Kamryn Babb-WR (Ohio State commitment)

David Bailey-RB (Boston College commitment)

Dee Barlow-WR

William Barnes-OL (North Carolina commitment)

Michael Barrett-QB/RB/WR (Georgia Tech commitment)

Reid Bauer-P

Ronnie Bell-WR (Michigan commitment)

Al Blades-DB (Miami-FL recommitment)

Colten Blanton-OL (Texas A&M commitment)

Isaiah Bolden-DB (Florida State decommitment, Oregon decommitment, Florida State recommitment)

Nik Bonitto-DL/LB (Oklahoma commitment)

Thomas Booker-TE/DL (Stanford commitment)

Noah Boykin-DB (Maryland commitment)

Ben Bresnahan-TE (Vanderbilt commitment)

Bobby Brown-DL (Texas A&M decommitment, Alabama commitment)

Dyami Brown-WR/DB (North Carolina commitment)

Tommy Brown-OL (Alabama commitment)

Verdis Brown-OL/DL (Florida State decommitment, Illinois commitment)

Amari Burney-Athlete (Florida commitment)

Tommy Bush-WR (Baylor commitment)

John Campbell-OL (Miami-FL commitment)

Tyson Campbell-DB (Georgia or Miami-FL commitment)

Jackson Carman-OL (Clemson commitment)

Jerome Carvin-OL (Tennessee commitment)

Ja'Marr Chase-WR (Florida decommitment, LSU commitment)

Jarell Cherry-DL (LSU commitment)

Damone Clark-LB (LSU commitment)

Barton Clement-OL (Texas A&M commitment)

Iverson Clement-RB (Florida commitment)

Keondre Coburn-DL (Texas commitment)

Tyrone Collins-DB (Missouri commitment)

Chamarri Conner-DB (Virginia Tech commitment)

Anthony Cook-DB/RB (Texas commitment)

James Cook-RB (Florida State decommitment, Georgia commitment)

Robert Cooper-DL (Florida State commitment)

Jacob Copeland-DB/WR (Florida decommitment, Alabama commitment)

Jashuan Corbin-RB (Tennessee decommitment, Florida State recommitment)

Matt Corral-QB (USC decommitment, Florida decommitment, Mississippi commitment)

Kraig Correll-OL (Preferred Walk-On Offer)

Aashari Crosswell-DB (Arizona State commitment)

Aron Cruickshank-DB (Wisconsin commitment)

Judge Culpepper-TE/DL (Penn State commitment)

Chris Curry-RB (LSU commitment)

Sirzion Dance-LB (Indiana commitment)

Hugh Davis-LB (Boston College commitment)

Jordan Davis-DL (Georgia commitment)

Dan Dawkins-OL (Vanderbilt commitment)

Trey Dean-DB (Tennessee decommitment, Florida commitment)

Kolin Demens-LB (UCLA decommitment, Pittsburgh commitment)

Lynn-J Dixon-RB (Tennessee decommitment, Clemson commitment)

Jahon Dotson-WR (UCLA decommitment, Penn State commitment)

Shabazz Dotson-DL (SMU commitment)

Tre' Douglas-DB (Vanderbilt commitment)

Michael Dowell-DB (Michigan State commitment)

Kevin Doyle-QB (Michigan commitment)

Zach Drevno-Snapper Preferred Walk-on Offer

Demji Dumervil Jean-DL (Louisville commitment)

Jaelyn Duncan-OL (Maryland commitment)

Curtis Dunlap-OL (Florida decommitment, Minnesota commitment)

Travis Dye-RB (Oregon commitment)

Caleb Easley-WR/RB Preferred Walk-on Offer

Emil Ekiyor-OL/DL (Michigan decommitment, Alabama commitment)

Malcom Epps-TE (Alabama decommitment, Texas commitment)

Warren Ericson-OL (Georgia commitment)

Jermaine Eskridge-WR (South Florida decommitment, Kentucky decommitment, Oregon commitment)

Michael Ezeike-TE (Oregon decommitment, )

