UM Sport Head Coach 2015 Salary W/M Years Total Comp.
Football Harbaugh, Jim $500,000 Men's 1 $7 million
Basketball Beilein, John $400,000 Men's 8 $2.45 million
Basketball Arico, Kim Barnes $360,000 Women's 3 n/a
Ice Hockey Berenson, Red $246,000 Men's 31 n/a
Softball Hutchins, Carol $229,505 Women's 31 n/a
Gymnastics Plocki, Bev $198,000 Women's 25 n/a
Soccer Ryan, Greg $177,170 Women's 8 n/a
Baseball Bakich, Erik $173,644 Men's 3 n/a
Tennis Steinberg, Adam $166,500 Men's 14 n/a
Swimming Bottom, Mike $160,500 Women/Men 8 n/a
Tennis Bernstein, Roni $160,000 Women's 8 n/a
Volleyball Rosen, Mark $154,000 Women's 17 n/a
Track&Field Clayton, Jerry $150,000 Men's 1 n/a
Field Hockey Pankratz, Marcia $144,200 Women's 15 n/a
Soccer Daley, Chaka $143,000 Men's 5 n/a
Track&Field Henry, James $142,000 Women's 31 n/a
Lacrosse Ulehla, Jennifer $125,000 Women's 2 n/a
Gymnastics Golder, Kurt $124,000 Men's 19 n/a
Cross Country McGuire, Mike $122,315 Women's 24 n/a
Wrestling McFarland, Joe $118,600 Men's 17 n/a
Water Polo Leonardi, Marcelo $118,500 Women's 1 n/a
Lacrosse Paul, John $114,000 Men's 17 n/a
Rowing Rothstein, Mark $103,000 Women's 19 n/a
Golf Dowling, Jan $94,000 Women's 2 n/a
Diving Hilde, Michael $92,500 Women/Men 1 n/a
Golf Whitten, Chris $82,000 Men's 3 n/a
Cross Country Sullivan, Kevin $77,625 Men's 1 n/a

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