DAVETGC'S Rankings-117 NCAA-Division I Teams
Sunday, September 11, 2005
NCAA Division I Team Conference Ranking Bowl Possibility Record Loss(es)
USC Pacific 10 1 Rose 1W-0L None
Texas Big 12 2 Rose 2W-0L None
Georgia Southeastern 3 Capital One 2W-0L None
LSU Southeastern 4 Sugar 1W-0L None
Notre Dame Independent 5 Fiesta 2W-0L None
Virginia Tech Atlantic Coast 6 Orange 2W-0L None
Florida State Atlantic Coast 7 Gator 2W-0L None
Ohio State Big Ten 8 Capital One 1W-1L Texas
Louisville Big East 9 Fiesta 1W-0L None
Miami-Florida Atlantic Coast 10 Toilet 0w-1L Florida State
Georgia Tech Atlantic Coast 11 Champs 2W-0L None
Florida Southeastern 12 Cotton 2W-0L None
California Pacific 10 13 Holiday 2W-0L None
Clemson Atlantic Coast 14 Meinke 2W-0L None
Virginia Atlantic Coast 15 MPC 1W-0L None
Boston College Atlantic Coast 16 Gator 2W-0L None
Michigan Big Ten 17 Sugar 1W-1L Notre Dame
Colorado Big 12 18 Holiday 2W-0L None
Wisconsin Big Ten 19 Alamo 2W-0L None
Texas Tech Big 12 20 Alamo 2W-0L None
Minnesota Big Ten 21 Music City 2W-0L None
Iowa State Big 12 22 Fort Worth 2W-0L None
Alabama Southeastern 23 Outback 2W-0L None
Tennessee Southeastern 24 Peach 1W-0L None
Purdue Big Ten 25 Sun 1W-0L None
Oregon Pacific 10 26 Insight 2W-0L None
Fresno State Western Athletic 27 MPC 1W-0L None
Nebraska Big 12 28 Independence 2W-0L None
Arizona State Pacific 10 29 Sun 1W-1L LSU
UCLA Pacific 10 30 Las Vegas 2W-0L None
Iowa Big Ten 31 Outback 1W-1L Iowa State
North Carolina State Atlantic Coast 32 Toilet 0w-1L Virginia Tech
Maryland Atlantic Coast 33 Toilet 1W-1L Clemson
West Virginia Big East 34 Gator 2W-0L None
Bowling Green Mid-American 35 Motor City 1W-1L Wisconsin
South Carolina Southeastern 36 Toilet 1W-1L Georgia
Toledo Mid-American 37 Toilet 2W-0L None
Penn State Big Ten 38 Toilet 2W-0L None
Northwestern Big Ten 39 Motor City 2W-0L None
Northern Illinois Mid-American 40 GMAC 0W-2L Michigan, Northwestern
Utah Mountain West 41 Las Vegas 2W-0L None
Vanderbilt Southeastern 42 Toilet 2W-0L None
Arkansas Southeastern 43 Music City 1W-1L Vanderbilt
Texas A&M Big 12 44 Cotton 0w-1L Clemson
Air Force Mountain West 45 Toilet 2W-0L None
Stanford Pacific 10 46 Toilet 1W-0L None
Auburn Southeastern 47 Independence 1W-1L Georgia Tech
Oklahoma Big 12 48 Toilet 1W-1L TCU
Connecticut Big East 49 Meinke 2W-0L None
Illinois Big Ten 50 Toilet 2W-0L None
Washington State Pacific 10 51 Toilet 2W-0L None
Alabama-Birmingham Conference USA 52 Toilet 1W-1L Tennessee
Oregon State Pacific 10 53 Toilet 2W-0L None
Michigan State Big Ten 54 Toilet 2W-0L None
Baylor Big 12 55 Toilet 2W-0L None
Southern Methodist Conference USA 56 Toilet 1W-1L Baylor
TCU Mountain West 57 Liberty 1W-1L SMU
Boise State Western Athletic 58 Hawaii 0W-2L Georgia, Oregon State
Navy Independent 59 Toilet 0W-2L Maryland, Stanford
Kansas Big 12 60 Toilet 2W-0L None
Indiana Big Ten 61 Toilet 2W-0L None
Texas-El Paso Conference USA 62 Toilet 1W-0L None
Rutgers Big East 63 Toilet 1W-1L Illinois
BYU Mountain West 64 Toilet 1W-1L Boston College