Daniel Faalele-OL (Minnesota commitment)

Sammy Faustin-DB (Michigan commitment)

Justin Fields-QB (Penn State decommitment, Georgia commitment)

Austin Fontaine-DL (Maryland commitment)

Luke Ford-TE (Arkansas decommitment, Georgia commitment)

B.J. Foster-DB (Texas commitment)

Joseph Foucha-DB (LSU commitment)

Fabian Franklin-RB (Mississippi State decommitment, TCU commitment)

Tyler Friday-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Eric Fuller-WR/DB (Nebraska commitment)

Michael Furtney-OL (Wisconsin commitment)

Palaie Gaoteote-LB (USC commitment)

Dallas Gant-LB (Ohio State commitment)

Stanley Garner-DB (Kentucky commitment)

Joey Gatewood-QB (Auburn commitment)

Mike Geraci-WR (Preferred Walk-on Offer)

Kalon Gervin-DB (Michigan State commitment)

Rafiti Ghirmai-OL (Texas commitment)

Jaelen Gil-RB/WR (Ohio State commitment)

Eriq Gilyard-LB (Maryland decommitment, Central Florida commitment)

Trenton Gillison-TE (Michigan State commitment)

Mario Goodrich-DB (Nebraska decommitment, LSU commitment)

Trent Gordon-DB (Penn State commitment)

Jalen Goss-OL (Florida decommitment, Florida State commitment)

Richard Gouraige-DL (Florida commitment)

Kyle Grady-QB (Preferred Walk-on commitment)

James Graham-QB/RB/WR/DB (Virginia Tech decommitment, Georgia Tech commitment)

Brandon Gray-WR (Washington State commitment)

Vincent Gray-DB (Missouri decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Gemon Green-DB (Michigan commitment)

German Green-DB (Michigan commitment)

Jalen Green-DB (Texas commitment)

Caleb Griffin-P/PK (Michigan Preferred Walk-on/Greyshirt Offer)

Olaijah Griffin-DB (UCLA commitment)-January 19-21 Visit

Houston Griffith-DB (Florida State decommitment, Notre Dame commitment)

Jalen Hall-WR (Oregon commitment)

Dorian Hardy-DL (Penn State decommitment, )

Dillon Harris-LB (Connecticut commitment)

Tre'Shaun Harrison-ATH (Oregon recommitment)

Hassan Haskins-RB (Michigan commitment)

Ryan Hayes-OL/TE (Michigan commitment)

K.J. Henry-DL (Clemson commitment)

Brian Hightower-WR (Miami-FL commitment)

Mathew DaShawn Hill-WR/DB (Georgia commitment)

Trey Hill-OL (Georgia commitment)

Talanoa Hufunga-QB/DB (USC commitment)

Aidan Hutchinson-DL/TE (Michigan commitment)

Keaontay Ingram-RB (Texas commitment)

Jalil Irvin-OL (Michigan decommitment, Auburn commitment)

Julius Irvin-DB (USC commitment)

Christian Jackson-DB (Michigan State commitment)

Kearis Jackson-DB/WR (Georgia commitment)

Shockey Jacques-Louis-WR (Kentucky decommitment, Tennessee decommitment, Pittsburgh commitment)

D'Shawn Jamison-DB (Texas commitment)

Max Janes-TE/LB Preferred Walk-on Offer

Tank Jenkins-OL (Oklahoma commitment)

Joshua Jobe-DB (Miami-FL decommitment, Alabama commitment)

Antwuan Johnson-LB (Michigan decommitment, Bowling Green commitment)

Tyreke Johnson-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Jacquez Jones-LB (Mississippi commitment)

Matthew Jones-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Brevin Jordan-TE (Miami-FL commitment)

Lawrence Keys-OL

Zach Kuntz-TE (Penn State commitment)

Trevor Lawrence-QB (Clemson commitment)

Will Lawrence-OL (Virginia Tech commitment)

A.J. Lytton-DB (Florida State commitment)

Elijah McAllister-TE (Vanderbilt commitment)

Marquan McCall-OL (Kentucky commitment)

