Michigan Wolverine Athletic Directors

Harbaugh's Old Teammate in 1986, Warde Manuel, to be named Michigan Athletic Director

Michigan Announces National Search for AD on December 2, 2015

Jim Hackett's Two Month Tenure results in bringing Jim Harbaugh to Michigan

Martin-Brandon Era (Rodriquez-Hoke) results in worst 7 year stretch (41-42) of Michigan football since Elliott Era, 1959-1963 (20-23-2) and Kipke Era, 1934-1937 (10-22)

Hackett hires De Carolis as a "Consultant"

Nike to outfit Michigan through 2027

David Brandon's Record of Firing and Replacing Coaches in 4 years, 2010-2014

Michigan Sport

Old Coach(es)

Brandon Replacement


Rich Maloney

Erik Bakich


Kz Li

Mike Hilde


Rich Rodriquez

Brady Hoke

Men's Cross Country

Ron Warhurst

Alex Gibby and Kevin Sullivan

Men's Golf

Andrew Sapp

Chris Witten

Men's Soccer

Steve Burns

Chaka Daley

Men's Tennis

Bruce Berque

Adam Steinberg

Men's Track

Fred Laplante

Jerry Clayton

Women's Basketball

Kevin Borseth

Kim Barnes-Arico

Women's Golf

Cheryl Stacey

Jan Dowling

Women's Lacrosse


Jennifer Ulehla

Women's Swimming

Jim Richardson

Mike Bottom

Women's Water Polo

Matt Anderson

Marcelo Leonardi




Athletic Department History of Increased Employees and Salaries under Martin and Brandon

Athletic Dept. Employees Year Average Salary
321 2012-2013 $76,111
281 2011-2012 $75,503
253 2010-2011 $73,383
250 2009-2010 $72,035
252 2008-2009 $70,592
241 2007-2008 $63,932
240 2006-2007 $59,684
234 2005-2006 $57,236
231 2004-2005 $55,172
225 2003-2004 $52,112
226 2002-2003 $51,501

42% increase in employees, and 47.8% increase in salaries in 11 years

Brandon Moves from Domino's to Michigan, and now to ToysRus

Brandon Out

Former Michigan Center, Jim Hackett, appointed as Interim Athletic Director

David Brandon to Resign as Michigan Athletic Director at 1:30 p.m. Press Conference on October 31

David Brandon Shows Condescending Attitude and Arrogance in E-Mails (Brandon Calls -E-Mail Controversy Nonsense)

Alumni React to Lower Student Football Ticket Prices

Students Speak Out Against Brandon

Board of Regents Meeting Reports

Is Brandon Fumbling the Ball?

President Schlissel Promises Changes, Asks for Support

David Brandon One on One

Brandon Speaks to the Michigan Daily

Connecticut's Warde Manuel and Boston College's Brad Bates lead candidates to replace Brandon

USA Today's Christine Brennan Urges President Schlissel to Fire Brandon

Petition to Fire David Brandon exceeds over 11,000 UM Student signatures

Fire David Brandon Rally on Diag on October 1, 2014 gains over 1,000 supporters (Videos of Protests)

Michigan Sports CEO Takes a Hit

Donor Stephen Ross Supports David Brandon in Turmoil

Time for Brandon to Face the Music

Brandon Apologizes for Shane Morris Injury, but doesn't communicate with Coach Hoke on the issue

Brandon Apologizes for Lack of Communication

Michigan in National Spotlight on Morris Concussion

Gregg Henson reports a Petition of 450 Ex-Michigan Football Players to the Board of Regents demanding the Firing of David Brandon

David Brandon Embarrassing Michigan While Scrambling to Fill Seats

Brandon spends $6,700 on "Go Blue" Skywriting over Spartan Stadium

Hatchet Man, David Brandon, Fires former Wolverine Running Back Jamie Morris

Q&A with David Brandon

Michigan approves $186 million for athletic projects

Stephen Ross donates $100 million to Michigan Athletics

Big Spenders in NCAA Athletics

Brandon Projects $137.5 million budget for 2013-2014

78 of 275 people, nearly 30%, have left the Athletic Depeartment since Brandon took over; 33 new positions created

David Brandon

USA Today on David Brandon

New Athletic Director March 8, 2010 David Brandon

Organizational Chart of Michigan Athletic Department

Detroit News: 2010 Search for New Athletic Director at Michigan

Michigan Daily: New Breed of Athletic Director at Michigan

Academic All-Americans at Michigan

AD History at Michigan

Men's Athletic Director

Martin, Bill

Bill Martin Assaults Student-Employees

2000-2010 Ellerbe fired and Amaker hired in 2001; Carr Resigns and Rodriquez hired in 2007; Football to be Martin's Legacy; Martin leaves Financial Ties with Michigan; Martin heads Olympic committee; Football stadium to be expanded
Goss, Tom 1997-2000 Former football player from Tennessee helped smooth over issues from scandals, but didn't enjoy working with Lee Bollinger, UM president (1996-2001) and scandal issues with Jamaal Crawford (Ellerbe)
Roberson, Joe 1994-97 Basketball scandal uncovered in 1996 while James Duderstadt was UM president, Fisher forced to resign in 1997 and Ellerbe hired in 1998 after interim coach in 1997/Former Michigan wrestling coach, Rick Bay, hires Fisher at San Diego State and he's signed through 2009/Moeller scandal forced to resign in 1994 and went on to coach professionally with the Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars and Head Coach with the Detroit Lions; 31 years of UM service
Weidenbach, Jack 1990-94 Chris Webber, leader of the "Fab Five" recruited by Coach Fisher leads Michigan to two Final Four appearances as NCAA runner-up, Ed Martin pays Michigan basketball players over $600,000 from 1992-1996; 27 years of UM service
Schembechler, Bo 1988-90 1st NCAA Basketball Championship led by Glen Rice; Steve Fisher hired by Bo in 1989 and Gary Moeller hired in 1990; Bo also responsible for hiring of Bud Middaugh; 21 years of UM service and Detroit Tigers President 1990-92
Canham, Don 1968-88 Bill Frieder hired in 1981; recruits All-Americans Gary Grant, Rumeal Robinson, Terry Mills and Glen Rice; 41 years of UM service
Crisler, Fritz 1941-68 Designed winged helmet in 1938; 30 years of UM service, The Man Who Changed Football
Yost, Fielding 1921-41 41 years of UM service from 1901; Founding Father of Michigan Athletics

Women's Athletics at Michigan

Phyllis Ocker-29 years of UM service/1st Women's AD

Former Michigan Wolverine Athletic Personnel who became Athletic Directors elsewhere:

Ernie McCoy-Miami-FL

Bump Elliott-Iowa

Rick Bay-Ohio State, San Diego State, Oregon, Minnesota, New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians

Bob DeCarolis-Oregon State

Fritz Seyferth

Brad Bates-Miami-OH (Bates named new AD at Boston College)

Forest Evashevski-Iowa

George Veenker-Iowa State

Bert Katzenmeyer-Wichita State

  Megan McAllister

Peggy Bradley-Doppes-Denver

Warde Manuel-Buffalo/Connecticut

George Veenker-Iowa State

Alan Bovard-Michigan Tech

Ivy Williamson-Wisconsin

University of Michigan People in the NACDA Athletic Director Hall of Fame

Rick Bay

Don Canham

Fritz Crisler

Benny Friedman, Brandeis

George Little, Rutgers

Ernie McCoy

Bill Orwig

Tad Wieman, Maine/Denver