Wyoming Mountain West 65 Toilet 1W-1L Florida
North Carolina Atlantic Coast 66 Toilet 0w-1L Georgia Tech
Oklahoma State Big 12 67 Toilet 2W-0L None
Arizona Pacific 10 68 Toilet 1W-1L Utah
Kansas State Big 12 69 Toilet 2W-0L None
Mississippi Southeastern 70 Toilet 1W-0L None
Central Michigan Mid-American 71 Toilet 1W-1L Indiana
New Mexico Mountain West 72 Toilet 1W-1L None
Missouri Big 12 73 Toilet 1W-1L New Mexico
Hawaii Western Athletic 74 Toilet 0W-2L Southern Cal, Michigan State
Miami-OH Mid-American 75 Toilet 0W-2L Ohio State, Central Michigan
Troy State Sun Belt 76 Toilet 1W-1L Alabama-Birmingham
Colorado State Mountain West 77 Toilet 0W-2L Colorado, Minnesota
Wake Forest Atlantic Coast 78 Toilet 0W-2L Vanderbilt, Nebraska
Washington Pacific 10 79 Toilet 0W-2L Air Force, Cal
Southern Mississippi Conference USA 80 Toilet 0w-1L Alabama
Pittsburgh Big East 81 Toilet 0W-2L Notre Dame, Ohio Univ.
Kentucky Southeastern 82 Toilet 1W-1L Louisville
Memphis State Conference USA 83 Toilet 0w-1L Mississippi
Syracuse Big East 84 Toilet 1W-1L West Virginia
San Diego State Mountain West 85 Toilet 0W-2L UCLA, Air Force
UNLV Mountain West 86 Toilet 1W-1L New Mexico
Ohio Univ. Mid-American 87 Toilet 1W-1L Northwestern
Mississippi State Southeastern 88 Toilet 1W-0L None
San Jose State Western Athletic 89 Toilet 1W-1L Illinois
Cincinnati Big East 90 Toilet 1W-1L Penn State
South Florida Big East 91 Toilet 1W-0L None
Rice Conference USA 92 Toilet 1W-1L UCLA
Marshall Conference USA 93 Toilet 1W-1L Kansas State
East Carolina Conference USA 94 Toilet 1W-0L None
Akron Mid-American 95 Toilet 0w-1L Purdue
Ball State Mid-American 96 Toilet 0W-2L Iowa, Bowling Green
Western Michigan Mid-American 97 Toilet 0W-2L Virginia, Toledo
Louisiana Tech Western Athletic 98 Toilet 0w-1L Florida
North Texas State Sun Belt 99 Toilet 1W-0L None
Nevada Western Athletic 100 Toilet 0w-1L Washington State
New Mexico State Western Athletic 101 Toilet 0W-2L Texas El-Paso
Tulane Conference USA 102 Toilet 0-0 None
Tulsa Conference USA 103 Toilet 0W-2L Minnesota, Oklahoma
Duke Atlantic Coast 104 Toilet 0W-2L East Carolina, Virginia Tech
Middle Tennessee St. Sun Belt 105 Toilet 0W-2L Alabama, North Texas St.
Temple Independent 106 Toilet 0W-2L Arizona State, Wisconsin
Army Independent 107 Toilet 0w-1L Boston College
Houston Conference USA 108 Toilet 1W-1L Oregon
Kent State Mid-American 109 Toilet 1W-1L Michigan State
Eastern Michigan Mid-American 110 Toilet 1W-1L Cincinnati
Florida International Sun Belt 111 Toilet 0W-2L Kansas State, Texas Tech
Florida Atlantic Sun Belt 112 Toilet 0W-2L Kansas, Oklahoma St.
Louisiana-Monroe Sun Belt 113 Toilet 0W-2L Northwestern St., Wyoming
Louisiana-Lafayette Sun Belt 114 Toilet 0W-2L Texas, Eastern Michigan
Idaho Western Athletic 115 Toilet 0W-2L Washington State, UNLV
Utah State Western Athletic 116 Toilet 0w-1L Utah
Arkansas State Sun Belt 117 Toilet 1W-1L Missouri
Buffalo Mid-American 118 Toilet 0W-2L Connecticut, Syracuse
Central Florida Conference USA 119 Toilet 0w-1L South Carolina

