List of Transfers/Decommitments/Resignations: 2007-2010

Decommits/Transfers/Resignations School/Status

Babb, Zion

Barnes, Jordan

Beaver, Shavodrick

Boren, Justin

Butler, Carson

Transfer to Colorado?

Oklahoma State


Ohio State

Green Bay Packers-undrafted free agent, cut, Detroit Lions

Campbell, Will

Chambers, Artis

Cissoko, Boubacar

Ciulla, Jeremy

Re-commitment; moved from DL to OL after two years

Transfer to Ball State


Wasn't asked back for 5th year

Clemons, Toney

Dorsey, Demar

Drake, Tony

Emilien, Vladimir

Evans, Marell

Feagin, Justin

Transfer to Colorado

Grand Rapids CC

Colorado State

Transfer to Toledo

Transfer to Hampton

Dismissed from Team

Fera, Anthony

Forcier, Tate

Goudis, Matt

Graves, Pearlie

Hart, Demetrius

Helmuth, Vince

Hill, Taylor

Penn State

Transfer to Miami-FL


Texas Tech



Kent State

Hobson, Jay

Horn, Avery

Jones, Conelius

Jones, DeQuinta

Kates, Jason

Kinard, Antonio

Lolata, Anthony

Memphis State

Transfer to ???



Transfer to ???



Mallett, Ryan

McGuffie, Sam

McNeal, Bryce




Mitchell, Alex Wasn't asked back for 5th year

Newsome, Kevin

O'Neill, Dann

Penn State

Western Michigan

Patilla, Quinton

Peace, DeWayne

Rogers, Davion

Grand Valley


NCAA Clearinghouse

Shafer, Scott

Slocum, Marques

Smith, Brandon

Sousa, Kevin

Threet, Steven

Turner, J.T.

Warren, Donovan

Resigned, DC at Syracuse

Grades/Conflict with Coach Rod


Wake Forest

Arizona State

West Virginia

NFL Draft: New York Jets (free agent, not drafted, didn't make team, on taxi squad)

Wermers, Kurt

White, Austin

Wienke, John

Ball State/Academically Ineligible

Transfer to Central Michigan


Wilson, Christian

Witherspoon, Marcus

Witty, Adrian

Wright, Bryan

North Carolina



Bowling Green

Coach Rod's 2nd recruiting class has had 4 recruits leave the team so far, three have transferred (Demar Dorsey to Grand Rapids CC, J.T. Turner to West Virginia and Austin White to Central Michigan) and three were not eligible due to grades (Conelius Jones (Marshall), Antonio Kinard (Miami-FL) and Davion Rogers). Terry Talbott has had to be held out of practices due to NCAA Clearinghouse issues.

Coach Rod's 1st recruiting class of 25 players has had 7 recruits leave the team to transfer (Hill, Witherspoon, O'Neill, Wermers, Turner, Lolata and McGuffie) with one recruit dismissed from the team (Feagin) for disciplinary reasons, at least four players disciplined as a result of criminal charges and/or convictions (Cissoko, Grady, Milano and Stonum) while and at least two other recruits have publicly discussed transfer possibilities (Cox and Smith). Let us not forget the record of 11 decommitments (Barnes, Beaver, Campbell, Fera, Graves, Jones, McNeal, Newsome, Peace, Wienke and Wilson) with one recommitment (Campbell), and the transfers of 10 players recruited by Coach Carr and staff (Babb, Boren, Chambers, Clemons, Evans, Helmuth, Horn, Kates, Mallett and Threet) including a coaching change (Shafer). Other players who have left the team prior to exhausting their eligibility include Butler, Ciulla, Mitchell and Slocum.

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