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David Adams-LB (Notre Dame commitment)

Nate Adolf-RB/DB (Preferred Walk-On Offer)

Chaz Ah You-DB

Chris Allen-DL (Alabama commitment)

Tyrell Ajian-DB (Kentucky commitment)

Cam Akers-RB (Alabama decommitment, Florida State commitment)

Colin Anderson-LB (Vanderbilt commitment)

Martin Andrus-DL (UCLA commitment)

Jordan Anthony-LB (Michigan commitment)

Calvin Ashley-OL (Auburn commitment)

Malcolm Askew-Athlete (Auburn commitment)

Popo Aumavae-OL/DL (Oregon commitment)

Jhamon Ausbon-WR (LSU decommitment, Texas A&M commitment)

Henry Bainivalu-OL (Washington commitment)

Matt Baldeck-LS (Michigan commitment)

Trajan Brandy-WR (Oklahoma decommitment, Miami-FL commitment)

Aaron Banks-OL (Notre Dame commitment)

Toryque Bateman-OL (Louisville commitment)

Tyler Beach-OL/DL (Wisconsin commitment)

Robert Beal-DL (Notre Dame decommitment, Georgia commitment)

Mekhi Becton-OL (Louisville commitment)

Dennis Bell-DB/WR

Markquese Bell-Athlete  (Maryland commitment)

Maurice Bell-WR (Colorado commitment)

Eno Benjamin-RB (Iowa decommitment, Arizona State commitment)

Kivon Bennett-DL (Tennessee commitment)

Markail Benton-LB (Alabama commitment)

Tarik Black-WR (Michigan commitment)-January, 2017 enrollee

Matt Bockhorst-OL (Clemson commitment)

Bubba Bolden-DB (USC commitment)

Corey Bolds-DL (Penn State commitment)

Alonzo Booth-FB/LB (Eastern Kentucky commitment)

Lynn Bowden-DB/Athlete (Indiana decommitment, Kentucky commitment)

Eddie Brecht-OL (Kent State commitment)-preferred walk-on offer

Chase Brice-QB (Clemson commitment)

K.J. Britt-LB (Auburn commitment)

Justin Broiles-DB (Oklahoma commitment)

Ellis Brooks-LB (Duke decommitment, Penn State commitment)

Kennedy Brooks-RB (Oklahoma commitment)

Earnest Brown-DL (Northwestern commitment)

Baron Browning-LB (Ohio State commitment)

Logan Bruss-OL (Wisconsin commitment)

Kyshaun Bryan-RB (South Carolina commitment)

Blake Bueter-OL (Michigan State commitment)

Juwan Burgess-WR (USC commitment)

Akial Byers-DL (Alabama commitment)

Terrell Bynum-WR (Washington commitment)

Zech Byrd-TE (Florida commitment)

Chevin Calloway-WR/DB (Arkansas commitment)

Stephen Carr-RB (USC commitment)

Amari Carter-DB (Miami-FL commitment)

Toneil Carter-RB (Georgia decommitment, Texas commitment)

Tory Carter-FB/DL (LSU commitment)

Zachary Carter-DL (Florida commitment)

J.T. Cauthen-WR (North Carolina commitment)

K'Lavon Chaisson-DL (Texas commitment)

Ty Chandler-RB (Tennessee commitment)

Micah Clark-TE/OL (Rutgers commitment)

Josh Clarke-LB (Mississippi commitment)

Jack Coan-QB (Wisconsin commitment)

Dwayne Chapman-LB (Western Michigan commitment)

Nico Collins-WR (Michigan commitment)

Alex Cook-DB/WR (Washington commitment)

C.J. Cotman-Athlete (Tennessee decommitment, North Carolina commitment)

Trajon Cotton-DB (Oregon State commitment)

Sam Crawford-WR (Tulsa commitment)

Meshael Custis-DB (Probable Michigan State commitment)

DeeJay Dallas-Athlete (Miami-FL commitment)

Drew Dalman-OL (Stanford commitment)

Damion Daniels-DL (Nebraska commitment)

Zach Darwiche-OL (Preferred Walk-On Offer)

A.J. Davis-RB/DB (Pittsburgh commitment)

Danny Davis-WR (Kentucky decommitment, Wisconsin commitment)

Gray Davis-OL/DL (Nevada commitment)

Wyatt Davis-OL (Ohio State commitment)