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Top Teams in NCAA Division I Football-Sorted by BCS Ranking

Bowl Schedule

Bowl Schedule with payouts

Bowl Team 1 Team 2 Matchup Date
New Orleans n/a n/a Sun Belt #1 vs. Conference USA 20-Dec
GMAC n/a n/a Conference USA #2 vs. MAC/WAC 21-Dec
Las Vegas n/a n/a PAC 10 #5 vs. Mountain West #1/2 22-Dec
Poinsettia n/a n/a Mountain West vs. TBA 22-Dec
Fort Worth n/a n/a Conference USA #4 vs. Big 12 12/23/2005
Hawaii Bowl n/a n/a Conference USA #3 vs. WAC 24-Dec
Motor City n/a n/a MAC #1/2 vs. Big 10 #7 26-Dec
Insight.com Bowl n/a n/a PAC 10 #4 vs. Big East #2/3 27-Dec
Tangerine/Champs n/a n/a ACC vs. Big 12 27-Dec
MPC Computer n/a n/a WAC vs. ACC 28-Dec
Alamo n/a n/a Big 10 #4 vs. Big 12 #4 28-Dec
Holiday n/a n/a PAC-10 #2 vs. Big 12 #3 29-Dec
Emerald Bowl n/a n/a Mountain West #2/3 vs. PAC 10 #6 29-Dec
Independence n/a n/a SEC vs. Big 12 30-Dec
Music City n/a n/a Big Ten #6 vs. SEC 30-Dec
Sun n/a n/a Big 10 #5 vs. Pac 10 #3 30-Dec
Peach n/a n/a ACC #3 vs. SEC 30-Dec
Meinke Car Care n/a n/a Big East vs. ACC 31-Dec
Houston n/a n/a SEC vs. Big 12 31-Dec
Liberty n/a n/a Conference USA #1 vs. TBA 31-Dec
Outback n/a n/a Big 10 #3 vs. SEC #3 2-Jan
Capital One n/a n/a Big 10 #2 vs. SEC #2 2-Jan
Gator n/a n/a ACC #2 vs. Big East #2 (or Notre Dame) 2-Jan
Cotton n/a n/a Big 12 #2 vs. SEC 2-Jan
Fiesta n/a n/a Alliance vs. Alliance-Big 12 2-Jan
Sugar n/a n/a Alliance vs. Alliance-SEC (#4 vs.#6) 2-Jan
Orange n/a n/a Alliance vs. Alliance-ACC (#3 vs.#5) 3-Jan
Rose n/a n/a Alliance #1 vs. Alliance #2 4-Jan

Games that should decide BCS Title Game and Bowl Games: 14 Weeks of Bliss

September 1-5

Florida State over Miami-Florida

September 8-10

Notre Dame over Michigan

Texas over Ohio State

LSU over Arizona State

September 15-17

Arkansas at USC

Tennessee at Florida

Fresno State at Oregon

Miami-Florida at Clemson

September 22-24

Tennessee at LSU

Iowa at Ohio State

Colorado at Miami-Florida

Michigan at Wisconsin

USC at Oregon

Arkansas at Alabama

Bowling Green at Boise State

September 27-October 1

Toledo at Fresno State

USC at Arizona State

Florida at Alabama

Notre Dame at Purdue

Michigan at Michigan State

Virginia Tech at West Virginia

October 6-8

Oklahoma at Texas

Georgia at Tennessee

Iowa at Purdue

October 13-15

Colorado at Texas

Louisville at West Virginia

USC at Notre Dame

Florida at LSU

October 20-22

Texas Tech at Texas

Michigan at Iowa

Arkansas at Georgia

Tennessee at Alabama

October 27-29

Boston College at Virginia Tech

Georgia at Florida

November 1-5

Miami-Florida at Virginia Tech

Tennessee at Notre Dame

Texas A&M at Texas Tech

November 8-12

Iowa at Wisconsin

USC at California

November 15-19

Ohio State at Michigan

Virginia Tech at Virginia

Alabama at Auburn

California at Stanford

Fresno State at USC

November 22-26

Toledo at Bowling Green

Texas at Texas A&M

Arkansas at LSU

Georgia at Georgia Tech

Florida State at Florida

December 2-3

Army vs. Navy


December 9-10

ACC Conference Championship: Virginia Tech or Miami-Florida vs. Boston College, Florida State, Clemson or Georgia Tech

Big 12 Conference Championship: Texas vs. Colorado

SEC Conference Championship: Florida or Georgia vs. LSU, Arkansas or Alabama

Conference Rankings
1-SEC-Southeastern: Bowl Record: 3-3
SEC-East Bowl Commit
Florida Cotton #2
Georgia Capital One #2
Tennessee Peach
South Carolina
LSU BCS-Sugar #1
Arkansas Music City
Alabama Outback #3
Auburn Independence
Mississippi State

2-Big Twelve: Bowl Record: 4-3
Big 12-North Bowl Commit
Colorado Holiday #3
Iowa State Independence
Nebraska Fort Worth
Kansas State
Big 12-South
Texas BCS-Rose #1
Texas A&M Cotton #2
Texas Tech Alamo #4
Oklahoma State

