Michigan Athletic Scandals:

Mustafa Muhammad accused of sexual misconduct by four women

University of Michigan Athletic Team Physician Robert Anderson sexually abused at least 850 Wolverine Athletes, 1969-2003, with more than 1000 lawsuits filed; Athletic Director Don Canham, 1968-1988, and Football Coach and Athletic Director, Bo Schembechler, 1969-1992, knew about the abuse and failed to act along with many other coaches including Newt Loken, Rick Bay, etc. (CNN Story) MLIVE A 240 page report outlines the investigation. Regents Report

Zavier Simpson was suspended for one game following an accident he has in on January 26, 2020 after borrowing Athletic Director Warde Manuel's wife's car, and smashing into a utility pole at the corner of Forest &Hill at 3:03 a.m. following a home loss to Illinois. Following the accident, the Michigan Wolverine Basketball Captain gave a false name to the police.

Chris Evans dismissed from the Michigan Football Team after Academic Misconduct; he was reinstated for the 2020 Season

O'Maury Samuels appeared in District Court on December 12 for domestic violence and malicious destruction of property; the domestic violence charges were dropped in a plea deal in exchange for a guilty plea for malicious destruction of property

Fergus Connolly, Michigan Director of Performance Science, was arrested on March 5, 2018 for a DUI at First & Mosley at 11:50 a.m.

Nate Johnson, 19, arrested and pled guilty to  domestic violence assault on September 30, 2017; he was sentenced to 4 days in jail and 6 months probation

Kelvin Grady held in marijuana conspiracy charge

Jourdan Lewis pleads Not Guilty to Domestic Violence Charge (Lewis Found Not Guilty)

Grant Perry suspended twice during 2016 season; he pled guilty to a felony charge of resisting arrest on June 28, 2017 and the sexual assault charges filed on December 22, 2016 were dropped

Harbaugh suspends Shelton Johnson and Ahmir Mitchell; Mitchell transfers to Rutgers

Logan Tuley-Tillman dismissed on September 10 (Illegally Videotaping Sex)-he transferred to Akron, then Texas-El Paso

Cleveland Browns suspend Offensive Line Coach Andy Moeller Indefinitely (Browns and Moeller Part Ways)

Dennis Norfleet dismissed in May, suspended, and then transfers to Tuskegee in August

Director of Football Operations Jim Minick Suspended Indefinitely after DUI (Minick Video)

Graham Glasgow Suspended Again (lived with Grandmother)

Chris Webber to soon release book and documentary on Fab 5

Frank Clark Arrested for Domestic Violence (Details) Clark Update

Taylor Lewan cops a plea, and gets 12 month probation in Assault caper

Michigan Grad and large donor, Samuel Wyly, guilty of fraud (files bankruptcy after being ordered to pay $455 million) IRS now seeks $2 billion in back taxes

Jack Johnson, former M Hockey Player, files for bankruptcy

Jimmy King in arrears on child support again

B.J. Askew is $267,000 behind in child support payments

Grant Mason charged with stolen vehicle

Michigan Board of Regents sued by the Detroit Free Press for Violating Open Meetings Act

Michigan among 55 colleges under Federal Investigation for violating sexual assault investigation mandates

Csonte York suspended indefinitely, and is under police investigation (York Dismissed on August 18 following July 18 Incident at Scorekeepers during Ann Arbor Art Fair)

Darryl Stonum threatens girlfriend with hammer and knife (Stonum Convicted)

Recruit Shaun Crawford Suspended, then decommits from Michigan

Graham Glasgow arraigned on Drunk Driving Charges (Glasgow, Dannemiller and 6 others part of a Drunken Ride) Glasgow Sentenced

David Terrell Arrested on drug, battery charges (Acquitted)

Leslie Rockymore arraigned on Drugs for Sex case

Michigan Rape Case Leaves Many Unanswered Questions (JohnUBacon) Former UM Staffer helped keep Gibbons story in public eye Student Gov't Investigation

Brendan Gibbons Expelled for Violation of Sexual Misconduct Policy (Story)

A.J. Williams Suspended

Will Hagerup gets 3rd suspension, offers public apology

J.T. Floyd, Brandin Hawthorne and Will Hagerup Suspended for Outback Bowl

Denard Robinson pleads Guilty to Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License

Corwin Brown gets Suspended Sentence

Fitzgerald Touissaint Suspended after DUI (pleads guilty to driving visually impaired)

Frank Clark Suspended after Home Invasion Charge (pleads guilty) (Clark Reminisces About Fight and Flight)

Will Campbell gets 3 Months Probation for Damaging Car Hood

Jerald Robinson appears in court, warrant cancelled (Pleads guilty to a misdemeanor) Leaves team December, 2012

Josh Furman Suspended Indefinitely, faces April 23 Court Date for 3 Charges (Aquitted on all 3 counts) Transfers to Oklahoma State

Marvin Robinson charged with 2nd degree home invasion (Court appearance November 16) ESPN story (July 23rd Trial Date after 4 postponements)

Darryl Stonum Dismissed from Team (moves to Baylor)

Stonum Sentenced to 2 Years Probation, Suspended 1 Year Jail Term (10 Days in Jail for Violating Probation)

Darryl Stonum blows 2nd DUI, Suspended Indefinitely

David Brandon Statement on NCAA Findings: 3 Years Probation for NCAA Violations, Self-Imposed Penalties

