Observations on the humiliation by Iowa, 9-34!

1-Markus Curry's fumble on the punt after our defense stopped Iowa for 3 and out, and Finley had just made the field goal to make it a one point game (9-10) was the obvious turning point.

2-Iowa had 5 red zone opportunities for 27 points compared to our two red zone opportunities for 9 points. Iowa led the whole game. C.J. Jones had 8 catches for 81 yards and 2 TDs; Jermelle Lewis had 109 yards on 18 carries, mostly in the second half. Banks was 18 of 29 for 222 yards and 3 TDs (no picks), and carried 7 times for 53 yards.

3-Iowa has 399 yards total offense and 22 first downs; they possessed the ball 16 minutes more than us. They were forced to punt 5 times, and one of these resulted in 6 points for us; however, their offense won the game for them. Our offense didn't even keep us in the game.

4-Navarre was 14 of 33 for 112 yards; he and our passing game were never a threat to the Hawkeyes. Our total offense was 179 yards. We only had 22 yards on 20 rushes including 5 sacks by Iowa; Perry had 14 yards on 9 carries. Our offense was forced to punt 8 times, and was 5 of 15 in 3rd down conversions. We were never a threat; Iowa completely put us in our place: a non-threatening, impotent offense that epitomizes why we can't or won't be a contender for Big Ten or national titles.

5-Morgan starts again over an injured Stenavich, and their pass rush is hurrying Navarre every time; Howard Hodges goes by Morgan for 2 sacks. Colin Cole picks up 3 sacks. Bob Sanders and Hodges led the Hawks with 6 tackles each. Cole and Clauss are tough tackles. They had 11 penalties for 66 yards, but it didn't make much of a difference.

6-Michigan was clearly outplayed, outcoached, outhustled and not as ready to play for the Big Ten title as Iowa.

Observations on the first half with Iowa, 6-10!

1-Wow, are we lucky! It'll go down as a blocked punt, but the fumble after offsetting halo and clipping penalties was a sure gift of 6 points.

2-Iowa came to play! They take the opening kickoff and go 80 yards with Banks on a roll with 5 for 5, and a 39 yard TD pass to Jones. Then, they come back with a field goal to make it 0-10. Banks is now 12 for 20 for 165 yards; he also has 4 carries for 36 yards. Iowa has 44 plays for 219 yards, and has a 10 minute time possession advantage on us. They are 5 of 10 in 3rd down conversions, and 13 first downs. Dallas Clark and C.J. Jones have 4 catches each. One red zone opportunity for 3 points.

3-Our defense did hold them to 3 points in their one red zone opportunity, and is adjusting and improving. They have obviously exploited our weak safety and linebacker play early. We are doing a great job stopping their running game. Russell has 18 carries for only 25 yards. We don't have any sacks, but a few hurries. We don't have any picks, but we do have two almosts. Hobson leads our tackling with 8, June has 7, LeSueur and Diggs have 5 each. Heuer has two tackles for loss. We have forced them into 3 punts, and actually you can credit our defense for our 6 points.

4-Our special teams are playing good except for Brabbs missed extra point. Finley has punted 4 times for 44 yards, and our net punting is great with no returns and two punts downed inside their 20. Shazor is getting down on the returns better. Coaches should hold a lottery on campus and let any student volunteer kick extra-points, it might help.

5-Navarre is 8 of 18 for 79 yards, but the drop by Edwards at the 20 could have been a TD. Joppru leads our receivers with 3 catches for 31 yards. Our offense only has 12 yards in net rushing with Perry carring 7 times for 14 yards and 1 TD. We have 100 yards in total offense, but are one for one in the red zone for 6 points. We get the ball first in the 2nd half, and we need to start making some plays; our 3rd down conversions are only 3 of 7.

6-Morgan starts again over an injured Stenavich, and their pass rush is hurrying Navarre every time. Brinton makes good on his one play with a completion to Askew for 9 yards.

7-Bob Sanders leads the Hawks with 5 tackles, but they have one sack and many hurries because of a much better pass rush. Cole and Clauss are tough tackles. They have 6 penalties for 31 yards, and that last one really hurt them.