DAVETGC'S Rankings and Predictions-117 NCAA-Division I Teams
Sunday, November 11, 2001 (ESPN/AP/BCS Polls/Bowl Predictions)
1-Miami-Florida 8-0 #2/1/2 Big East Champs/Rose Bowl
plays Syracuse/Washington/Virginia Tech
2-Nebraska 11-0 #1/2/1/Big 12 Champs/Rose Bowl
plays Colorado/Big 12 title game vs. Oklahoma
3-Oklahoma 9-1 #4/3/3/Orange Bowl
plays Texas Tech/Oklahoma St./Big 12 title vs. Nebraska or Colorado
4-Florida 8-1 #3/4/7/SEC Champs/Sugar Bowl
plays Florida State/Tennessee/SEC title game vs. Auburn (rematch)
5--Texas 9-1 #5/5/5/Sugar, Holiday or Cotton Bowl
plays at Texas A&M
6-Tennessee 7-1 #6/6/4/Orange or Cotton Bowl
plays Kentucky/Vanderbilt/Florida/SEC Title game vs. Auburn
7-Oregon 9-1. #7/7/6/PAC-10 Champs/Fiesta or Holiday Bowl
plays Oregon State on December 1st
8-Washington State 9-1/#10/11/9/Holiday or Fiesta Bowl
plays at Washington
9-UCLA 6-3 #21/17/Holiday or Sun Bowl
plays at USC/Arizona State
10-BYU 10-0 #8/9/13/Mountain West Champs/Liberty Bowl
plays Utah/at Mississippi St./at Hawaii
11-Michigan 7-2 #11/12/10/Big Ten Champs/Fiesta Bowl
plays at Wisconsin/Ohio State
12-Washington 7-2 #14/8/8/Seattle Bowl
plays Washington State/Miami-FL
13--Stanford 6-2 #15/16/11/San Francisco Bowl
plays California/Notre Dame/San Jose State
14--Florida State 6-2 #20/10/14/Gator Bowl
plays at Florida/Georgia Tech
15-Maryland 9-1 #9/13/15/ACC Champs/Cotton or Sugar Bowl
plays at North Carolina State
16--South Carolina 7-3 #22/14/Florida Citrus or Peach Bowl
plays Clemson
17-Illinois 8-1 #12/15/12/Florida Citrus Bowl
plays at Ohio State/Northwestern
18-Syracuse 8-2/#13/18/Gator Bowl
plays at Miami-FL/Boston College
19-Virginia Tech 7-2 #17/23/Insight.com Bowl
plays at Virginia/Miami-FL
20-Auburn 7-2 #18/24/Florida Citrus Bowl
plays Alabama/at LSU
21-Georgia 5-3 #28/19/Cotton Bowl
plays at Mississippi/at Georgia Tech/Houston
22-Colorado 8-2 #16/21/Holiday Bowl
plays Nebraska/Big 12 title game vs. Oklahoma
23-Texas A&M 7-3 #33/27/Alamo Bowl
plays Texas
24-Boston College 6-3/#35/30/Insight.com Bowl
plays at Rutgers/Syracuse
25-Arkansas 6-3/#34/30/Music City Bowl
plays Mississippi State/at LSU
26-Mississippi 6-2/#30/32/Outback Bowl
plays Georgia/at Mississippi State
27-Georgia Tech 5-3 #23/20/Peach Bowl
plays at Wake Forest/Georgia/at Florida State
28-Clemson 5-4 #40/37/Seattle Bowl
plays at South Carolina/Duke
29-Purdue 5-3 #38/26/Alamo Bowl
plays Michigan State/at Indiana/Notre Dame
30-Michigan State 5-3/#37/22/Sun Bowl
plays Purdue/Penn State/Missouri

