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Press Conference for Northwestern

Observations on the loss to Northwestern, 14-21!

1-Northwestern completely dominates the second half forcing us into 4 three and outs to begin the half, converting a blocked punt and long pass into TDs for a deserved win. Northwestern converts both red zones into 14 points while Michigan converts only one of two red zones for 7 points. Both teams scored 7 off turnovers.

2-Sheridan was a paltry 8 of 29 for 61 yards, and was 3 of 16 for 13 yards in the second half. Sheridan also rushed for 35 yards in 10 carries and his first TD as a Wolverine. Offense could only manage one TD for the day, and had 264 total yards, 8 of 26 in 3rd and 4th down conversions (4 of 16 in the second half) and 15 first downs (6 in the second half). Threet came in, but left injured after going 4 for 7 for 22 yards with an interception in the end zone. Greg Mathews caught 5 of the 12 catch total for Michigan for 46 yards. Coach Magee, our offensive coordinator, has had 11 games, Spring and Summer practices to work with our players who are talented; however, this offense and his offensive schemes stink, and are easy for our opposition to defend.

3-Carlos Brown finished with 115 yards on 23 carries in Minor's absence. McGuffie didn't play, and Shaw had 17 yards on 5 carries. We had 181 yards in net rushing offense after deducting one sack. Offense could not take advantage of the 5 minute time of possession advantage resulting in 16 more offensive plays.

4-Defense let up two touchdowns after sacks on a 3rd and 17 draw play with missed tackles by Stevie Brown and Charles Stewart, and a 3rd and 18 TD pass with Warren getting beat in the end zone plus a 53 yard TD pass where both safeties, Brown and Stewart were beat in the middle of the field. Those three plays negated an otherwise good defensive effort resulting in another loss. Northwestern was held to 257 net yards, 14 first downs, 59 net rushing yards after 3 sacks were deducted, and 6 of 17 in 3rd down conversions. Offense couldn't convert two defensive interceptions by Brown and Warren, one in the red zone, into points. C.J. Bacher completes 17 of 29 for 198 yards, and 2 TDs even though he was sacked 3 times and threw 2 interceptions. Peterman grabs 7 for 79 yards and 1 TD while Lane gets 7 catches for 77 yards and another TD.

5-Walk-on Ricky Reyes recovered a punt blocked by Michael Williams for a TD. Lopata had a red zone field goal chip shot blocked. It is hard to believe that Rodriquez left Odoms in on special teams after his fumble on that punt. Special teams scored a TD, but gives up 2 TDs with a fumbled punt return and a partially blocked punt netting 7 yards resulting in Wildcat scores.

6-Michigan fans, especially those who are so loyal to Coach Rod, please examine the 3rd quarter of this game and the entire season. Pat Fitzgerald, the youngest coach in the Big Ten at 33, completely outcoached Rodriquez and staff with their halftime adjustments resulting in a 14 point turnaround, momentum and the game. If one examines the 3rd quarter performance of each and every game all season long with halftime adjustments by coaching staffs, the score of 66 for opponents to 20 for Michigan speaks very loudly after 11 games. It speaks to poor coaching, and poor coaching adjustments. There are no other explanations that make rational sense.

Second half, offense gets zero points, five three and outs, forced into 3 punts, an interception and two 4th down stops and no red zone opportunities. That is a pretty dominating defensive effort by the Wildcats.

7-In the end, their defense beat our offense, and our offense couldn't get us back in the game after our defense gave up those big plays. While the offense is more to blame than the defense for this loss, both sides certainly shared the blame along with poor special teams play and the lack of coaching adjustments. Good teams take advantage of the other team's mistakes, and while we didn't do that; Northwestern did and that is why they deserved the win.
Observations on the first half with Northwestern, 14-7!

1—Michigan converts one of two red zones for seven points, and gets a blocked punt converting a TD off two Wildcat turnovers for another seven points. Northwestern converts a muffed punt return by Odoms into their red zone TD.

2—Sheridan is only 5 of 13 for 48 yards with a nice 24 yarder to Mathews. Sheridan also rushed for 27 yards in 7 carries and his first TD as a Wolverine. Offense has 162 total yards, 4 of 10 in 3rd and 4th down conversions and 9 first downs with a one minute time of possession advantage.

3—Carlos Brown is back, and had 13 rushes for 74 yards in Minor’s absence. McGuffie isn’t playing. Shaw has 13 yards on 5 carries.

4—Defense has a solid first half barring the 3rd and 17 draw play with missed tackles by Stevie Brown and Charles Stewart resulting in the lone Wildcat score. We forced Northwestern into two 3 and outs, only 6 first downs, 80 total yards of offense, 3 of 9 in 3rd down conversions. Tim Jamison was in on both sacks, and Brandon Graham came up with 3 tackles for loss. Mouton has 7 tackles to lead the defense; Ezeh has 6 tackles so far. Stevie Brown got a nice interception, and a nice pass break up; however, he missed the tackle on the draw for the TD by Simmons.

5—Ricky Reyes recovered a punt blocked by Michael Williams for a TD. Lopata had a red zone field goal chip shot blocked. Mesko punted twice with one inside the twenty, and Gingell had 3 kickoffs, one for a touchback. It is hard to believe that Rodriquez left Odoms in on special teams after his fumble on that punt. We have forced 4 Wildcat punts, and forced two turnovers on an interception and a blocked punt.

6—Second half could go either way. We must continue to play strong defense if we want to send the seniors out with a home win. We get the ball first to start the second half.