3-Big Ten: Bowl Record: 3-3

Big 10 Bowl Commit
Michigan BCS-Orange
Ohio State Capital One #2
Minnesota Outback #3
Wisconsin Alamo #4
Purdue Sun #5
Iowa Music City #6
Northwestern Motor City #7
Penn State
Michigan State

4-ACC-Atlantic Coast: Bowl Record: 3-3

ACC-Atlantic Bowl Commit
Boston College Gator #2
Clemson Meinke Car Care
Florida State
North Carolina State
Wake Forest
Virginia Tech BCS-Orange #1
Miami-Florida Peach #3
Virginia MPC Computer
Georgia Tech Tangerine/Champs
North Carolina

5-PAC 10-Pacific Athletic Conference: Bowl Record: 3-2
PAC-10 Bowl Commit
USC BCS-Rose #1
California Holiday #2
Arizona State Sun #3
Oregon State Insight #4
UCLA Las Vegas #5
Washington State

6-Big East: Bowl Record: 2-3

Big East Bowl Commit
Louisville BCS-Fiesta
West Virginia Gator #2
Pittsburgh Meinke
Connecticut Insight #3
South Florida

7-Mountain West: Bowl Record: 2-1

Mountain West Bowl Commit
Utah Liberty #1
New Mexico Las Vegas #2
Wyoming Emerald #3
BYU Poinsettia
Colorado State
Air Force
San Diego State

8-Conference USA: Bowl Record: 3-2

Conference USA-East Bowl Commit
Alabama-Birmingham GMAC #2
Memphis State Hawaii #3
Marshall New Orleans #5
Southern Mississippi
East Carolina
Central Florida
Conference USA-West
Texas-El Paso Liberty #1
Southern Methodist Fort Worth #4

9-MAC-Mid-American: Bowl Record 2-3

MAC-West Bowl Commit
Toledo GMAC #2
Northern Illinois
Ball State
Eastern Michigan
Central Michigan
Western Michigan
Bowling Green Motor City #1
Kent State
Ohio University

10-WAC-Western Athletic Conference: Bowl Record: 2-2

WAC Bowl Commit
Boise State MPC Computer
Fresno State Hawaii
Louisiana Tech GMAC
New Mexico State
San Jose State
Utah State

11-Sun Belt Conference: Bowl Record: 0-2

Sun Belt Bowl Commit
North Texas State New Orleans #1
Troy State
Middle Tennessee State
Arkansas State
Florida Atlantic
Florida International

Independents Bowl Alignment
Notre Dame Gator/Insight

Most Division I Football Programs by State

Texas (10)
Texas A&M
Texas Christian
Texas Tech
North Texas State
Texas El-Paso

Ohio (8)
Ohio State
Bowling Green
Kent State
Ohio Univ.

California (7)
Fresno State
San Jose State
San Diego State

Florida (7)
Florida State
Central Florida
South Florida
Florida Atlantic
Florida International

Michigan (5)
Michigan State
Western Michigan
Central Michigan
Eastern Michigan

North Carolina (5)
Wake Forest
No.Carolina State
North Carolina
East Carolina

Louisiana (5)
Louisiana Tech

Alabama (4)
Troy State

Tennessee (4)
Middle Tennessee State
Memphis State

New York/New Jersey (4)

Virginia/West Virginia (4)
Virginia Tech
West Virginia

Indiana (4)
Notre Dame
Ball State

Pennsylvania (3)
Penn State

Mississippi (3)
Southern Mississippi
Mississippi State

Illinois (3)
Northern Illinois

Oklahoma (3)
Oklahoma State

Colorado (3)
Colorado State
Air Force
Utah (3)
Utah State
Idaho (3)
Boise State
Utah State

Arkansas (2)
Arkansas State
Georgia (2)
Georgia Tech

Kentucky (2)

Nevada (2)
New Mexico (2)
New Mexico
New Mexico State

Washington (2)
Washington State

Arizona (2)
Arizona State

Oregon (2)
Oregon State

Maryland/District of Columbia (2)
South Carolina (2)
South Carolina

Iowa (2)
Iowa State
Kansas (2)
Kansas State

1 each from:

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Wyoming and Hawaii

None from Maine, Rhode Island, Delaware, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska or Montana

Parity in NCAA Division I football has resulted from:

1)Reduction in Scholarships--95 to 85 (may go to 72 soon)

2)Strength & Conditioning Coaches/Methods influencing high school and college programs

3)Excellent coaches and coaching staffs, methods and techniques including national recruiting of athletes