31-North Carolina 5-5/#41/28/Tangerine Bowl
plays Duke/SMU
32-North Carolina State 7-3/#29/-/Silicon Valley Bowl
plays Maryland
33-LSU 6-3/#31/34/Independence Bowl
plays Arkansas/Auburn
34-Ohio State 6-3/#26/39/Outback Bowl
plays Illinois/at Michigan
35-Louisville 8-1 #19/25/Conference USA Champs/Liberty Bowl
plays at East Carolina/at TCU
36-Kansas State 4-5/Independence Bowl
plays Louisiana Tech/Missouri (must win both games to be bowl eligible)
37-Iowa 5-4/Tangerine Bowl
plays Minnesota/at Iowa State
38-Arizona State 4-5/Toilet Bowl
plays Arizona/at UCLA (must win both games to be bowl eligible)
39--Fresno State 8-2 #25/33/Toilet Bowl
at Nevada/San Jose State/Utah State
40-Notre Dame 3-5/Toilet Bowl
plays Navy/at Stanford/at Purdue (must win all three to be bowl eligible)
41-Alabama 4-5/NCAA Bowl Ineligible (Means)
plays at Auburn/Southern Mississippi
42-Iowa State 5-3/Gallery Furniture Bowl
plays at Kansas/Iowa
43-Toledo 7-1 #32/36/MAC Champs/GMAC Bowl
plays Bowling Green/Marshall-MAC Championship
44-Texas Tech 6-3/#27/35/Insight.com Bowl
plays Oklahoma/Stephen F. Austin
45-Southern Mississippi 4-3/Gallery Furniture Bowl
plays Tulane/at East Carolina/at Alabama/TCU
46-East Carolina 6-3/#42/-/GMAC Bowl
plays Louisville/Southern Mississippi
47-Marshall 8-1/#24/29/Toilet Bowl
plays Ohio University/Youngstown St./vs. Toledo-MAC Championship
48-Utah 7-2/#36/39/Humanitarian Bowl
plays at BYU/at Air Force
49-Wisconsin 5-5/Toilet Bowl (5 years probation)
plays Michigan/at Minnesota
50-Southern California 5-5/Toilet Bowl
plays UCLA (must win to be bowl eligible)
51-Virginia 4-6/Toilet Bowl
plays Virginia Tech/Penn State (must win both games to be bowl eligible)
52-Oregon State 4-5/Las Vegas Bowl
53-Miami-Ohio 7-3/Toilet Bowl
54-Northwestern 4-5/Toilet Bowl
plays Illinois
55-Arizona 4-6/Toilet Bowl
56-Rice 7-3/Toilet Bowl
57-Texas Christian 4-5/Toilet Bowl
58-Mississippi State 2-6/Toilet Bowl
59-Western Michigan 4-5/Toilet Bowl
60--Bowling Green 6-3/Toilet Bowl
61-Middle Tennessee State 7-3/New Orleans Bowl
62-Cincinnati 5-4/Motor City Bowl
63-Colorado State 5-5/Las Vegas Bowl
64-Penn State 3-5/Toilet Bowl
65-Air Force 5-4/Toilet Bowl
66-Wake Forest 5-4/Tangerine Bowl
67-Louisiana Tech 6-3/#42/-/WAC Champs/Silicon Valley Bowl
68-Boise State 6-4/Humanitarian Bowl
69-UNLV 3-7/Toilet Bowl
70-Hawaii 6-3/#39/-/Toilet Bowl
71-West Virginia 3-6/Toilet Bowl
72-Minnesota 3-6/Toilet Bowl
73-Kansas 2-7/Toilet Bowl
74-Pittsburgh 4-5/Toilet Bowl
75--Alabama-Birmingham 5-4/Toilet Bowl
76-Northern Illinois 5-4/Toilet Bowl
77-South Florida 7-3/Toilet Bowl
78-Central Florida 5-5/Toilet Bowl
79-Memphis State 4-5/Toilet Bowl
80-Missouri 4-5/Toilet Bowl
81-Baylor 2-7/Toilet Bowl
82-Oklahoma State 2-7/Toilet Bowl
83-Wyoming 2-7/Toilet Bowl
84-Vanderbilt 2-7/Toilet Bowl
85-Kentucky 2-7/Toilet Bowl
86-Indiana 3-5/Toilet Bowl
87--Temple 2-7/Toilet Bowl
88-California 0-9/Toilet Bowl
89-Akron 2-7/Toilet Bowl
90--Rutgers 2-7/Toilet Bowl
91-Nevada 2-6/Toilet Bowl
92--New Mexico State 4-6/Toilet Bowl
93-Troy State 5-4/Toilet Bowl
94-Tulsa 1-7/Toilet Bowl
95--San Diego State 2-8/Toilet Bowl
96--New Mexico 5-4/Toilet Bowl
97--Kent State 5-5/Toilet Bowl
98--Ball State 4-5/Toilet Bowl
99--Central Michigan 3-6/Toilet Bowl
100-Texas-El Paso 2-7/Toilet Bowl
101-Army 2-7/Toilet Bowl
102-Tulane 3-8/Toilet Bowl
103--North Texas State 4-5/Toilet Bowl
104-SMU 2-6/Toilet Bowl
105--Arkansas State 2-7/Toilet Bowl
106--Louisiana-Lafayette 3-6/Toilet Bowl
107--Louisiana-Monroe 1-8/Toilet Bowl
108--Ohio University 1-8/Toilet Bowl
109-San Jose State 2-6/Toilet Bowl
110-Connecticut 2-7/Toilet Bowl
111-Eastern Michigan 2-7/Toilet Bowl
112-Buffalo 2-7/Toilet Bowl
113--Utah State 3-5/Toilet Bowl
114-Houston 0-9/Toilet Bowl
115-Duke 0-9/Toilet Bowl
116-Navy 0-8/Toilet Bowl
117-Idaho 1-8/Toilet Bowl

Conference Rankings (teams in Top 25/50)
1-Southeastern-12 teams-(SEC)-6/9 (2 in Top 10-Florida/Tennessee)
8+ bowl eligible teams
2-Big Twelve-12 teams-5/8 (3 in Top 5-Nebraska/Oklahoma/Texas)
7+ bowl eligible teams
3- Pacific-10 teams (PAC-10)-5/7 (3 in Top 10-Oregon/Washington St./UCLA)
5+ bowl eligible teams
4-Big Ten-11 teams-2/7 (0 in Top 10)
5+ bowl eligible teams
5-ACC-9 teams-2/6 (0 in Top 10)
5+ bowl eligible teams
6-Big East-8 teams-4/4 (1 in Top 10-Miami-FL)
4+ bowl eligible teams
7-Conference USA-10 teams-0/3 (0 in Top 10-Louisville/East Carolina/Southern Mississippi)
8-Mid-American-13 teams (MAC)-0/2 (Toledo/Marshall)
9-Mountain West-8 teams-1/2 (BYU/Utah/Colorado St.)
10-Western Athletic-10 teams (WAC)-0/1 (Fresno State)

11-Sun Belt-7 teams-0/0
12-Independents-5 teams-0/1 (Notre Dame)