Austin Deculus-OL (LSU commitment)

Grant Delpit-DB (LSU commitment)

D'Ante Demery-OL (Georgia commitment)

A.J. Dillon-LB/RB (Michigan decommitment, Boston College commitment)

Breon Dixon-LB (Georgia decommitment, Mississippi commitment) 

Matthew Dotson-TE (Michigan State commitment)

Carter Dunaway-TE (Michigan decommitment, Princeton commitment)

Adrian Ealy-OL (Oklahoma commitment)

Hunter Echols-DL (UCLA decommitment, USC commitment)

Morgan Ellison-RB (Ohio decommitment, Indiana commitment)

A.J. Epenesa-DL (Iowa commitment)

Mike Epstein-RB (Illinois commitment)

Darnell Ewell-DL (Notre Dame commitment)

Obinna Eze-OL (Memphis State commitment)

Josh Falo-WR/TE (USC commitment)

Josh Fedd-Jackson-OL (North Carolina State commitment)

Brelin Faison-Walden-DB/LB (Penn State commitment)

Juliano Falaniko-LB (USC commitment)

Will Farrar-OL (UCLA decommitment, Texas Tech commitment)

Neil Farrell-DL (LSU commitment)

Alex Fenton-OL (Wisconsin commitment)

Jake Ferguson-TE (Wisconsin commitment)

Adam Fakih-LB (Preferred Walk-On commitment)

Chuck Filiaga-OL (Michigan commitment)

Cal Flanders-DL (Dartmouth commitment, Preferred Walk-On Offer)

Tyshon Fogg-LB (Rutgers commitment)

Jon Ford-DL (Miami-FL commitment)

Paris Ford-WR (Pittsburgh commitment)

Alex Forsyth-OL (Oregon commitment)

Justin Foster-LB (Clemson commitment)

Breyon Gaddy-DL (Tennessee decommitment, Maryland commitment)

Elijah Gates-DB (UCLA commitment)

Willie Gay-LB (Mississippi decommitment, Mississippi State commitment)

Ryan Gersonde-P (Iowa commitment)

Deangelo Gibbs-DB (Georgia commitment)

Jackson Gibbs-QB (UCLA commitment, Preferred Walk-On Offer)

Taquan Graham-DL (Texas commitment)

Thomas Graham-DB (Oregon commitment)

Maleik Gray-LB (Tennessee commitment)

Daquon Green-WR (Florida commitment)

Darrion Green-DB

Trevon Grimes-WR (Ohio State commitment)

Jairus Grissom-QB/ATH (Eastern Michigan commitment)

Robert Hainsey-OL (Notre Dame commitment)

JaRaymond Hall-OL (Michigan Commitment #4)-January, 2017 enrollee

Kahlee K.J. Hamler-WR (Penn State commitment)

Matt Hankins-DB (Iowa commitment) 

Chris Hanlon-TE (Michigan Preferred Walk-On Commitment)

Fred Hansard-DL (Florida decommitment, Penn State commitment)

Michael Harley-WR (West Virginia decommitment, Miami-FL commitment)

A.J. Harris-DB (Mississippi commitment)

Jaylen Harris-WR (Arizona decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Juan Harris-DL (Iowa decommitment, Indiana decommitment, )

Najee Harris-RB (Alabama commitment)

Todd Harris-DB (LSU commitment)

Kedonis Haslem-DL (Toledo commitment)

Bradley Hawkins-WR (Michigan commitment)

Chase Hayden-RB (Arkansas commitment)

Randall Haynie-DB (Vanderbilt commitment)

Will Heaney-LS (Preferred Walk-On Offer)

Sione Heimuli-Lund-RB (Stanford commitment)

Chris Henderson-DB (Miami-FL decommitment, Florida commitment)

Jaquan Henderson-LB/DB (UCLA decommitment, Tennessee decommitment, Georgia Tech commitment)

Leroy Henley-WR (East Carolina commitment)

Kai-Leon Herbert-OL (Michigan decommitment, Miami-Florida commitment)

Malik Herring-DL (Georgia commitment)

Elijah Hicks-DB (Notre Dame decommitment, California commitment)

Tee Higgins-WR (Clemson commitment)

Kasim Hill-QB (Maryland commitment)

Anthony Hines- (Mississippi State decommitment, Texas A&M commitment)

Bailey Hockman-QB (Georgia decommitment, Florida State commitment)