Cam McDonald-WR/TE (Florida State commitment)

Nolan McDonald-QB

Dylan McDuffie-RB (Buffalo commitment)

Cameron McGrone-LB (Michigan commitment)

Kyler McMichiel-WR (Clemson commitment)

Allim McNeill-DL/LB (North Carolina State commitment)

Will Mallory-TE (Miami-FL commitment)

Milton Mamula-LB/DL Preferred Walk-on Offer

Masry Mapieu-DL (Nebraska commitment)

Asa Martin-RB (Auburn commitment)

Jeremiah Martin-LB/DL (USC commitment)

Justin Mascoll-TE/DL (Clemson commitment)

Jalen Mayfield-OL (Minnesota decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Cade Mays-OL (Tennessee decommitment, Georgia commitment)

Coynis Miller-DL (Auburn commitment)

Joe Milton-QB (Michigan commitment)-January, 2018 enrollee

Teradja Mitchell-LB (Ohio State commitment)

Quindarious Monday-DB (Auburn commitment)

Jake Moody-PK-November 25 Visit

Elijah Moore-WR (Georgia decommitment, Mississippi commitment)

Jordan Moore-WR (Texas A&M commitment)

Joshua Moore-WR (Nebraska decommitment, Texas A&M commitment)

Mustafa Muhammed-TE (Michigan commitment)

Marcus Murphy-RB (Mississippi State commitment)

Taj Mustapha-WR (Wisconsin commitment)

P.J. Mustipher-DL (Penn State commitment)

Jalen Nailor-WR (Arizona State decommitment, Michigan State commitment)

Leon O'Neal-DB (Texas A&M decommitment, )

Raiqwon O'Neal-OL (Rutgers commitment)

Chris Oats-LB (Ohio State commitment)

Ovie Oghuofo-LB (Notre Dame commitment)

James Ohonba-OL (Michigan State commitment)

Chris Olave-WR

Alston Orji-LB (Vanderbilt commitment)

Austin Osborne-WR (Washington commitment)

Jayson Oweh-DL (Penn State commitment)

Micah Parsons-DL (Penn State commitment)

Jarrett Patterson-OL (Arizona State decommitment, )

Shea Patterson-QB (Mississippi Transfer-2 years of eligibility)

Jarrett Paul-DB (Rutgers commitment)

Lee Payton-TE (Western Michigan commitment)

Kyle Philips-WR (UCLA commitment)

Dameon Pierce-RB (Alabama decommitment, Florida commitment)

Reggie Pearson-DB (Wisconsin commitment)

Ronnie Perkins-DL (Oklahoma commitment)

J.J. Peterson-LB (Tennessee commitment)

Nicholas Petit-Frere-OL

T.J. Pledger-RB (USC decommitment, Oklahoma commitment)

Bumper Poole-LB (Arkansas commitment)

Jalen Preston-DB (Texas A&M commitment)

Josh Proctor-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Jasiah Provillon-DB/WR (North Carolina State commitment)

Brendan Radley-Hiles-DB (Nebraska decommitment, Oklahoma commitment)

Banks Ramsey-QB (Preferred Walk-On Offer)

Antwan A.J. Reed-DL/OL (Penn State decommitment, Western Michigan commitment)

David Reese-LB (Florida commitment)

Otis Reese-LB/DB (Michigan commitment)-January 19-21 visit

Alex Reigelsberger-DL/TE (Kentucky decommitment, Minnesota commitment)

Cameron Rising-QB (Oklahoma decommitment, Texas commitment)

Dare Rosenthal-DL (Alabama decommitment, LSU commitment)

Justyn Ross-WR (Clemson commitment)

Jeremy Ruckert-TE (Ohio State commitment)

Randy Russell-WR/DB (Miami-FL decommitment, )

Amon-Ra St. Brown-WR (USC commitment)

Mychale Salahuddin-RB (USC decommitment, )

Jamaree Salyer-OL (Georgia commitment)

Asante Samuel-DB (Florida State commitment)

