Legendary NCAA Division I Coaches

Legendary Coach School(s) Sport NCAA Titles Years Other/Notes
McDonnell, John Arkansas Track-indoor 40 1984-2008 12 consecutive titles 1984-95(indoor); 9 Consecutive titles 1992-1999(outdoor)
Scates, Al UCLA Volleyball 19 1970-2006  
Gould, Dick Stanford Tennis 17 1973-2000 5 consecutive titles 1954-60
Dorrance, Anson North Carolina Soccer (W) 20 1982-2003 9 consecutive titles-1986-94, vision of a champion
Williams, Dave Houston Golf 16 1956-1985  
Gable, Dan Iowa Wrestling 15 1978-1997 7 consecutive titles-1978-86, facts
Schaeffler, Willy Denver Skiing 13 1954-1970 7 consecutive titles-1961-67
Cromwell, Dean USC Track 12 1926-1943 9 consecutive titles-1935-43, USATF
Henry, Pat LSU/Texas A&M Track-oudoor (W) 22 1988-2003 10 consecutive titles-1988-97; 22 total titles
Quick, Richard Texas/Stanford/Auburn Swimming/Diving(W) 12 1984-1998 6 consecutive titles-1984-89, 5 consecutive 1992-1996
Gallagher, E.C. Oklahoma State Wrestling 11 1928-1940  
Peppe, Mike Ohio State Swimming/Diving 11 1943-1962  
Brennan, Frank Stanford Tennis (W) 10 1982-1999 6 consecutive titles 1986-91
Castello, Hugh NYU Fencing 10 1954-1974  
Dedeaux, Rod USC Baseball 10 1958-1978 5 consecutive titles 1970-74
Toley, George USC Tennis 10 1955-1976 1963 team rated as greatest of all time in NCAA
Wooden, John UCLA Basketball 10 1964-1975 7 consecutive titles-1967-73
Marsden, Greg Utah Gymnastics (W) 9 1982-1995 5 consecutive titles-1982-86
Anders, Beth Old Dominion Field Hockey 9 1982-2007 still active

Reese, Eddie

Yoculan, Suzanne




Gymnastics (W)





still active

5 Consecutive Titles 2005-2009

Kaidanov, Emmaniul Penn State Fencing 9 1990-2007 6 consecutive titles-1995-2000, still active
Walsh, John Wisconsin Boxing 8 1939-1956  
Griffith, Art Oklahoma State Wrestling 8 1941-1956  
Cutino, Pete California Water Polo 8 1973-1988  
Holder, Mike Oklahoma State Golf 8 1976-2000  
Dettamanti, Dante Stanford Water Polo 8 1978-2001  

Timchal, Cindy

Summit, Pat



Lacrosse (W)






5 consecutive titles-1995-2001


Counsilman, James "Doc" Indiana Swimming/Diving 6 1957-1991 5 consecutive titles-1968-73, 20 consecutive Big Ten titles, 1964 and 1976 Olympic swim coach, 76 team won 12 of 13 gold medals (48 total medals: 17 gold, 18 silver and 13 bronze in two Olympics), swam the English Channel at 58
Mann, Matt Michigan Swimming/Diving 5 n/a 5 consecutive titles-1937-41
Mortenson, Jess USC Track-outdoor 5 n/a 5 consecutive titles-1951-55, USATF
Stern, Marty Villanova Cross Country (W) 5 n/a 5 consecutive titles-1989-93
Marolt, Bill Colorado Skiing 5 n/a 5 consecutive titles-1972-76
Allen, Francis Nebraska Gymnastics 5 n/a 5 consecutive titles-1979-83, still active
Paterno, Joe Penn State/Brown Football n/a 1966-2006 40 years, still active
Bowden, Bobby Florida State/West Virginia/Samford Football n/a 1976-2006 40 years
Osborne, Tom Nebraska Football n/a 1973-1997 U.S. Congressman
Bryant, Bear Alabama/Maryland/Kentucky/Texas A&M Football n/a 1945-1982  
Stagg, Amos Alonzo Chicago/Yale/Springfield Football n/a 1892-1932  
Warner, Pop (Glen Scobey) Cornell/Georgia/Pittsburgh/Stanford/Temple Football n/a 1895-1938 Team that invented football
Edwards, LaVell BYU/Utah St. Football n/a 1972-2000  
Hayes, Woody Ohio State Football n/a 1951-1978  
Yost, Fielding Michigan/West Virginia/Nebraska/Stanford/Kansas Football n/a 1901-1926  
Holtz, Lou Notre Dame/Minnesota/South Carolina/North Carolina St. Football n/a n/a  
Dooley, Vince Georgia/Auburn Football n/a 1964-1988  
Beamer, Frank Virginia Tech Football n/a n/a Still active
Rockne, Knute Notre Dame Football n/a 1914-1930  
Leahy, Frank Notre Dame/Boston College Football n/a 1931-1953  
Fry, Hayden Iowa Football n/a 1962-1996  
Wilkinson, Bud Oklahoma Football n/a 1973-1988  

Special mention should go to Division II and/or III coaches like John Gagliardi (61 years coaching football with 432 wins, .780 winning percentage at Colorado College, Carroll, Montana and St. Johns, MN), Eddie Robinson (55 years at Grambling from 1941-1997), Jim Steen (Kenyon from 1960-2006) with 43 Division III titles in swimming and diving including 16 consecutive men's and 12 consecutive women's titles between 1980-95.

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