Isaiah Hodgins-DB/WR (Washington State decommitment, Oregon State commitment)

Jeremiah Holloman-WR (Michigan decommitment, Georgia commitment)

C.J. Holmes-DB (Notre Dame commitment)

Darnay Holmes-DB (UCLA commitment)

Joel Honigford-OL (Michigan commitment #17)

Malik Horton-LB (Maryland commitment)

James Houston-LB (Florida commitment)

James Hudson-DL (Kentucky decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Matthew Huhn-OL (Houston decommitment, SMU commitment)

Devon Hunter-DB (Virginia Tech commitment)

Jaden Hunter-LB (Georgia commitment)

Will Ignont-LB (Alabama decommitment, Tennessee commitment)

Deron Irving-Bey-OL/DL (Michigan commitment)

Austin Jackson-OL (USC commitment)

Jimmy Jaggers-TE (UCLA commitment)

Kedric James-TE (TCU decommitment, Alabama commitment)

Kevin Jarvis-OL (Michigan State commitment)

Bradley Jennings-LB (Florida State decommitment, Miami-FL commitment)

Donovan Jeter-DL (Notre Dame decommitment, Michigan commitment)-January, 2017 enrollee

Jerry Jeudy-WR (Alabama commitment)

Deonte D.J. Johnson-DL (Miami-FL commitment)

Donovan Johnson-DB (Penn State commitment)

Greg Johnson-RB (Arizona decommitment, )

Hunter Johnson-QB (Tennessee decommitment, Clemson commitment)

Jaylon Johnson-DB  (Utah commitment)

Netori Johnson-OL (Georgia commitment)

Ryan Johnson-DL (Tennessee decommitment, Stanford commitment)

Taariq Johnson-WR (California commitment)

Tyler Johnson-TE (Arizona State commitment)

Deon Jones-DB (Maryland commitment)

Hezekiah Jones-WR (Baylor decommitment, Texas A&M commitment)

Sterling Jones-LB (Louisville commitment)

Bruce Jordan-Swilling-LB (Georgia Tech commitment)

Joshua Kaindoh-DL (Maryland decommitment, Florida State commitment)

Dalton Keene-TE/LB (Virginia Tech commitment)

Jaylen Kelly-Powell-DB (Michigan Commitment)-January, 2017 enrollee

Cole Kmet-TE (Notre Dame commitment)

Chris Kolarevic-LB (Preferred Walk-On Offer, Northern Iowa commitment)

Matt Landers-WR (Georgia commitment)

Chase Lasater-FB/LB (Michigan decommitment, Florida Atlantic commitment)

Evan Latham-WR (Michigan Preferred Walk-On commitment)

Alex Leatherwood-OL (Alabama commitment)

Richard LeCounte-DB (Georgia commitment)

Adarius Lemons-RB (North Carolina decommitment, Florida commitment)

Deommodore Lenore-DB (Oregon commitment)

Joseph Lewis-WR (USC commitment)

Tyjon Lindsey-WR (Ohio State decommitment, Nebraska commitment)

Walker Little-OL (Stanford commitment)

Kaden Lyles-OL (Wisconsin commitment)

Nate McBride-LB (Georgia commitment)

Dylan McCaffrey-QB (Michigan Football Commitment #5)-January, 2017 enrollee

Jake McCurry-WR (Columbia decommitment, Michigan Preferred Walk-On Commitment)

Anthony McFarland-RB  (Maryland commitment)

Jalen McKenzie-OL (USC commitment)

Tre McKitty-TE (Florida State commitment)

Jordan McNair-OL (Maryland commitment)

Emmanuel McNeil-DL

Jaevon McQuitty-WR (Nebraska commitment)

Corey Malone-Hatcher-DL  (Michigan Commitment)-January, 2017 enrollee

Omar Manning-WR (TCU commitment)

Tate Martell-QB (Texas A&M decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Oliver Martin-WR (Michigan commitment)

Ben Mason-FB/LB (Michigan commitment #12)-January, 2017 enrollee

Emani Mason-OL

Ifeatu Melifonwu-DB (Syracuse commitment)

Bo Melton-RB/WR (Rutgers commitment)

Kevin Mensah-RB (Preferred Walk-On Offer, Virginia Commonwealth commitment)

Jordan Merrell-DB (Cincinnati commitment)

Davis Mills-QB (Stanford commitment)