Tyrone Sampson-OL (Syracuse decommitment, )

Jack Sanborn-LB (Wisconsin commitment)

Rick Sandidge-DL (South Carolina commitment)

Jack Sape-DL (Ball State commitment)

Benjamin Sapp-DB (Minnesota commitment)

Luke Schoonmaker-TE (Michigan commitment)

Raymond Scott-LB (USC commitment)

Frederick "Juice" Scruggs-OL (Penn State commitment)

Penei Sewell-OL (Oregon commitment)

Zach Sheffer-TE (LSU commitment)

Jamien Sherwood-WR/DB (Auburn commitment)

Justin Shorter-WR (Penn State commitment)

Tyler Shough-QB (North Carolina decommitment, Oregon commitment)

Nesta Silvera-DL (Miami-FL commitment)

Shayne Simon-DB/LB (Notre Dame commitment)

Myles Sims-DB (Michigan commitment)-January, 2018 Enrollee

Darrell Simpson-OL (Oklahoma commitment)

Jacob Sirmon-QB (Washington commitment)

Artur Sitkowski-QB (Miami-FL decommitment, Rutgers commitment)

Cajuan Smith-DB (Florida decommitment, Nebraska commitment)

Chris Smith-DB  (Georgia commitment)

L'Christian "Blue" Smith-WR (Ohio State commitment)

Tyreke Smith-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Brian Snead-RB (Ohio State commitment)

Dillon Spalding-WR (West Virginia commitment)

Marquis Spiker-WR (Washington commitment)

Israel Spivey-Athlete (Coastal Carolina commitment)

Deandre Square-DB/LB (Kentucky commitment)

Caden Stearns-DB (LSU decommitment, Texas commitment)

Markese Stepp-RB (Notre Dame decommitment, USC commitment)

Patrick Surtain-DB (LSU commitment)

Alontae Taylor-DB (Vanderbilt decommitment, Tennessee commitment)

Cam Taylor-WR (Missouri decommitment, )

Leonard Taylor-TE (Michigan decommitment, Kentucky commitment)

Isaac Taylor-Stuart-DB (USC commitment)

Tavion Thomas-RB (Oklahoma commitment)

Xavier Thomas-DL (Clemson commitment)

Michael Thompson-OL/DL (Missouri commitment)

Dorian Thompson-Robinson-QB (UCLA commitment)

Tommy Togiai-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Khalan Tolson-LB (Illinois commitment)

Tommy Tremble-TE (Notre Dame commitment)

Solomon Tuliaupupu-LB (USC commitment)

Christian Turner-RB (Michigan commitment)

Emmett Turner-TE (Michigan Preferred Walk-On Offer)

Christian Tutt-DB (Auburn commitment)

Keaton Upshaw-TE (Kentucky commitment)

Taylor Upshaw-DL (Florida decommitment, Michigan commitment)-January, 2018 Enrollee

Ben VanSumeren-TE/LB (Iowa decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Taron Vincent-DL (Ohio State commitment)

Josh Vann-DB (South Carolina commitment)

Atanza Vongor-DB (TCU commitment)

Jaylen Waddle-WR (Texas A&M commitment)

Elijah Wade-DL (UCLA commitment)

John Waggoner-DL (Iowa commitment)

Brey Walker-OL (Oklahoma commitment)

Rasheed Walker-OL (Penn State commitment)

John Waller-OL/DL (South Florida commitment)

Alan Walters-QB (Vanderbilt commitment)

Nakia Watson-RB (Wisconsin commitment)

Julius Welschof-DL (Georgia Tech decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Jack West-QB (Stanford commitment)

Zamir White-RB (Georgia commitment)

Quin Williams-LB

Xavier Williams-WR (Alabama commitment)

Divaad Wilson-DB (Florida decommitment, Georgia commitment)

Jaiden Woodbey-Athlete (Ohio State decommitment, Florida State commitment)

Max Wright-DL (Texas A&M commitment)

Stephon Wynn-DL (Alabama commitment)

Isheem Young-DB (Penn State decommitment, )

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