Historic Books on Michigan Athletics
Historic Michigan Athletic Book M Sport Pages Printed Author(s) Price
Legends of Michigan: Cliff Keen Wrestling 628 2013 Taylor, Dave $39.95
Go Blue!: Michigan's Greatest Football Stories Football 272 2013 Kornacki, Steve $16.95
Newt Men's Gymnastics 284 2012 Rosensweig, Colt $17.95
Michigan Football: The History of the Nation's Winningest Program Football 176 2012 The Michigan Daily $24.95
Wolverineology Trivia Challenge: Michigan Wolverines Football Football 96 2012 Rippey, Tom P. $9.95
98-21-2: The Story of the Heisman and the Michigan Man Football 236 2012 Gallagher, Martin John $9.00
I Love Michigan/I Hate Ohio State Football 192 2011 Thomaselli, Rich $14.95
If These Walls Could Talk Football 258 2010 Falk, Jon with Ewald, Dan $22.95
Michigan Ice Hockey: Celebrating the All-Time Greats and Most Memorable Moments Hockey 144 2010 Nelson, Greg $22.95
Remembering University of Michigan Football Football 134 2010 O'Brien, Michelle $16.95
Playing Ball with Legends Baseball 456 2009 Irwin, James Robert $16.95
100 Things Michigan Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die Football 272 2009 Chengelis, Angelique $14.95

War as They Knew It

Passing Game: Benny Friedman and the Transformation of Football







Rosenberg, Michael

Greenberg, Murray



Those Who Stay Football 164 2008 Stephenson, Curt $19.95
Michigan Football Vault Football 144 2008 Green, Jerry $49.95
Michigan Football Yesterday & Today Football 144 2008 Cantor, George $24.95
Go Michigan! Crossword Puzzle Book M Athletic History 64 2008 Quigley, Brendan Emmett $7.95
Historic Photos of University of Michigan Football Football 206 2008 O'Brien, Michelle $39.95

One Game Season

That's Just Kramer: From Michigan Legend to Lombardi's "12th Man"