Jake Moretti-OL (Ohio State decommitment, Colorado commitment)

Dylan Moses-LB (Alabama commitment)

Kenneth Murray-LB (Oklahoma commitment)

Josh Myers-OL (Ohio State commitment)

Hamsah Nasirildeen-DB (South Carolina decommitment, Florida State commitment)

Brett Neilon-OL (USC commitment)

Scotty Nelson-DB (Wisconsin commitment)

Sampson Niu-LB (Oregon commitment)

Dayo Odeyingbo-DL (Vanderbilt commitment)

Jeffrey Okudah-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Phillip Paea-DL (Michigan commitment #10)

Josh Palmer-WR (Syracuse decommitment, Tennessee commitment)

John Pearson-LB (Michigan Preferred Walk-On Offer, Hillsdale commitment)

Isaiah Pola-Mao-DB (USC commitment)

Kolby Parkinson-TE (Stanford commitment)

Jarez Parks-LB/DE (Alabama commitment)

Anthony Payne-LB/DL (Kansas State commitment)

Kwity Paye-DL/LB (Boston College decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Donovan Peoples-Jones-WR (Michigan Commitment)-January, 2017 enrollee

Alex Perry-DB (Arizona State commitment)

Jordyn Peters-DB (Auburn commitment)

Jaelan Phillips-DL (UCLA commitment)

Tyler Plocki (Michigan Preferred Walk-On Commitment)

Brian Polendey-TE (Miami-FL commitment)

Grant Polley-OL (Colorado commitment)

William Poole-DB (Georgia commitment)

R.J. Potts-DB (Cincinnati commitment)

Robert Porcher-DL (Nebraska decommitment, Virginia Tech commitment)

Dylan Porter-OL (Preferred Walk-On Offer)-Portland State visit

Isaiah Pryor-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Trey Pugh-TE (Northwestern commitment)

Kendall Randolph-OL (Alabama commitment)

Labryan Ray-DL (Alabama commitment)

Jaylon Redd-DB (Oregon commitment)

Charles Reeves-TE (Kentucky decommitment, Pittsburgh commitment)

William Register-TE (South Carolina commitment)

Jordan Reid-OL (Michigan State commitment)

Shanon Reid-LB (Tennessee commitment)

Rutger Reitmaier-DL (Oregon commitment)

Hunter Reynolds-DB (Michigan Preferred Walk-On commitment)

Monty Rice-LB (LSU commitment)

Cordarrian Richardson-RB (Clemson decommitment, Maryland decommitment, Central Florida commitment)

Javonte Richardson-WR/DB (Kentucky commitment)

Amir Riep-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Brad Robbins-P (Nevada decommitment, Michigan Preferred Walk-On commitment)

Davondre "Tank" Robinson-DB (East Carolina commitment)

Shawn Robinson-QB (TCU commitment)

Tyrese Robinson-OL (Oklahoma commitment)

Ty Rocconi-RB/DB (Preferred Walk-On Offer, Mississippi commitment)

Will Rodgers-TE/LB/DL (Preferred Walk-On Offer)

Amari Rogers-WR (Clemson commitment)

Greg Rogers-DL (UCLA commitment)

Billy Ross-OL (North Carolina commitment)

Joshua Ross-LB (Michigan Commitment #6)

Logan Rudolph-TE (Clemson commitment)

Henry Ruggs-WR (Alabama commitment)

Cesar Ruiz-OL (Michigan commitment)-January, 2017 enrollee

Benjamin St. Juste-DB (Michigan commitment #2)-January, 2017 enrollee

Osiris St. Brown-WR (Stanford commitment)

O'Maury Samuels-RB (Michigan commitment)

Stanford Samuels-DB (Florida State commitment)

Mohamed Sanogo-LB (Houston decommitment, Mississippi commitment)

Foster Sarell-OL (Stanford commitment)

Brandon Sebastian-DB (Boston College commitment)

Carter Selzer-TE (Michigan Preferred Walk-On Commitment)

Trey Sermon-RB (Oklahoma commitment)

Justin Shaffer-OL (Louisville commitment)

Tyrell Shavers-WR (Alabama commitment)

Tre Shaw-DB (North Carolina commitment)

Adam Shibley-LB (Preferred Walk-On Commitment)

Todd Sibley-RB (Ohio State decommitment, Pittsburgh commitment)

Antjuan Simmons-LB/RB (Ohio State decommitment, Michigan State commitment)