Jamie Morris loses job in Michigan Athletic Department

Rumeal Robinson guilty of Fraud Scheme

Stonum puts 3 Days in the Washtenaw County Jail

Boo Boo Going to Prison

Robbie Thornbladh enrolls in work/jail program

Boo Boo makes another Boo Boo

Bill Martin Assaults Student-Employees

Greg Skrepenak faces 3 Years in Prison

James Whitley pleads no contest to aggravated assault, rape charge dropped

Justin Feagin Dismissed from Team for Cocaine Deal
Boubacar Cissoko Arrested for Disorderly Conduct
Leon Hall pleads guilty to Reckless Driving
False accusation nets Marlin Jackson $225,000 from 2003 fight
James Whitley rape charge reduced to assault
Stonum charged with DUI and expired license/Guilty Plea/Sentencing March 11
Michigan Backup Running Back Milano sentenced for assault on Michigan Hockey Player Kampfer (Milano tells his side of the story with book, Michigan Men?)
Biggs acquitted on Steroid Charge
Justin Boren: A Player Divided
Grady has DUI hearing on July 9 andViolated Probation and is Jailed and Grady pleads "Not Guilty" without representation
Ekpe Udoh transfers to Baylor
Ann Arbor News accuses Michigan of academic improprieties
Andy Moeller pays fine for refusing breathalyzer
Laterryal Savoy and Obi Ezeh
Adrian Arrington (charges dropped, but back in Carr's doghouse)
Tony Boles Beast on his Back
Carson Butler and Chris Richards
Eugene Germany (He likes marijuana so much, he's going to transfer)
Julius Curry
Ty Law
Mike Harden
David Terrell
Michael Smith
Larry Foote
Jeremy LeSueur
Ben Joppru
B.J. Askew
Cato June & Larry Stevens
Charge/Issue Year Coach AD Basketball Charge/Issue Year Coach AD
Harrison, Larry Indecent Exposure 2005 Carr Martin Horton, Daniel Domestic Violence 2005 Amaker Martin
Stenavich, Adam Drunk&Disorderly 2005 Carr Martin Bailey, Chuck Transfer 2003 Amaker Martin
Curry, Markus Driving-Suspended License/Accident/Shot/Domestic Violence in 2001 2004 Carr Martin Ingerson, Dominic Transfer 2002 Amaker Martin
Long, Jake Fire/Smoke inhalation injury 2004 Carr Martin Robinson, Bernard Sexual assault 2002 Amaker Martin
Jackson, Marlin Altercation 2003 Carr Martin Queen, Avery Dismissed from team 2002 Amaker Martin
Baraka, Kelly Drug issues 2001 Carr Martin Moore, Josh Dismissed from team 2002 Amaker Martin
Brooks, Jason Sexual Misconduct/Altercation 1999 Carr Goss Searight, Maurice Dismissed from team 2001 Amaker Martin
Jackson, Ray Altercation 1999 Carr Goss Crawford, Jamaal Accepting monies 2000 Ellerbe Goss
Peterson, Will Larceny/Drug Issues 1999 Carr Goss Gaines, Kevin Driving under influence 2000 Ellerbe Goss
Smith, Demetrius Embezzlement-Kmart-dismissed 1999 Carr Goss Queen, Avery Minor in possession 2000 Ellerbe Goss
Goodwin, Jon Embezzlement-Kmart-reinstated 1999 Carr Goss Robinson, Bernard Minor in possession 2000 Ellerbe Goss
Williams, Maurice Embezzlement-Kmart-reinstated 1999 Carr Goss Bullock, Louis Rollover accident/Ed Martin loans $71,000 1996-98 Fisher Roberson
Whitley, James Drug issues 1999 Carr Goss Oliver, Ron Rollover accident 1996 Fisher Roberson
Ray, Marcus Contact wth an agent 1998 Carr Goss Mitchell, Willie Rollover accident 1996 Fisher Roberson
Frazier, Steve Fire in dorm room/keg 1997 Carr Roberson Traylor, Robert Rollover accident/Martin pays $160,000 1996 Fisher Roberson
Shea, Aaron Fire in dorm room/keg 1997 Carr Roberson Taylor, Maurice Rollover accident-driver/Ed Martin loans $105,000/continues to have issues in NBA violating drug policy 1996 Fisher Roberson
Winters, Chuck Domestic Violence 1996 Carr Roberson Jackson, Ray Shoplifting 1994 Fisher Roberson
Griese, Brian Malicious Property Destruction 1996 Carr Roberson King, Jimmy Shoplifting 1994 Fisher Roberson
Dreisbach, Scott Buying alchohol with fake ID 1995 Carr Roberson Fields, Chris Shoplifting 1994 Fisher Roberson
Ray, Marcus Stolen credit card 1995 Carr Roberson Rose, Jalen Loitering near drug house 1993 Fisher Weidenbach
Carr, Will Stolen credit card 1995 Carr Roberson Webber, Chris Ed Martin loans $280,000/continues to have issues in NBA violating drug policy 1992-93 Fisher Weidenbach
Sword, Sam Stolen credit card 1995 Carr Roberson
Sanders, Earnest Altercation 1995 Moeller Roberson
Moeller, Gary Excalibur restaurant-Southfield 1994 Moeller Roberson
Jones, Damon Shoplifting 1994 Moeller Roberson
Hamilton, Remy Shoplifting 1994 Moeller Roberson
Payne, Rod Breaking into a parked car 1993 Moeller Weidenbach
Alexander, Derrick Drunken Driving/2nd incident parked 1992 Moeller Weidenbach
Cocozzo, Joe Altercation 1991 Moeller Weidenbach

B.J. Dickey, Mike Kligis, Dan Kwiatkowski, Ben Needham, and Bryan Virgil suspended for drug use in 1980

James Joy Miller in 1910

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