White, Steve

Ewald, Dan/Kramer, Ron



Bo's Lasting Lessons Football 330 2007 Bacon, John U. $25.99
I Remember Bo: Memories of Michigan's Legendary Coach Football 208 2007 Cantor, George $22.95
Game Day Michigan Football Football 148 2006 Triumph Books $24.95
Bo Schembechler, 1929-2006, Commemorative Edition Football 95 2006 Sports Publishing LLC n/a
Bo: The Memories and the Glory Football 128 2006 Bynum, Mike n/a
A Season in the Big House Football 224 2006 Cantor, George $24.95
What It Means to be a Wolverine Football 362 2005 Allen, Kevin, Brown, Nate & Regner, Art $27.95
The Big House Football 359 2005 Soderstrom, Robert $24.95
Obscene Diaries of a Michigan Fan Football 305 2005 Ross, Craig $16.95
Get Back Up The Billy Taylor Story Football 166 2005 Taylor, Billy n/a
The University of Michigan Story: Hail to the Victors M Athletic History 138 2005 Scheller, William G. $50.00
The 100-Yard War Football 282 2004 Emmanuel, Greg $24.95
Baseball at the University of Michigan Baseball 127 2004 Adler, Rich $19.99
Michigan Where Have You Gone? Football 229 2004 Cnockaert, Jim $24.95
Stadium Stories: Michigan Wolverines Football 147 2003 Cnockaert, Jim $9.95
Tradition Football 222 2003 Schembechler, Bo with Ewald, Dan $49.00
Baseball Fever: Early Baseball in Michigan Baseball 392 2003 Morris, Peter $24.95
Victors Valiant Football 80 2003 Athlon Sports (Nelson, Thomas) n/a
Tales from Michigan Stadium Football 224 2002 Brandstatter, Jim $19.95
The Best Years of Their Lives: The Story of the University of Michigan Football Teams, 1940-1945 Football n/a 2002 McGregor, Robert n/a
Blue Ice: The Story of Michigan Hockey Football 437 2001 Bacon, John U. $27.95
Backyard Brawl: The Storied Rivalry of Michigan-Michigan State Football Football 160 2000 n/a n/a
Ray Fisher: Yankees, 1910-1917, Reds, 1921-1923, the University of Michigan, 1921-1958 Baseball 109 2000 Leidy, John n/a
The Boys of Fall: The Story of Fritz Crisler's University of Michigan Football Teams, 1938-1942 Football 182 2000 McGregor, Robert n/a
30 Years of Bo Football 74 1999 Fitzgerald, Francis J. $14.95
Michigan Memories Football 206 1998 Schembechler, Bo with Ewald, Dan $45.00
The Road to No.1: The Michigan Wolverines' Unforgettable Championship Season Football 160 1998 n/a $24.95
Back on Top: The University of Michigan's Odyssey to the National Championship Football 196 1998 Cantor, George n/a
The Phantoms of the Arena: A History of Collegiate Athletic Publicity, 1911-1961 M Athletic History 734 1998 Marrs, John Thesis
Michigan: Champions of the West M Athletic History 274 1997 Madej, Bruce $39.95
Paths to the Olympics: Maze and Blue to Olympic Gold Swimming 192 1997 Parrish, Marc, Kluetmeier, Heinz & Olsen, George n/a
Bleeding Maize and Blue Fiction 304 1997 Holtzer, Susan n/a
From the Inside Football 281 1996 Canham, Don with Paladino, Larry n/a
A Legacy of Champions Football 224 1996 Falls, Wojnowski, Bacon, Chengelis, & McCoskey $29.95
Wolverine Handbook: Stories, Stats, and Stuff about Michigan Football Football 158 1996 Borton, John and Dodd, Paul n/a
Hail to the Victors: Greatest Moments in Michigan Football History Football 214 1995 Rosiek, Robert n/a
Natural Enemies Football 298 1994 Kryk, John $18.95
A Dynasty in Blue: 25 Years of Michigan Football Glory, 1969-1994 Football 264 1994 Fitzgerald, Francis J. $24.95
The Fab Five: Basketball Trash Talk and the American Dream Basketball 360 1993 Albom, Mitch $32.00
College Football Dynasties: Michigan Football n/a 1991 Larson, Melissa $7.98
Bo Football 281 1989 Albom, Mitch& Schembechler, Bo $17.95
Mission Accomplished!: Michigan's Basketball Miracle Basketball 176 1989 Beckett, John n/a
The University of Michigan: Homecoming Football Games, 1897-1987 Football 24 1989 Rosiek, Robert n/a
The University of Michigan: Football Games on Television, 1947-1989 Football 42 1989 Rosiek, Robert n/a
Big Ten Country: A Journey Through One Football Season Football 271 1989 Wood, Bob n/a
Basket Case: The Frenetic Life of Bill Frieder Basketball 209 1988 Frieder, Bill and Mortimer, Jeff n/a
A History of Title IX at the University of Michigan Department of Athletics M Athletic History 261 1988 Diles, David n/a
A History of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women at the University of Michigan M Athletic History 213 1987 Szady, Sheryl Thesis
Michigan, the Big Ten, and Notre Dame Football 56 1981 Danovich, Mike n/a
The Maize and Blue Manual or How to Be a True Blue Michigan Fan Adict M Athletic History 72 1981 Portz, Martha Lee n/a
Sowin' Roses Football 107 1981 Heuer, Robert Dean n/a
The Big One Football 346 1979 Cromartie, Bill n/a
100 Years of Michigan Football, 1879-1979 Football 157 1979 Bauer, Robert n/a
The University of Michigan Football Scrapbook Football 240 1978 Cohen, Richard, Deutsch, Jordan & Neft, David n/a
Pigeons, Bloody Noses, and Little Skinny Kids: The Story of Michigan Basketball Basketball 291 1978 Mortimer, Jeff n/a
The Life of Victor Heyliger and his contributions in the establishment and development of intercollegiate hockey Hockey 251 1977 Rothwell, William John n/a
The Life and Professional Contributions of Elmer Dayton Mitchell on American Physical Education M Athletic History 580 1975 Shannon, Ella Walton Thesis
Hail to the Victors Black Athletes 138 1974 Behee, John n/a
The Wolverines: A Story of Michigan Football Football 423 1974 Perry, Will n/a
Bo Schembechler Man in Motion Football 252 1973 Falls, Joe n/a
Fielding Yost's Legacy Football 210 1971 Behee, John n/a
A History of the Relationship between Athletic Administration and Faculty Governance at the University of Michigan, 1945-1968 M Athletic History 406 1970 Nyikos, Michael n/a
Michigan's All-Time Athletic Record Book M Athletic History 229 1968 Bauer, Robert n/a
Me, Cazzie Russell Basketball 122 1967 Russell, Cazzie n/a
Memorable Moments in Michigan Sports M Athletic History 166 1953 Sigma Delta Chi, Michigan Chapter n/a
Modern Football, Fundamentals, and Strategy Football 279 1949 Crisler, Herbert Orin "Fritz" n/a
The Big Nine: The Story of the Western Conference M Athletic History 259 1948 Roberts, Howard n/a
"Hurry Up" Yost in Story and Song Football 64 1947 J. Fred Lawton n/a
Championship Wrestling Wrestling 215 1943 Keen, Cliff, Speidel, Charles & Swartz, Raymond n/a
Intramural Sports M Athletic History 324 1939 Mitchell, Elmer n/a
Making Sports for All a Reality M Athletic History 12 1938 Yost, Fielding n/a
100 Years of Athletics, the University of Michigan, 1837-1937 M Athletic History 95 1937 Pack, Phil n/a
Lasting Values in Athletics M Athletic History n/a 1937 Yost, Fielding n/a

Practical Football: A Manual for Coaches, Players, and Students of the Game

Passing Game







Crisler, Herbert Orin "Fritz"

Friedman, Benny



Basketball for Coaches and Players Basketball 234 1929 Veenker, George F. n/a

Intramural Athletics


M Athletic History






Mitchell, Elmer

Mitchell, Elmer Dayton/Mather, Edwin J.

Football for Player and Spectator Football 324 1905 Yost, Fielding n/a
The Story of the Little Brown Jug Football n/a 1904 Roberts, Thomas Brockway n/a