Drew Singleton-LB (Michigan commitment)

Tedarrell Slaton-OL (Florida commitment)

Collin Smith-QB/DB (West Virginia commitment)

Trey Smith-OL (Tennessee commitment)

Tyler Smith-WR (North Carolina commitment)

Kenedy Snell-WR (TCU commitment)

Aubrey Solomon-DL (Michigan recommitment)

Ameer Speed-DB (Georgia commitment)

Jess Speight-OL (Preferred Walk-On Commitment)

Cameron Spence-DL (Maryland commitment)

Aaron Sterling-DL (Alabama commitment)

Jacoby Stevens-WR (Alabama decommitment, LSU commitment)

Brad Stewart-DB (Florida commitment)

Allen Stritzinger-DB/RB (Syracuse commitment)

Andrew Stueber-OL (Michigan commitment #16)

Jonathan Sutherland-DB (Penn State commitment)

D'Andre Swift-RB (Georgia commitment)

Tre Swilling-DB (Georgia Tech commitment)

Tua Tagovailovoa-QB (Alabama commitment)

Kane Taylor-TE

Kurt Taylor-RB (Michigan commitment #3)

Major Tennison-TE (Texas decommitment, Alabama commitment)

A.J. Terrell-DB (Clemson commitment)

Ambry Thomas-DB (Michigan commitment #20)-January, 2017 enrollee

Andrew Thomas-OL (Georgia commitment)

Clevan Thomas-WR (Kentucky commitment)

Deontre Thomas-DL (Nebraska commitment)

Guy Thomas-LB/DE (Nebraska commitment)

Jeff Thomas-WR (Illinois commitment)

Reid Thompson-OL

C.J. Thorpe-OL/DL (Penn State commitment)

Nathan Tilford-RB (Arizona commitment)

Jay Tufele-DL (USC commitment)

Langi Tuifua-DL (Oregon decommitment, BYU commitment)

Marlon Tuipulotu-DL (Washington commitment)

C.J. Turner-WR/RB (Southeastern Louisiana commitment)

Jordan Ulmer-DB (Iowa State decommitment, Missouri commitment)

Ryan Veingrad-TE/DL (Michigan Preferred Walk-On commitment)

Alijah Vera-Tucker-OL (USC commitment)

Luiji Vilain-DL (Michigan commitment #14)

Kary Vincent-DB (LSU commitment)

Lamont Wade-DB (Penn State commitment)

Shaun Wade-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Dalyn Wade-Perry-DL (Stanford commitment)

James Walker-WR

Tylann Wallace-WR (Oklahoma State commitment)

Garret Wallow-DB (TCU commitment)

Andrew Ward-LB/RB (Nebraska commitment)

Keyon Ware-Hudson-LB (Oregon commitment)

Leonard Warner-TE (Georgia commitment)

Carter Warren-OL (Pittsburgh commitment)

M.J. Webb-DL (South Carolina commitment)

Pete Werner-LB (Notre Dame decommitment, Ohio State commitment)

Drew White-LB (Notre Dame commitment)

Deandre Wilder-LB (Miami-FL commitment)

Damon Williams-RB (Louisville commitment)

Jaymest Williams-DB (South Carolina commitment)

LeAnthony Williams-DB (Clemson commitment)

Marcus Williamson-DB (Ohio State commitment)

Jedrick Wills-OL (Alabama commitment)

Colin Wilson-RB (Louisville commitment)

Eric Wilson-OL (Houston commitment)

Isaiah Wilson-OL (Georgia commitment)

Marco Wilson-WR/DB (Florida commitment)

Marvin Wilson-DL (Florida State commitment)

Austin Wilson-DB 

Donovan Winter-DL (Michigan State commitment)

Justin Woodley-LB (Michigan Preferred Walk-On Offer, Columbia commitment)

J'Marick Woods-WR/DB (Michigan commitment #8)-January, 2017 enrollee

Jelani Woods-QB (Oklahoma State commitment)

Brock Wright-TE (Notre Dame commitment)

Jordan Wright-DL (Kentucky commitment)

Daniel Wright-DB (Florida State decommitment, Alabama commitment)

Myles Wright-TE (Towson State commitment)

Chase Young-TE/DL (Ohio State commitment)

Jack Young-WR (Columbia decommitment, Michigan commitment)

Jeremiah Zio-DL (Central Florida commitment)

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